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Withholding Care

By Jim Kirwan


In Part Two of the criminal-saga wherein “Chen-Zukerberg-HOSPITAL” are denying the balance of their care of Ms. Cassandra Atkins - Thus ending the still pending (six more weeks) which they have decided to OFFICIALLY ABANDON, as of today ­ that includes the doctors examination in San Francisco, which was to be the first medical review of the broken right thumb, which has begun to bleed, in the medical clinic-hospital in San Bruno to which Zukerberg assigned her.

All of this comes to a screeching halt today ­ Molina Medicare will feed her, but they're demanding that she sign over her Social Security account, to them, as a guarantee that they will be paid, and then some, because they're saying that Molina's insurance is not allowed to continue to cover her injuries in San Francisco ­ so they will feed to keep her alive but they will not treat her ­ which is the same as putting her out in the street. They would do that, except that it's a crime because it is ABANDONMENT ­ WHICH THEY WILL BE DOING - EXEPT THAT THIS ISOLATION WILL TAKE PLACE INSIDE THE BUILDING ­ INSTEAD OF IN THE STREET!

Today was the day that Zukerberg was to send a medical transport vehicle to get her up to San Francisco and bring her back to San Bruno today ­ This was to be the first examination on her broken thumb and the slightly damaged two pins ­ But that was canceled yesterday. All they told her was that they would now severely limit their treatments ­ but that she could stay there if she gave them direct access to her Social Security account. Which is all the money she has to live on.

I've been trying to arrange some physical help, to go to San Bruno, pick her up, and bring her back to this apartment despite the difficulties. That will mean foregoing the chemicals and treatments, and all their rules, but with the power of determination, careful thought and personal-care, Cass just might be able to whip this problem, despite all the difficulties ­ anyhow this was her wish, it was her choice and I've agreed to do whatever I can - to help her to not just “stay alive” - but to FLOURISH!

BTW: This was the 48 hour deadline I mentioned, and I guess we didn't get the necessary funds, mostly thanks to the blocks they threw out there to keep volunteers from connecting with me. But many thanks to those of you that tried so hard, repeatedly, to get through the mine-fields...



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