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Wuhan nCoV Proves Useful For A Malthusian
Cull Of Aging Societies - Part 6

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

For a hard-hearted globalist elite with predatory instincts, there's a silver lining to the Malthusian pandemic in Wuhan. By eliminating the older generation of that devastated city, the HIV-modified coronavirus is proving to be an unexpected solution toward reducing the huge numbers of pensioners during this present era of declining birth rates worldwide. Bioengineered designer virus is showing its potential to dramatically reduce the age group qualified for retirement benefits from deficit-ridden government budgets. Their mass elimination by epidemic would enable cash-strapped government to invest their tax revenues in the stock market, private equity and hedge funds for a hefty return on investment, a topic explored here in Part 6 of this series on the Wuhan coronavirus contagion.

The cull of undesirable old folks, a practice called geronticide, is happening now due to the age-selectivity of the HIV-modified coronavirus. Wuhan's massive terminal wards are the last stop for senior citizens. There are no children's size cots. Older people are dying in droves, while youths come down with a mild cold. However shocking the scenes of body bags may be, the present outbreak is opening new vistas for cash-strapped governments that have been unable to issue bonds or earn revenues from investment, even inside their own borders. Despite the horrors of this outbreak, happy days will be back again soon for mayors, governors and prime ministers, when all it takes is the decimation of their fellow citizens past the prime.

Meanwhile the relentless progress of the epidemic, mowing down older patients like the Grim Reaper, is being studiously followed by hopeful bureaucrats. Suddenly, after initial statements of concern for the citizens of Wuhan, UN agencies have gone silent, the World Bank and IMF remain tight-lipped, and even the World Health Organization is mum. These globalists are anything but alarmed; they're gob-smacked by the elegance of this unanticipated solution to sovereign debt and government deficit, with a simple formula of "Kill your elders".

Neo-Darwinism and the Malthusian zero-sum game of drastic population reduction are suddenly back in vogue with a new-found tool in HIV-modified coronavirus as an unstoppable instrument of mass destruction targeted against people over 60. Even Bill Gates has suddenly lost interest in toxic vaccines that cripple children, realizing now that he's been working the wrong side of the street, because the problem of an over-populated world is not the birth rate but the previously unstoppable trend toward aging societies.

Useless old folks are sapping state budgets while sitting on idle saving accounts. These parasites must be slaughtered off without pity and the money pulled out of their dying grasp. The prospect of balancing the ledger never looked better. Yoshihiro Kawaoka, the self-proclaimed inventor of HIV proteins grafted onto influenza viruses is no longer a villainous mad scientist, he's the savior of the neoliberal globalist agenda. Welcome to Dystopia 2020, the circus freak show where mass murder and fiscal policy are joined at the hip.

A heroic people under siege

Now contrast the cynicism of the globalist elite with the heroism of ordinary people on the ground in Wuhan. Despite the endemic corruption of their leaders and the utter uselessness of the global health bureaucracy, the Chinese people are expending an unlimited amount of human energy and an unimaginable level of personal sacrifice for their people and their nation, dwarfing the gumption or lack thereof of any of their would-be critics. Name a country in the decadent West with millions of citizens of equal resolve, bravery and self-sacrifice for the common good. The bossy crooks in Beijing, who might be now considering total elimination of the nation's elders as a convenient out from their mounting debts and money-laundering scandals, are actually intimidated by the moral strength on display of Chinese emergency workers who are determined to save the lives of their neighbors and disposing of the corpses with as much dignity as possible under these horrific circumstances. As in any populist republic, ordinary citizens are the thick red line that refuses to break ranks under the onslaught.

Even the most dedicated to their mission, patriotic and compassionate health workers, have been pushed nearly to the breaking point by long shifts, the hauling of piles of bodies across town, handling the paperwork on the dead, cleansing and sterilizing their facilities and cremation before decay sets in. What's emerging from the witness reports is a relatively low body count when tallying only confirmed cases of pneumonia detected in patients prior to expiring, these clear-cut cases of CoV infection of the lungs accounting for perhaps only one-tenth of deaths. With more than a thousand confirmed pneumonia-related deaths, the actual number of deaths from other aspects of the mutating virus should be minimally a conservative estimate of 10,000 inside the city limits with its 11,000 registered residents. If the suburbs and adjoining towns are included, the mortality estimate could be probably three to five times higher. That's only within the greater metropolitan region with a population of about 30 million, excluding the rest of Hubei Province with an equal number outside greater Wuhan.

