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Withdraw All Trust!

By Jim Kirwan


In any form of government’


The ‘Great Seal’ of the United States was redrawn to create the logo for DHS, to more closely conform to Nazi Germany. The laws of the United States have been suspended. The now official terrorism, of this government, has put every man woman and child in their crosshairs. The Zionists have already targeted millions of us which they plan on eliminating, in as many ways as they can think of until they decide on when they can make their WAR official. Yet Amerikans still treat the government as something ‘we’ must all still deal with?

These creatures are all just unindicted traitors that are working 24-7 to end the USA for privatized profits ­ why would anyone believe anything they say, any longer?

Everything that’s been done to us for the last thirteen years, has been done to us by sociopaths who demand that this public take them at their lying words. The same is true of the police, law-enforcement and the administration as well as the courts.

American’s must withdraw all trust from this Nest of Vipers who have lied, tortured, raped and murdered their way from 1913 when they stole our right to print our own money - to this day when that money is about to lose all its value: THEY DID THIS! We should never “TRUST THEM” with anything again—we should prosecute them all!

In court; juries are instructed to give the police a break, because they are police: The fact is that because they wear death on both hips they should be held to a much higher standard than ordinary people; especially when it comes to senseless murder. Judges’, prosecutors’ and the fake-reporters assigned to cover crimes, all seem to believe that cops can do nothing wrong no matter how outrageous, unprincipled or just plain wrong the cops might be.

The reasoning is that “because we are at war and under threat” the cops must be trusted to protect us. In fact the exact opposite is true. Because the situation is ugly and getting uglier by the minute it becomes more important than ever to look to those we pay to protect us—not to murder the public wholesale and call that “just doing their jobs.”

The most recent public outrage is the string of government “live-fire-exercises, sometimes called “DRILLS”. These massive war-games are kept secret from the public until they begin. The problem is that these are not exercises or drills: These are live-fire-murders: Live-Fire TARGET-PRACTICE masquerading as harmless public military & police exercises that are needed to PROTECT the PUBLIC from the terrorists that are hiding behind every tree and under every rock ­ even though there has not been any further real or targeted violence here since USI attacked this nation on 9-11-01.

How can we deal with this?

There are several things that most communities could begin to do now. The first is to inform the government of the city, township or village that the public must be informed before such an exercise or drill is about to take place. Without clear government accountability at all levels - these false-flag events cannot move forward.

Second. The names addresses and phone numbers of everyone in uniform must be published and made available to the general public before the events begin.

The full-cost of the exercise or the drill must also be published.

As the nation is dead broke, we need to know exactly who is wasting money on bullshit like this.

How is the public to know that what is attacking them are the police or the government for real, or just for practice? If the government doesn’t publish the names and tell us who is coming ­ then the public might just start killing the attacking thugs, fearing for their lives, thinking the invaders to be gang members impersonating police officers, cops, military or law-enforcement. That could easily be one possibility?

Shit does happen ­ you know, and when someone has opened fire on you or on your house, it makes sense that you end that attack with your own weapons in order to stay alive.

Government says we don’t have the right to self-defense. But everything that lives has the right to self-defense to save their lives—even Americans!

Just look at that shitty-little-savage place called Israel, it’s constantly demanding that any nation that ever failed to surrender to her has to be invaded and absorbed into the Greater Filth of Israel ­ Israel DEMANDS the right of self-defense!

If Israel can threaten to nuke the planet for their precious “self-defense” why aren’t Americans allowed to fight to protect their own lives? Of course we’re already slaves to Israel, so I guess our lives don’t count ­ cause we’re not “The Chosen Ones” ­ so we can be used and abused for target-practice, live-fire-drills or whatever the hell else the Empire demands of any and all Americans? Many will always resist that lie…

But we still have every right to be able to identify the murderers before and after the fact, by name and badge number as well as where they live and how to reach them. Afterall the government knows all that about each and everyone of us—it’s only fair that we should know exactly who is coming to possibly kill us, as part of an exercise or just a live-fire-drill.

Identifying these cretins (with or without uniforms) has nothing to do with national-security: This is about our right to know who might be coming to kill us, before they have that chance. Besides; if these drills or live-fire-exercises are as harmless as the government says they are—then where’s the harm in identifying the government’s potential shooters—before anyone else dies as the innocent dental hygienist did in D.C.!

Third: We must stop taking the word of anyone in any office of this government about anything. Whatever any government flunky, cop or mouthpiece tells you: must be conclusively proven to you ­ to your complete satisfaction - if it takes them an hour a day or a week, before anyone even considers doing whatever the government tells you that you have to do.

Just look at the lies & all the crap inside Obamacare

Without TRUST - Nothing ever really works ­ that’s why this aspect is so important. Simply withdraw your trust from all these creatures because they are not who they say they are, and it’s more than likely that they’re working for Israel or USI and not the United States of America.

If you don’t believe me just look up everything that’s happened for the last thirteen years? Then try to find one thing they said that was ever proven to be true? Oh and do keep a tally of how many times this government lied outright about everything that happened ­ Just pick any year at random, it won’t take long for you to see the horrific patterns of lies, deceptions, treasons and global-slaughters that all came from their lies. That of course led directly to more lies and so on and so on and so on. That’s how criminal governments work ­ which is why we must “Withdraw All Trust”!





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