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World's Apart


By Jim Kirwan


The real differences in the world today

Come from the core issues that are not explored or considered

by most people in the West or the EU

The reason for this classically skewed abstraction

was created by the law-less West

And enforced by the global media that's finally being challenged

by real Journalism in some places,

supported by factual reporting that asks tough and logical questions

to get to the root of the international dialogue

that's been denied to all of us for decades.

These two articles from just one of RT's programs

makes a powerful case

That most people have chosen not to watch, because

of the current tsunami of global propaganda.

Up in arms? Ft. Anatoly Isaykin, General Director of Rosoboronexport


Stallin' history? Ft. Stephen Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies, New York University

In both cases above the moderator is multilingual, intelligent and open to dialogue. She's just one of several members of RT, that can be seen to be interested in some of the real questions, behind some of the headlines, that directly affect the depth of the issues that continue to frustrate or confirm the problems: which the world is still not facing, often enough.

If you want to understand just how important these 'differences' are: You only need to contrast the current news-presenters on CNN, BBC, FOX, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any of the hundreds of corporate media types ­ which make a mockery of almost every topic they supposedly attempt to “cover”.

When you add the topics of the stories that should supposedly be covered, to the pathetic reporting and their subservient approach, there is no real comparison between what the public needs to know, with what is supposedly being done from behind the cameras or in the texts of what's reported as “the breaking stories” by the mass media on any given day on this planet.

If the world had more real journalists, interested and able in look at the roots of the real questions that haunt the world today, the global-situation could not have reached the point where we are now. It's this same lack of attention, by the press throughout Europe, that is leading directly to a coming rebellion across that continent: And because the fake-press was 'not reporting the truth' behind the invasion by so many creatures that are raping their way across Europe one village, town or city at a time: This is happening in Sweden, and Germany is coming next...

Civil war erupts in Sweden as irate Swedes burn nine Muslim refugee centers to the ground

The Rape of Sweden

Inside the coffin of the 2016 U.S. Selection for 'president'.

The job of the FBI, in the United States is to prevent unqualified people from even running for office in the United States: Yet what we have in the currently supposed presidential race is not only illegal, it's a crime against the people of the United States, because we have a number of still uncharged war-criminals and traitors to the United states throughout the entire process of the 'elections of 2016'. Most of which are not eligible to hold the highest office in the land.

This continues to happen because this situation has not been addressed for the last fifteen years, which has led America to now mostly feature only criminals as the choices being offered to the public, as supposedly qualified candidates, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama spent $12 million to keep his life before being elected SECRET.

He's not an American and never has been. He is not who he says he is: His entire public life has been filled with lies, contradictions and fabrications that have never been publicly investigated—yet he continues to hold the American public hostage to his conscious lies and to the fact of his hatred for this country and all Americans.

On top of that Obama has lied so often in public about his so-called policies no one on this planet can believe anything he says, about anything, especially about U.S. Policy anywhere in the world today.

Add to that the relationship between all the Attorney's General that have held that office from 2000 until this moment. These troglodytes have each served at the pleasure of the “president” that they served, because all Attorney's General are appointed to protect the people; but they must answer to the man and the office that appointed them in the first place:

So how likely is it that they would ever choose to bring any federal charges against the person they owe their future political lives to?

Technically the FBI answers to the Attorney General as well ­ which is why there have never been any real investigations of either Bush Jr. or Obama, at all, or any of those that preceded the last two Outlaws in the Oval Office.

Not to mention any real investigation of 911 or anything else since that day.

The Office of Attorney General should never have been an appointed position but rather an elected position that would make him or her 'responsible' to those that elected that person. But that's become something unimportant to the public that only tends to see all 'elections' as the same old farce they've always been since I was a boy in the 1950's.

Yet everyone apparently still refuses to see, as Obama has so often said: 'Times have Changed', Only the voting public has not! This makes the public 'responsible'

for their own impending end that's right around the corner now.

Instead of just surrendering why not take an unbiased look at everything?

Imagine if you can just how different this world would be if we had a global-media that was ready willing and able to explore the events of the world, behind the scenes, as well as what actually happens in public?

Most people seem to think that this is quite literally impossible, because of the global levels of corruption worldwide ­ but it's not really up to the 1%, it's up to the rest of us to find the truth, as we interpret that to be and to follow those discoveries with the force of will needed to shut these criminals down, where they live: Just as they're trying to do to every American, in every aspect of our lives.

Here are just two of the current additions to the tyranny that's been added to the list of things 'are no longer part of being an American'.

Police State America claims traveling from one city to another city is SUSPICIOUS

Obama Issues Order to Remove Criminal Pasts From US Govt Job Applications

When you read the lists of breaking stories on any web-site, ask yourself why those stories are never covered or investigated by the major American media ­ ever ­ especially if they might lead to an investigation or arrest of any or most of the people in any layer of this illegal government?

This planet is drowning in corruption, torture and murder that must come to an end soon, because with the breakdown that's already beginning to sweep across Europe, we're about to run out of countries that can remain immune from these barbaric animals that are crushing and raping the surviving world ­ at Israel's direction: Which has been the case since long before that shitty little outlaw state was artificially created. The Corporate-banks are stealing all our money, the politicians are stealing our futures, but the Barbarians are raping our women and murdering our children...

No source is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, but why not look around?

Only you can decide how much longer you're willing to tolerate

the global-media and their hellish-owners,

anywhere on this planet.


German woman who survived WW2 says Obama is the same as Hitler
14min video



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