Mortality more often than not occurs without overt flu symptoms due to loss of consciousness, as seen in photos of Wuhan residents who faint and collapse on the pavement. This condition is likely due to a combination of heart failure and brain seizure, caused by a steep drop of glucose levels in the blood resulting in cold-abetted shivering leading up to toxic shock that shuts down all bodily functions. CoV is known to target sugar.

Another alternative is virus replication in blood-rich organs, meaning the heart, brain and perhaps although less likely the liver. The replication process could well damage the switching functions of DNA being scrambled during signaling in the nervous system, which results in a systemic shutdown followed by heart failure. The multiple mutations of the virus in the Yangtze River waters has resulted in a variety of symptoms, which are difficult to detect, treat and defend against, especially when hospital staffers are beyond the brink of exhaustion.

Due to orders for quarantines on surrounding cities and towns, along with self-closure of villages by local party committees, along with police road blocks, there's been no news on whether contagion is affecting the outlying districts. There is a strong probability of gradual spread, due to occasional points of contact, including police patrols, utility workers and rare deliveries of food and medicine. It is my understanding from acquaintances in China that villagers are quietly disposing of their dead to avoid a blockade-type cordon on their community. The extreme cold and high humidity of the region cuts both ways, by hastening the death of anyone who catches even the mild variant of the CoV or sudden death due to shock exacerbated by the intense chill.

The other factor is transmission prior to the appearance of symptoms, which does not occur in a nature-driven virus, meaning that 2019-nCoV is definitely bio-engineered, as documented in this series and traced back to Yoshihiro Kawaoka's 2011 modification of influenza with HIV proteins.

Courageous people in need of honest leaders

So the upshot of the foolhardy biowar attack is that China once again emerges through crisis as a nation of indomitable soul as opposed to weak-kneed babbling fools overseas. I am distraught for the West having entirely lost the strength of character of the Romans, Macedonians and Spartans, as well as a Japan lacking even an ounce of genuine samurai spirit in the lame response to the Fukushima lunacy along with the ostracism of passengers aboard the Diamond Princess. Although not a Sinophile, since I cannot comprehend how that flock is willing to endure this level of hardship to shield their lambs with their own blood, I do realize that their inner strength derives from a Chinese cultural tradition that is a treasure chest of philosophy, ethics and the doctrine of self-improvement valuable for a foreigner like myself with deep roots in not just one but two morally fallen societies.

Due to the nefarious activities of the Imperial Japanese Army's Unit 731, the Chinese people have suffered far more casualties from biological warfare than the rest of the world combined. Chinese attitudes in those sorts of horrors are difficult to comprehend by foreigners immersed in the Western code of selfish individualistic gain against any notion of a commonwealth. By contrast, the Chinese dignified posture of non-response to online taunting from cowardly Western imbeciles is familiar enough to the world through the martial art of kungfu, which waits for the overconfident hot-headed foe to attack before he's slammed to the ground. Of course, the Chinese are patiently gathering evidence that can pinpoint who exactly committed this crime against humanity.

From what can be discerned thus far in the probe, Japanese fanaticism is again the prime mover in this tragedy, but the Chinese response will not be the threat of a nuclear strike on Tokyo, since anything so open and straightforward puts all the cards on the table triggering a new set of crises unrelated to the original grievance. Instead like a python coiling around a tiger cub, China will slowly increase the pressure on their mortal foe Shinzo Abe, who deserves whatever might be dealt out to him. The majority of Japanese people would be overjoyed to be rid of him. The future prospects for Shinzo Abe and his 731 company are possibly worse than damnation but that's not my problem since this drama of justice versus evil must be played to its bloody finale.

American regulatory laxity to blame

The Chinese government's refusal to allow entry to experts from the CDC, the US-based Center for Disease Control, sends a smoldering message about the creation of HIV-modified influenza at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 2011. Never mind that the microbiologist was Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a citizen of Japan funded by the Tokyo's Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture and Science, the dirty work was allowed to be done in America. If I'm reading the tea leaves with clarity, the United States government is seen as the one to blame for abetting the lunatic foreign researcher and sharing his findings with AMRIID, the American military biowarfare section. The NIH's three-year ban on Gain of Function (GOF) research aimed at increasing the virility of toxic agents was not permanent but just a slap on the wrist for Kawaoka and his minions. In Chinese eyes, such token gestures merely provide cover for ongoing research aimed directly at China's large population.

