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The World On Fire I

By Jim Kirwan

Luganskyia 7-3-14

Does this look familiar? It’s not Syria, not Libya, not even Palestine: No this is the latest horror-bombing inside Ukraine being orchestrated by US Inc. for Israel.

If this continuing war-crime is not stopped now, then the entire world will soon go up in flames. And whether Amerikans like it or not this is happening because Amerikans have not demanded an end to this blatant act of open and outright slaughter. Porky is using outlawed weapons such as phosphorous and cluster bombs supposedly against his own people: Ironically he’s just an Oligarch, he has “no people” of his own; just shareholders!

The reason we are to blame is because Amerikans have not demanded an end to what our money is paying for right down to the last bomb and bullet used to carry out these horrors… and the whole world knows this.

These same deaf, dumb and blind “Amerikans” would be astounded to learn that the rest of the world BLAMES US for these tortures and murderous crimes, for no other reason than because Israel demanded them, and U.S. I. jumped to do exactly what Netanyahu ORDERED us (and them) to do.

We are laying waste to a healthy and vibrant people that have harmed no one: A people whose only crime was to seek to live their own lives inside a state that was stolen from them by Israel & US Inc: To prepare the way to invade Russia in both Crimea and all along the Ukrainian border with Russia.

Clearly US INC. has engineered all of this, from the beginning, when USI rearmed Ukraine and ordered Kiev to bomb hospitals, nursery’s, schools, water and power plants, apartment complexes, town halls and every kind of industry in that region: Virtually every element of the cities and the countryside in Eastern Ukraine is now under full military attack by outlaws masquerading as a lawful government; when none of these mercenaries have anything to back them up beside the barrels of the guns and weapons that we paid for: To murder yet another nation-state: This has to stop!

If it does not stop then the capital city of Kiev should be subjected to the same violent military actions they are visiting upon the third of their country which they seek to exterminate!

Have we no shame!

Russia is being cautious because their response to this slaughter could quite easily bring on WWIII. On the other hand these crimes against humanity must be forcefully stopped because if Russia does nothing - then they will be inviting these same mercenaries to attack Russia directly, which will have exactly the same result.

The only difference is if Russia fails to attack them now, then millions of people of Russian descent will die needlessly before the beginning of WWIII instead of afterwards.

This topic must become part of the four way talks being held right now between Russia, Germany, France and supposedly Ukraine.

Upon conclusion of those efforts to find a peaceful way to stop the fighting, the global powers involved in these talks must deliver an ultimatum to the USI & Israel to cease this needless bloodshed or be prepared to have their nuclear threats against the rest of the planet directly challenged.

Since shortly after the inception of Israel in its pretentions to be a state, the entire planet has been blackmailed by Israel with the threat of total annihilation, if any nation dares to go against the outlaw state in any meaningful way. The only way out of this nightmare is to face the facts and hit Israel first and continuously until these global crimes are ended - before the world is forced into the ugly insanity of the next step…

This is a gang fight with a known and cowardly-bully. This cannot ever be ended by capitulation to the bestial barbarity of Israel or US Inc. The time to fight has come and it cannot end until Israel is ended and utterly destroyed.

If Russia decides to lead the world one more time, this most difficult of all circumstances just might turn out to be the beginning of a whole new world, where “WAR” is not the only thing that people need to face.

The people of the planet did not start this nightmare, but we must finish it and end the future for all of those that refuse to honor anything except evermore stolen profits, embellished with rape pillage and plunder the world over. And there is very little time left for the people of the world’s 225 nation states that have misplaced their trust virtually since the UN was formed and since Israel was admitted to the Community of Nations.

Failure in this effort is Not an Option!


Part II


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