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The World On Fire

By Jim Kirwan



The FBI is protected by International Criminal Organizations'

When they all work together they create this triad.


Together they're LETHAL to the Nation & the World.

All of this has been brought together in the shadows of everyday life, which has remained unnoticed since the very early years of the FBI in 1908—until they arrived at total control over every aspect of our lives.

Welcome to the implementation of the Police State in 2016

And to the uncontrolled World on Fire

Because we paid no attention to history for the last 50 years

I am holding in my hands the Muslim Brotherhood's plans for the destruction of the United States: Written 5-22-1991. … It is titled the Muslim Brotherhood an explanatory memorandum for the general strategic goal, for the group, the Muslim Brotherhood of North America, written 5-22, 1991.

This plan was presented as evidence in the Holyland Foundation trial... the largest terrorism trial ever, in the history of the United States: where our government handed down one hundred and eight guilty verdicts for Muslim Americans and Muslim Organizations for raising money to support their terrorist-organizations in the Middle East—to the tune of 'MILLIONS'.

I'M JUST GOING TO READ YOU A PRAGRAPH OF THIS PLAN, so that it will give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

They talk about the settlements in the United States... Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America. The process of settlement is the Jihadist process, with all that word means. That... must understand that work in America is a kind of Grand Jihad, in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within, and sabotaging it's 'miserable-house' , by their hands and the hands of it's believers so that it is eliminated ­ Allah's religion is made victorious OVER ALL OTHER RELIGIONS.


They don't mince words do they.

But the most important page of this document is the last page. Because in the last page page they list 29 organizations, set up in the United States, with the specific goal of sabotaging America from within, and by destroying America by our own hands.”

kirwan: Something which the powers of the triad above have also been massively protecting since long before 1991.“And I'm just going to name a few: Number One on the list is ISNA, ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA. And if you're familiar with ISNA, it's because they are now advisers to President Obama about Middle East Policy. So we not only have 'the fox' watching the henhouse, we have the fox inside the White House dictating policy into the ear of the (MUSLIM) president.

Number Two is the MSA, the Muslim Students Association. The MSA has more chapters on American College Campuses than the Democrats and the Republicans combined. Number eight on the list is NAIT, The North American Islamic Trust. The North American Islamic Trust owns the deeds to over 90% of American Mosques in the United States of America. That is a problem.

Now what makes this very important, and I'm going to focus in the last three minutes, five minutes of education, is to show you how they set up every organization in this plan to destroy America , focusing on every sector of our society. Organizations focused on publishing, organizations focused on Media, Organizations focused on Education, with the strict purpose of doing sabotage on America from within.

And I'm not talking military, we know that ISIS & Al Queda and all the others wanted to attack the United States, and to damage to the United States. As a matter of fact we in the United States have one hundred and fifty terrorist organizations right now operating IN AMERICA. FIVE OF THEM ARE OPERATING RIGHT HERE IN THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

And these are the ones we know about.”

Brigitte Gabriel Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America

4min 22 sec VIDEO

For more see:

The Great Deception New World Order & Muslim Brotherhood

One hour & 21 minute VIDEO

Without the ongoing protection from the TRIAD, in tandem with the traitors throughout this government; none of this could have been possible. So when you see the insignia of the FBI, Homeland Security or INFRAGUARD, which is doubtful because they are supposed to be SECRET ­ spit on them all because they all belong to the same slave-masters that own us all. They were also the ones that came together to assassinate LaVoy Finicim in Oregon, on January 26, 2016 ­ and they're all still working very hard to keep all of that filth covered up. Never forget the role that the sold-out MEDIA continues to play throughout everything mentioned above AND BELOW.

Report shows UN was behind LaVoy's Murder

published Mar 17, 2016

If you care about what's been happening recently keep on reading from the video above, going back into what the UN was charged with doing under Agenda 21 ­ that has been changed to Agenda 21-30 because they failed to disarm America by their original date for its completion. These videos go all the way back to the disarming of Americans, en mass in New Orleans, during Hurricane Katrina: That event did not ultimately provoke any real response by Americans to the invasion and occupation of Louisiana, during and after the created Hurricane.

This is included here because the Sheriff in Grant County had made it clear that Grant County is a UN-FREE-ZONE, which is why the convoy could never be allowed to enter Grant County for protection from the UN takedown of Oregon ­ EVERYTHING HAS ALWAYS BEEN CONNECTED!

The fires beneath everything today are still burning from the flames that stayed burning for months beneath the twin towers ­ yet that crime against humanity and the people of the United States was never fully investigated, primarily because 'the-families' of the victims took the payoff-money and ran ­ all of them except for one small group that did not have the power of a public-outcry to DEMAND the investigation that never went forward.

But the gallows that the outlaws created for themselves; when Larry Silverstein and Guillani, the fake-mayor of New York, not to mention all the obvious players from inside the USI & Israel that planned it and executed that knife-in-the-back-operation ­ who are still waiting for their so rightfully deserved convictions, that are the only event that will actually bring real closure to this sordid affair.

It's a huge number of Outlaws, and we need to finish this obscenity with real finality, so that we can begin to cleanse the life of not just this country but of the planet as well...

Through the Hourglass Darkly


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