So it's important to perceive the gestalt of this situation, which President Donald Trump is no position to deal with during an election year, other than sending a message of condolence, which should have been dispatched by now. The rest is up to the next summit with the Chinese leader, and do not be surprised if they ask for Abe's head on a platter.

Thinking it beneath their dignity, Beijing made zero response to baseless online accusations that the CoV leaked from the new Wuhan biosafety lab. The only unofficial denial was voiced by Caixin economic magazine. The silence is another telling message, quite serious actually, that American are lying idiots who by trying to shift blame have only proven their guilt as accessories to this biowar attack by the Japanese with full support from the British intelligence service. My suggestion that the disinfo campaign was orchestrated by MI-6 operatives is of no concern to the Chinese, who are stating something like "If you Americans are so pathetically weak as to allow such mindless drivel to be sourced on your soil, then you are total losers in every category." It's sort of like when Bruce Lee stares at some punk's copycat kungfu moves with a frown and laughing eyes. He's not going to bother to kick your butt because you're small fry to be left for the toads. It is gut-churning to see an America falling so far short of its traditional virtues.

No bat soup in the Wuhan market

So much has been lost in translation during the silence, but that's not a huge issue for me, being more personally interested in the biology, intelligence ops and implications for global finance, in short the science, tech and economics involved in this clandestine operation. I'm just trying to keep track of developments, with a bit of sleuthing. All the hysterical fantasies casting blame on the Chinese, with accusations against the brand-new useless Wuhan lab and bat soup inside a market without bat vendors, didn't cut muster, discrediting those purveyors of fake news. The Bulgarian Umbrella squad only enabled me to track the disinfo back to MI-6 and Porton Down, which played a support role in this biological warfare attack, as discussed further on regarding the Swiss ski resort outbreak.

Before delving into the impacts of the Wuhan pandemic on global population reduction, aimed at better herding of the human chattel, l am raising some related issues that have surfaced over the past week.

- The first point to note is that the research team at University of Delhi and Indian Institute of Technology have faced massive pressure to withdraw their paper on discovery of HIV inserts in an 2019-nCoV sample. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is, of course, a bosom buddy of Shinzo Abe in their joint military build-up against China, which is a continuation of the Younghusband invasion of Tibet, the Simla agreement accepting the MacMahon Line, and the two Anglo-Japanese alliances. I await further notice of the rewritten draft following politicized censorship of honest science.

- The 5 Britons infected at a Swiss ski lodge close to the headquarters of World Health Organization (WHO), and the subsequent media cover-up in London, points to British cooperation with the Japanese biological warfare attack on Wuhan. This incident links in with Singapore opening a new 300-bed Bio-safety medical facility, the biowarfare front line for Royal defence forces in Australia and New Zealand. Below I will show the connections of this incident and subsequent cover-up by the MI-6, the DSTL (Defense Science and Technology Laboratory) and Porton Down, involved now in the secret Third Anglo-Japanese Alliance.

- the planning of the biowarfare attack coincided with the IMSC Games in Wuhan sponsored by International Military Sports Council. The sports events of October 18 through 28, 2019, along the Yangtze River, along with the games mascot Bingbing, a giant Yangtze sturgeon, were contaminated with CoV-infected feces-coated seeds from Okinawan fruit bats. Unfortunately for the attack planners, the coronavirus failed to initially activate due to the toxic biological stew in the Yangtze River below the Three Gorges Dam, but emerged from the waters with greater virulence after 1,200 participants, including the U.S. team, had departed.

- The Bill & Melinda Gates Family Foundation topped a $10 million by an added $90 million in response to the Wuhan CoV crisis along with a laundry list of other diseases with a commitment to develop more vaccines. However, only $20 million is being earmarked for the CDC, which has not yet been allowed into China, the WHO, which has a small Asia region office in Beijing, and two state-affiliated organizations, the China Health Commission and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Contamination is my joy!

