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The World Is Insane - UN 'Refugees'
And Muslim-Black Hate

By Patricia Doyle


Hello Jeff  

As I read the articles about the Islam invasion of Europe, North America and Australia I cannot help but wonder and ponder the question, Has The World Gone Nuts?

We know that cities across the US, Europe, Canada, Australia are soon going to be facing severe power shortages in the near future then I also read about tens of thousands of African and Muslim refugees coming to North America, Europe, Australia.   Why are we inviting and taking so many refugees who are extra prolific when it comes to children.  Each year those refugees will quadruple as far as children.  They are polygamous and have children with all of their wives.  They will keep multiplying and also replacing their numbers with MORE refugees entering the US.  We cannot continue as our resources are on the decline and the numbers of black Africans and Muslim refugees are quadrupling.   This is nuts.

Even if the plan is to kill off all whites, which again is "NUTS" there will still be overpopulation.  Even if we can force sterilization overpopulation of refugees will continue.

Another sign that the decision makers are "nuts" is the fact that the refugees make no secret about intentions to kill all white non Muslims but the power that be continue to bring the hater of western values into our midst.

I have to wonder if there is something in the water, or something in the chemtrails above that is causing the population, i.e. the Western population to be docile and accept the situation.  Why would any people who have brought man to the brink of space travel to other planets, why would be accept our demise and our return to the stone age at the hands of uncivilized, ignorant sub humans. The only answer I have is we have gone "NUTS."  WE have lost our minds, and our ability to process intelligent decision making.

While I wait for ET to come back for me and others wait for Jesus to come back, the world is heading into a downward spiral.  We are giving the land we fought for and giving the freedom that our ancestors died for, we give it away to sub human ignorant narrow minded refugees who hate us.

Time to look around, and face the reality that we could lose the first world we fought for and the freedoms our ancestors bled for.  It would be "NUTS" to go down without a fight.  As neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city turns into Baghdad or Mogadishu stop and look around and THINK.  America could all be gone, i.e. America as we know it, as our ancestors fought for it will be just another third world cesspool with corrupt tribal leaders and a corrupt dictator wearing bling, driving a Mercedes and sailing a yacht.  Are we going to let that happen?  I for one, will fight to keep America the free and home of the brave.

So, now that we all went nuts, it is time to swing back into reality and time to demand Trump administration stop bringing in refugees. Time to take back our sanity and kick the UN out of the US, take our America out of the UN and tear up the Ted Kennedy/UN refugee acts.  Then we start sending home the wolves dressed up in the costume of refugees and take back America. The first to go are the refugees who threaten to kill whites and non Muslims, those who have raped, those who are criminals. Then the rest of the haters must go.  

The time for sanity has come.