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The World Beneath The Lies
 By Jim Kirwan

This is the lie that Amerikans have been sold for over 50 years

The contrast can be seen in the small circle

Between reality on the left & the children of the elite’s

On the right.

2014 is the year that all these lies are finally going to surface. The filth that brought us this global-dichotomy are dying off, one by one. Look and listen to Biden who has clearly aged fifteen years in just the time that he’s been VP. Obama is gray and clearly dying, but the Kissinger’s and the Brzezinski’s along with their criminal organizations are at death’s door already; with only days to go before we’re free of them ­ forever.

We’ve been living with the lie of Al-Qaida since 911. We have spent trillions to eradicate this “organization” which was never anything except a file in a drawer at the CIA. That global-lie about an invisible enemy has multiplied a thousand times over, and still Amerika’s traitors mumble about them as if they were real. The latest version of the overwhelmingly superior troglodytes comes in the guise of ISIL & ISIS: Pre-prepared by Israel & CIA to pick up where Al-Qaida and all its evil relatives left off. No one questions the king’s ransom that is poured into “fighting the terrorists” everywhere on the planet—despite the fact that in the last 14 years we have not been able to remove anything that they “guaranteed” that they could totally eradicate.

Everyone knows the current litany about Palestine, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine along with the second string targets like Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon and on and on. But Obama is now at war in 28 African nations that aren’t even mentioned. The cities of the world are beginning to look exactly like Damascus, at least in every country where “Regime Change” was declared to be necessary for the world to survive.

We have the worst military record in modern history; to have been “at war” for over fifty years and still we have not won anything except more corporate contracts, more terror, more torture and more genocidal slaughter worldwide.

The only thing we’ve “earned” is the global-title of the most hated nation on earth, along with that shitty little place that owns us outright which is Israel. Together these outlaw ‘nations’ have turned everywhere they appear into nothing but rubble torture and death: But this too is coming to an end, because there’s nothing left to be destroyed except those that have designed it all.

The stench in our cities, the filth of our open corruptions coupled with out blatant greed, can no longer support the global-lies: Given this:

On October 2, 2014, Turkey’s parliament passed a resolution to allow the Turkish military to enter the sovereign territory of Iraq and Syria under the pretext of battling Western-backed IS militants.

The resolution will also allow foreign troops to use Turkish territory for the same purpose suggesting that the Incirlik air base may soon be used by the United States for its airstrikes against Syria.

k) This is the way that the elimination of Iraq and Libya began, with sanctions followed by air attacks upon once sovereign nations with no-fly-zones that masquerade as precursors’ to peace. They’ve always marked the beginning of land-grab’s for outlaws that have always been used to openly attack any nation which resists the globalist banks. This time there’s a track record of every previous no-fly-zone and illegal sanction that has marked the end of nation after nation.

The vote was 298 in favor of the motion and 98 opposed.”

NATO's Dream Coming True - Turkey Pushes For Syria No-Fly Zone; US Approves

What’s different this time is that Turkey is a NATO member-state. This means that any force which resists this no-fly-zone will in effect be attacking NATO directly. The US has tried everything many times over for the last three years to bring Syria to her knees. For that entire period of time NATO, the UN, USI and Israel have been consistently losing for the last three years. This is just the latest chapter to force Regime Change on Syria which will hand that country over to Israel, unless Syria, Iran and Russia do something strategically rare to stop this war before the No-Fly Zones can be embedded.

The same kinds of tactics are about to go into practice inside Ukraine as well with the same outlaws taking advantage of that war-ravaged nation-state to obtain what was always the point: Which was to set up a hostile US, UN, NATO-Israeli force on the border of Russia.

Turkey is being made the fall-guy which will end any fantasies Turkey might still have of being the remainder of the Ottoman Empire that was murdered by WWI. In this there are just too many hair-triggers lying on the blood-stained earth, no matter where anyone chooses to look. And once war is declared all control over anything will go up in smoke.

The world has long since moved on from Al Qaeda and “terrorists” to murderous gangs of hate-filled creatures whose only point is torture, death, beheadings and slaughter; along with the massive destruction of every shred of any civilization they encounter.

When “wars” were declared, they used to have a clear objective in mind. Today wars are declared with no point or purpose to the violence and the degradation they bring, everywhere they target.

Nation-states involve building and maintaining the infrastructure that supports life and growth. What the world is now supporting is unending war upon war, upon war. These savages in their Toyota trucks and stolen tanks cannot repair anything, plant anything or operate anything: All they do is steal, smash, torture and murder everyone they encounter—that is what America just did by “approving the Syria No-Fly Zone.

But the average Amerikan is just as bad as the beheading savages. Because very few of us know anything about military options, the facts of war, or the outcomes of our actions: Too many blindly follow the same traitors that have stolen all their money, their dreams and the future for any people, anywhere. We have allowed this nation to eliminate diplomacy for endless war. We’ve watched while the Constitution was shredded into nothing: Yet we seem to believe that this time, even though we always do the exact same things over and over and over again—that the outcome will magically be different…

It will be different alright: This time it will be Amerikans that will die by the thousands, not just a bunch of strangers in foreign lands. This is not just about the money, the wars, or even the imprisonment of billions of people: It’s about all of that and more. Because for the first time since the Revolutionary War Americans will have to fight for their freedoms on U.S. soil.

It will be that cataclysmic attack upon us all which will bring “the change” that Obamanation promised us all six years ago.

This all began with this concept of the future created by the Bush Jr. Administration.

And with this action that took place on October second 2014, when the Turkish Parliament decided to put Turkey on the global-chopping block, the world is being driven to the brink of total war. Russia, Iran and Hezbollah will fight this brazen criminality and they will not be alone in that.

This is why it seems so clear that the aging international monsters that spent their ruthless-lives trying to steal the planet from the global-population will finally die in the process. Because there’s no where left for anyone to go and the dogs-of-war will never stop until they are physically stopped by people who are determined to live.

US Inc. is less than seven percent of the global-population and yet they are demanding that the entire world bow down or die, to an Israel that’s being protected by USI, UN and NATO. That fact has never been more clearly stated, for the whole world to see.

But the games go on, even while all the money is being stolen from the least of those among us who can and will still fight to stay alive:

Playing With Fire

The Answer To Everything

Here’s the World the Way it actually is today!

This happened to the planet while we were sleeping

When the reality of this obscenity makes itself felt across the world, there will be global-war. This will not be the kind of war that pits nation against nation, it will be a war of rage & outrage against those that brought us all to this impossible nightmare, in which the only way out will be to end the creatures that have tried for decades to enslave us all.

This is not about politics, religion, or race. This is about


Because without freedom, what is living worth?

Good Luck America, but we’ll need a lot more than ‘luck’ this time because there is no where left for the world to run to ­ so we’ll have to fight to survive any of what’s coming from here on in…


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