The Swiss ski resort where 4 Britons, including a child, by a fellow Brit flying in from Singapore. The name of the slope, south of Mount Blanc, is Contamines Montjoie, which strangely sounds like bad French for "Contamination is my joy". Contamines, properly translated, refers to plowing.

The infected middle-aged man in transit between Singapore and London, here identified as SW, caught the coronavirus at a three-day Servomex conference at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore along with a Singaporean male, two South Koreans and a Malaysian. A staffer from Wuhan had attended the meeting. Servomex manufactures, installs and services gas-detection sensors to monitor chemical composition and the presence of any contaminants. The infected Briton has been active in the Scouts movement in England.

So am I being irrationally paranoiac about James Bond types creeping around your gas meter? Perhaps not, since Servomex is controlled by Spectris, a corporation spun off from Fairfey Aircraft, the builder of Halifax bombers for the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain in WWII. The parent company's name is so redolent of the James Bond series' ultimate bad guys from the Special Executive for Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion (SPECTRE), so very very British, my dear Miss Moneypenny. As Ernst Blofeld, the thug with with the blue-eyed Persian cat, was fond of insisting, "SPECTRE is a dedicated fraternity whose strength lies in the absolute integrity of its members." Hear, hear! Let's sing Auld Lang Syne.

Are you still unconvinced of a spook connection? For you skeptics of specters, let me now pile on a few details. Spectris is the leading UK producer of sensors and detectors, used for tracking nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) substances. One of its directors, Bill Seeger was with the jet propulsion division of GKN, the producer of AugustaWestland military helicopters and Fokker Aircraft. Another director Karim Bitar, was president of European operations of Eli Lilly, the pharma that produced LSD for the CIA MK-ULTRA program; and its independent director was formerly with Imperial Chemical Industries, which produced research-grade explosives in competition against IG Farben and DuPont, and has since produced "insecticides" through its Syngenta division. Another director has been involved in the telecommunications sector in Russia and Ukraine. Spectris also is active in biotech and conducts vehicle testing for the defense sector.

The Spectris headquarters is located at Egham in Surrey, nearby the CABI (Centre for Agricultural and Bioscience International) facility, which boasts having "one of the world's largest collections of microorganisms" with special focus on fungi. Please, you ladies with the orange rubber gloves, don't touch the white cat or go near Sir Blofeld, OBE.

Back to Contamines Montjoie, in the Swiss Alps near Mont Blanc, a favorite region for international arms dealers (CIA, MI-6 contracted) due to the ease of fund transfers by visiting Mideast, African and Latin American dignitaries. The special attraction of the piste at CMJ is its close proximity by train from the airport on the outskirts of Geneva, headquarters of the WHO. Thus the question arises, did our man SW stop over in the Geneva region to transfer data from Spectris sensors on the coronavirus outbreak to a fellow Briton(s) on the WHO staff? Or did he turn over samples of the active virus delivered by an agent from China or Japan to Singapore? Or did the sensors provided to the Japanese attack team fail horribly, triggering a uncontrolled pandemic? SW showed no symptoms until returning to Bristol, England, whereas the other Britons fell ill immediately after his departure. While this drama was transpiring at hospitals in Lyon and Grenoble, a brand-new 330-bed pathogen-containment hospital was being unveiled in Singapore, a former British colony and the biggest base for the Royal Navy.

Now for the umpteenth time, I stress that one should never accept any claim at face value but instead dig deeper, or you could be contaminated due to ignorance and laziness.

Military Games in Wuhan

The International Military Sports Council (IMSC) is a Cold War legacy bringing athletic soldiers together from the NATO, CENTO and SEATO alliances, and following the fall of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact, the Eastern European and CIS nations. Notably absent on the list of members are Japan and the UK, along with Australia and New Zealand, those core components of two previous Anglo-Japanese Alliances. The 7th world military games were held in Wuhan from October 18 - 28, 2019, within the time-frame that Okinawan fruit bats, infected likely in the Amami islands, were chased off to the China coast and up the Yangtze River to gorge on the drought-shriveled fruit at orchards around Wuhan. No viral infections in athletes or spectators were reported.

