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The World According To Trump

By Jim Kirwan


With just two days to go, Trump is nearly finished redefining the entire planet: Given that he has now totally reversed everything he said before he was sworn-in ­ the only thing remaining to be seen is how the planet will deal with this Jewish outlaw that's been nothing more than a common-huckster since he was let loose upon the civilized world.

Trump knows absolutely nothing about current history, global history, or military tactics. Trumps' idea of policy making, amounts to flying into any place and spitting out a bunch of crap about “business being great for everyone” then he gets back on the plane and moves on to the next “leader” that he'll also treat just like he did all those other so-called “leaders” that he began his”mission” by applauding.

The problem now is that between his initial policy decisions and his current total reversals ­ few people have any clue about what his so-called-policies actually are ­ if there ever were any.

Donald J. Trump is the ultimate creature of the double-reverse, personally, politically
and 'strategically' which he changes from hour to hour.

He has no use for promises or loyalty to anything but himself,

and despite his words that have always been this way,

to this nation, Trump has always been the ultimate


Until now Trump has been riding on complete treason, when it comes to policies, the creatures he appoints or fails to appoint, not to mention his only political attachment which has always been to the Ashkenazi Jewish State, along with his sudden affection for Saudi Arabia, and their barbaric attitudes toward the entire world.

Since he began his current sojourn around the planet, he's been deciding what he will do to the civilized world, believing that he will be able to do whatever he chooses to, to any nation or group of nations—in many ways he's begun to behave just as Hitler did in the final year of WWII. For the record Trump has become a mad-man devoid of humanity, reason or common sense—believing instead in his own determinations whether those decisions last for one hour or just 72 hours. No “national or global leader”can behave in this way if he expects to survive the decisions that he continuously throws at the world that he so obviously despises.

Hitler betrayed his loyal military leaders, whereas Trump has betrayed everyone that voted for him and the entire world that was hoping against hope for a real leader to stand against the nightmare.

The smorgasbord of endangered nations are ranged around the world, but many of these quagmires are far too dangerous to allow Trump to play with them as if they are mere toys, just waiting for his decisions as to whether or when, either he or his criminal cabals, will soon decide the fate of billions.

We have tried the ballot box, we have tried to sway the few against the many within the laws that no longer exist: The time has come to take up this challenge one person at a time, each in his or her own way or we will all very soon be silenced forever.

Many have wondered: “But Who Will Replace Him?”The answer to that question will be found among those who will be leading his overthrow.

If America is to survive Donald J. Trump he must be forced from office,

as soon as possible, before he and his traitorous outlaws

can end whatever is left of civilization forever.