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"Wrongfully Convicted"

By Jim Kirwan


The Breakdown of the American Judicial System means that tens of thousands of people, and the number may be much higher, are serving sentences for crimes they did not commit. Most of these 'innocents' are poor people of color ­ they have no access to funds, to fight back in the courts, and languish many with “life sentences”, in cages, until old age or death.

Their stories told through the less than 2,000 who have been exonerated since 1989, is a damning indictment of the American System of Mass Incarceration which criminalizes poverty ­ even when 'injustices' are reversed: Something that takes hundreds of thousands of dollars in pro-Bono legal work. The exonerated are almost always cast adrift. The state usually fails to provide adequate compensation to those whose lives the Justice System has destroyed...”

There are 2.2 million people behind bars. What if I told you that 2 million of them have never faced a trial? That's because 95% of all state Felony Cases and 97% of all Federal cases ends in a guilty plea, not a jury trial: Due to the high cost of trials, overworked 'defense lawyers', and pressure from judges: Millions of Americans have opted to plead guilty, rather than to (try to) prove their innocence.

The results according to the Innocence Project is that an estimated 2.3% to 5% of U.S. Prisoner's are Innocent... that would mean about 50,000 innocent people are behind bars. But since 1989 only 1,829 people have been exonerated.”

2015 broke records for exoneration when 149 people were exonerated.”

The sixth amendment guarantees an individual's right to a speedy and public trial. But as it stands the vast majority of prisoner's aren't receiving anything but time behind bars. And the question becomes whether or not the system can even handle proper trials in the first place.”

k ­ The above is only a little over three minutes into this ground-breaking series of revelations, which this story clearly questions... This is a huge and generally untold story, until now.

Wrongfully Convicted

28min 30sec VIDEO

I tried to take on part of this in 2005, on behalf of a prisoner on death row, a wrongfully accused police officer

whose case needed public exposure - so his wife asked me to help


The project failed when his wife and the volunteers

were chased away by the D.C. Police,

from the tables that had been set up to sell the t-shirts in D.C.

to assist with the staggering costs needed to get his case

before the public. In his defense.

the prisoner died in jail before he could obtain

the trial that he needed to defend himself.

The corruptions that run through the entire system, have been hopelessly criminalized throughout the entire system, from outside and inside to date ­ which is now almost beyond repair in the current political nightmare that has grown from this corruption—by design.

This brings us to the latest phase of this long-standing crime against humanity, that attempts to deal with the aftermath of everything that has been totally-criminal to this point: The conduct of the entire U.S. Justice System and the conduct of the police that is fast approaching the national spotlight—which is happening because of the massive and senseless criminality among the feral-rogue-police in the field and behind the scenes in the prison system as “a hole”: From which there is almost no escape for anyone that gets caught up in it.

The first thing that most people notice is the extremely out-of-shape “officers” that look like overweight animals in uniform: Police Officers are supposed to meet rigorous weight requirements, not to mention the fact that they must have “mental abilities” which the majority of these mental midgets fail to meet.

What this has led the public to has become unavoidable because we have to face the same rogue-police that know nothing about the law, the constitution or their part in any of that almost daily. The second phase that flows directly from this blatant-arrangement is that the supposed-leadership within law-enforcement, is corrupt to the core, just like those prison guards that pick up where the rogue-state leaves off: And all of everything is clearly riddled with 'official-lies' at every step.

The officers in the field have become nothing but trigger-happy freaks, that are terrified of being shot: And as a consequence of this disqualifying twist, they shoot first and only after they have murdered a suspect, is any thought given to the 'rightness' of the shooting, by which time of course there is no one left “to try” in any court ­ And all because the cops have chosen to act as “judge, jury & executioner”, with no other option in any case where they have chosen to take a life rather than to make a simple arrest.

But there's another and much deeper problem now, because of these police-attitudes and the lawless system in which they have operated, since 1968. That problem goes to blatant lying at every phase of every so-called arrest that today tends to end in yet another illegal-death.

The SYSTEM, now mimics the trigger-happy paranoid thugs in uniform: Believing that they are always above the law, and that nothing will be done to them; regardless of how wrong whatever they do really is, in actual reality. This is where we are today ­ the United States has become this armed & dangerous place where the thugs treat the population as if they are all ENEMIES OF THE STATE, while the public is thinking about giving the cops a taste of their own illegal medicine—which is just about to explode.

In addition this situation is reaching mega-proportions in the streets: The broken nation is clearly planning on how they can implement Martial Law, to control the growing outrage within the public which all the OFFICIAL-LIES continue to create, during every minute of every day.

How can any American ever believe anything that any politician,“lawless-public-officer” or 'official' of the lawless-state ever be believed about anything again - regardless of whatever the hell comes out of their corrupted-mouths on any given day?

This continuing crime against all Americans has been going on too long,

and those of us that are awake will not take this anymore.

I can't believe anything that any “official” says: Regardless of the topic: Because, they've all been lying to me my entire life and I'm approaching 77. This includes, doctors, lawyers, teachers, so-called professionals of any stripe that have bought the fake-government lines: ALL OF THEM & EVERYTHING THEY SAY, HAS NOW BEEN TOTALLY CORRUPTED, BEYOND REPAIR...

The public needs to have every “officer-involved death” in every major police Department over the last five years fully investigated: Especially in Chicago and New York City that are seething with filthy cops. We need to go back and pull up every death that was committed by these fake officers of “the law” nationwide.

The “officers” involved must be suspended without pay, and jailed, while the system takes its time “investigating” every crime. In department's where there are more than 6 shooting under a single commander: The commander's must be publicly fired and arrested for possible complicity in murder, no bail. In places like Chicago & New York City the top brass must be fired now for having created this climate of criminal activity, from the top down.

Basically until real and major actions are taken, not just within the police-hierarchy, but across the board in this land and especially in politics, beginning with the top puppets like Obama, Hillary, Bush and Bush Jr. and of course Soros, Rothschild, Kissinger ­ we already know who the outlaws are, and what they've done, SO ARREST THEM ALREADY and let's get on with cleaning up this TARNISHED NATION, because if we fail to do this now—there will finally be that pending war-in-the-streets that we cannot stop—as long as we still have NO LAW IN THE USA TO STOP THE OUTLAWS while they continue to publicly murder us, BY THE DOZEN, as if we were just another bunch of diseased cattle on the way to slaughter.

I doubt that I'm alone in the above assessment, which is why the coming “Conventions” must be monitored, by an armed and attentive militia during every step of what's about to happen.

Last Chance People

Only “we” can change anything now, because

we've already ignored every other option that we once had

to stop this before it's come down to this.

Freedom has never been Free, so let's pay the price

and take back our lives!


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