The Okinawan giant fruit bats carried a mildly dosed version of the HIV-modified coronavirus, which was scattered in feces-bearing seeds dropped over the river, while an elaborate light show was held along the riverbanks and on the Yangtze bridge. According to my chief microbiology expert from our SARS team, the original CoV began to mutate along different pathways in the non-natural and toxic riverine bio-community, and this variance in mutational directions accounted for the vast differences in symptoms in human patients.

This initial attempt to trigger flu symptoms among the assembled foreign soldiers failed to embarrass the local host, the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The virus load inside the river, which began to infect many fish species, however, would surface with added virulence from Tilapia tanks at Wuhan fish vendors, including the big seafood market.

As notable non-members of the Military Games group, the intelligence agencies of Japan and Britain are here again the chief suspects. The prosecution rests is case with overwhelming incontrovertible evidence including microbiology, political motive, historical background in Unit 731, Shinzo Abe's past role with chemical weapons in the Tokyo Subway Gassing and secret nuclear-weapons development that triggered the Fukushima nuclear crisis, along with notorious microbiologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka's admission in a 2011 research paper of having created the HIV-modified flu virus. All other theories have been debunked on grounds of inaccuracy and for the obvious purpose of misdirection. Once again as in the SARS and ebola crises, the WHO is guilty as co-conspirator.

Gates fails to impress

While some support was promised for front-line health workers, there's skepticism due to the fact that previous Gates initiatives in China have been mainly about gaining good will among the kinship networks of party officials and footholds into the elite universities. The health initiatives by the foundation's Beijing office have mostly been public-relations chum and by-the-book conventional approaches, in dire need of more innovative approaches to public-health crises.

Suspicions of American involvement in the biowarfare attack on Wuhan has alerted to potential inroads by American health officials and experts, sniffing out insider information on the Chinese medical-emergency response operation, or as the Chinese expression goes, "fishing in troubled waters". Vaccine scandals harming Chinese children, partly funded by GAVI, in recent years have dented the image of his project, originally called the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization. The Gates team are not hands-on helpers, but merely hirees looking for upward career mobility, without a lot of enticing prospects for local Chinese talent.

An ulterior motive behind the not-so kind generosity is Bill Gates' investment interests, including his gigantic Microsoft software translation and distribution center in the Haidian tech district near the top universities, comprising two huge office blocks linked by a sky bridge. In 2015 Microsoft shut down two former Nokia factories in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, laying off 9,000 workers and moved production to Vietnam. His most recent move was to relocated the widescreen electronic blackboard called Surface Hub from Oregon to China. The workforce for that operation was less than 130 employees. Gates is no longer the rising star of yesteryear.

Pruning human demographics

This section deals with how the Wuhan patient age threshold is leading toward a global campaign to prune back economic undesirables older than 60 with 2019-nCoV and similar elderly-targeted viruses, under guidelines from the OECD and central banks, assisted by the Gates Foundation, in a desperate effort to prevent a chain reaction of sovereign debt default. The astounding capability of the Wuhan CoV to fatally target the elderly while leaving children unharmed other a few sniffles discloses the age-based intent of this criminal operation.

China has reacted to the age-selectivity of this bioweapon attack in virtual silence, with mixed feelings. On one hand, the scenes of gasping senior collapsing on sidewalks have been frightful, yet the lack of serious harm to young people has aroused curiosity. The death statistics lead to one conclusion, that Wuhan CoV is the solution to China's otherwise intractable pension-fund bankruptcy crisis.

The pension funds, which are administered by 23 provinces and 10 smaller administrative zones, face mounting annual deficits due to payout to retired workers, with costs rising at a 24 percent rate of increase, versus reduced inflows of payments. The Ministry of Social Security reports that 13 provinces are lagging in revenues due to new employee payments into the system rising by a mere 12 percent, or half the rate of payouts. Economic contraction due to the two-year trade conflict with the U.S., retreat of foreign companies from China, and now the CoV crisis are vastly widening the gap between outflows and income for an imploding pension system.

Provinces in the red include Hubei with Wuhan as its capital, along with Guangxi, Hainan, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Jiangxi, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Tianjin, and the Xinjiang. These are all populous centers of industry, agriculture and bankruptcy. The crisis was brought on by non-performing loans, aka endemic corruption, graft and overseas money-laundering related to projects funded by local banks that borrowed heavily from the pension bureaus. The wide debt crisis is leading toward systemic collapse.

My assumption is that when millions of jilted workers organize province-wide protests, they will not be receiving the kid-gloves treatment from police like riotous youths in Hong Kong. Idealist students at Tiananmen Square or Victoria Park today attract romanticist admiration from Westerners but angry and uncouth blue-collar workers arouse fears of economic revolt around the world.

At the gates of Dystopia

Wuhan points to the only path of resolution of the financial crisis other than bloody revolution and repression, which is to spread age-targeted viruses liberally over large swaths of the vast country. This "solution" by chemtrails could also rescue the USA and Europe also from populist anger, in a Bill Gates-inspired genocide by pharmaco-toxins. Any technical screw-ups in formulation of the aerial spraying, which might cripple millions of students and younger workers would seriously damage, possibly destroy vast areas of industry and farmland, which could soon return to desert or swamp, guaranteeing zero repayment of loans and bankers leaping out of skyscraper windows. A real world depression is on the near horizon, thanks to the Bozos who did Wuhan, the trigger point at ground zero for a global depression.

Achieving a demographic balance of elderly persons needed to babysit or clean apartments and cook inside takeout windows, will be difficult to sort out from the masses scheduled for termination. Likewise a surplus of youths versus available jobs is just more mouths to feed and a source of social discontent as seen on the streets of Hong Kong. Therefore viral administration at school cafeterias have to be done selectively with caution in sober assessment that a poor student could make for a more obedient worker than an A student with unattainable ambitions. Pruning is an art as much as it is as science needed by a world that screwed up every chance at a fairer and more stable economy benefiting the broadest number of citizens. I am starting to sound like Chauncey Gardener, recommending sharper clippers.

The dilemma of choosing who should live and which must die is certainly not limited to the Chinese, who as test subjects have perform their death duty magnificently in Wuhan as compared with the Tokyo Bay Love Boat, where the ship's service staff wrongly assume that the doomed passengers deserve first-class dining pleasures, which is taking away income from the Princess Line coffers and emptying the frozen food section. It's much too late to be hospitable. Let them eat cake, not! Rice and a pickled plum suffice for the doomed, if the Bridge over the River Kwai serves as any model of economic efficiency for damned souls. There's no room aboard for foodies, so pitch them into the radioactive bay. Oh, yes, and we're all eager to buy scalped tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The struggle for human survival is getting brutal, or why else would Elon Musk and Richard Branson be building space vehicles for billionaire passengers? As for Team Gates, dealing with the stay-behinds, the exact combination of toxic vaccines for kids and targeted viruses for oldsters is the key to proportionate symmetry for the shrinking population bell-curve. That is until there's nobody left to roll the body bags into the electric furnace. The best thing about pestilence is that there will not be a war when everyone's dying.

AI slavery

Another Chauncy-ism before signing off. One way to avoid being pruned before permanent retirement age is to be a pruner, specifically as a data assistant to AI, those artificial intelligence nodes that determine the coefficient of performance (COP), which is the optimal level of input of labor, physical and mental, versus the demands of the work load. Since only a small minority can maintain the annual baseline of, say, a 0.2 percent divergence from the median line, there will always be more employees to prune at the AI headquarters, even if our species numbers are down to the last Adam and Eve. Of course, from a philosophical perspective there's a disappearing point when the input-output of our species is no longer required to keep the computer-trading financial system running. Speaking of which, I wonder how it will end for Jamie Dimon when his services are no longer needed by Alexa; that could be a spectator event with bookies setting odds on the hour and minute of his journey down the conveyor belt into the plasma furnace.

The wonderful thing about plasma furnaces, unlike an acquired taste for SoyLent Green, is the recovery of rare earth metals from plasma crematoriums, valuable stuff like lithium prescribed by your psychiatrist, recoverable from the plasma blaster for recycling in batteries for smart phones and solar panels. Given the increasing leakage into the water supply from electronic devices in landfills, there should be significant amounts of lanthanum, ganolinium, yittrium and other rare earth minerals inside millennials who are always holding their smart phones to their mouths and noses. Your body could be a gold mine for eager prospectors or you might want to wear the ashes of your grandmother in a tiny glass vial around your neck. It'll be the next craze on social media in the Brave New World. Everyone plans to profit from the new bonanza of mandatory death for senior citizens so wear your necklace vial with pride as happy hunter.