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The Winds Of Change Or Global War

By Jim Kirwan


Trump gave us all an early look at his true feelings about what just happened in the election process. Many thought that Trump meant what he said about everything from the wall to suing Hillary and prosecuting both Criminal-Hillary and Bill for their past crimes: Apparently all of that was either smoke or pipe-dreams, because nothing that was said in the heat of the election will be followed up on ­ which ought to cost Trump hugely, as he fumbles around to try and convince the public that he was serious about anything he said or did for the last eighteen months or so.

In what appears to be the continuing reinvention of Donald Trump, the president-elect used his first TV interview since the election to display a more moderate side, speaking fondly of Hillary Clinton and discussing retaining parts of Obamacare...”

Upon reading reports of the things each candidate was feeling after polls closed, many were left wondering what the mysterious congratulatory phone call from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump sounded like. No shortage of expletives and comments about character and ability had been used by the two polar opposites during the most heated presidential race in decades...”

Hillary called and it was a lovely call,” the President-elect told CBS’ 60 Minutes. “And it was a tough call for her, I mean ­ I can imagine. Tougher for her than it would’ve been for me ­ and for me it would’ve been very, very difficult,” he added. “She couldn’t have been nicer. She just said, ‘congratulations, Donald. Well done.’ And I said, ‘I want to thank you very much, you were a great competitor,’” he went on

She is very strong. And very smart.”

This is coming from the man who had previously threatened to jail the “nasty woman,” said she had “tremendous hate in her heart,” while also referring to her as “the devil.”

That same warm disposition was now also being directed at Bill Clinton, who Trump says had called him separately, and “couldn’t have been more gracious.”

He said it was an amazing run, one of the most amazing he’s ever seen. He was really very nice.”

As with Bill's wife Hillary, Trump had previously held nothing back when speaking of Bill and his sexual adventures, while defending against his own sexual assault allegations. Nothing could be further from that attitude when he spoke about Bill and Hillary in the CBS interview.

Well, he’s a very talented guy ­ both of them. I mean, this is a very talented family,” Trump said when asked if he was just as likely to call Clinton for professional guidance as he had recently said he would do with Obama.

The other big issue everyone expects to hear more about when the interview airs is Obamacare ­ one of the main targets of the Trump campaign, and an issue that continues to polarize the nation.

In the interview, the president-elect stated that health-care will be his administration’s top priority..”

Trump praises Clintons, vows to keep parts of Obamacare in 1st post-vote TV interview

Another unexpected SURPRISE from the Trump Campaign: Trump predicted to tap mastermind of Bush torture program as CIA chief

Jose Rodriguez, one of the masterminds behind the infamous George W. Bush torture and retention program, may be selected by the new administration to run the CIA, according to an influential law firm where Trump’s major ally serves as a senior adviser.

The prediction that Jose Rodriguez, a career intelligence officer and former head of CIA National Clandestine Service (NCS), may lead the CIA comes in a post-election memo published by Dentons, a multinational law and lobbying firm. The company is involved in delivering legal advice to the Trump campaign, according to the Intercept.

Dentons’ memo provides a detailed analysis of the 2016 election, as well as looking at the policy priorities of President-elect Trump and his potential cabinet options, including those of the intelligence community. While some posts list a variety of candidates, the CIA director’s job has only one projected nominee ­ Jose Rodriguez.

About 136 individuals were detained without trial and subjected to torture in CIA black sites worldwide. According to a 2014 Senate inquiry, interrogation tactics included sleep deprivation during prolonged standing, rectal feeding, freezing to death, the use of insects as a means of torture, and, last but not least, waterboarding...

Rodriguez, who in 2004 was appointed chief of the NCS to oversee all human intelligence gathering by US agencies, defended the CIA practices, telling the New Yorker in a 2012 interview that they “fell well short of what is torture.”

He argued that the methods previously employed by Nazi and the Japanese secret services during WWII “had the legal backing, but we had no moral qualms about doing this.” Torture and harsh treatment helped prevent “another 9/11” and gather “valuable intelligence,” the top CIA officer insisted in the interview.

In 2005, after the “enhanced interrogation,” a euphemism for torture, was revealed by the media, Rodriguez played a key role in discarding evidence, destroying 92 tapes showing the waterboarding of suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is reported to have been waterboarded 183 times.”


If torture efficiency is Trump's aim inside the CIA

Why not just appoint James Steele and get some real filth in that slot.

he's got a few more years left in the insanity of his supposed life.

So America ­ what happened to the very warm and human candidate who has apparently forgiven the blood drenched Criminal-Clintons, for their long and filthy history of every crime known to mankind ­ So what is The Donald going to do to ordinary Americans? As the information comes out ­ it's becoming exceedingly clear that Donald J. Trump is clearly not as advertised ­ if anyone can go by what's been released in just these last three days?

One more little SURPRISE

From the man who promised to put and end to Hillary Clinton

And the corruption of The Clinton Foundation

Has Trump decided to allow the grooming of billionaire Chelsea Hubble to replace her 'mom', as head of the Clinton Foundation?

If so Trump needs to be impeached before he takes office!


For those who thought Donald Trump’s election victory put an end to the Bush-Clinton family dynasty in the White House, rumors that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for Congress suggest otherwise.

Despite losing the general election to Republican Donald Trump, the Clintons haven’t given up the dream of returning to the White House just yet.

According to the New York Post, Chelsea Clinton is being groomed to take the seat of New York House of Representatives Democrat Nita Lowey once she retires. Lowey, 79, is a Representative for the 17th Congressional District, which includes Chappaqua, where the Clinton family reside. Bill and Hillary Clinton purchased a $1.16 million house next door to their own in Chappaqua in August for Chelsea and her family.

Chelsea currently lives in Manhattan and is registered to vote there. This new residence would allow Chelsea to become a resident of the district, making her an eligible candidate to run for Lowey’s seat.

A source told the Post that “Chelsea would be the next extension of the Clinton brand” and while “politics isn’t the life Hillary wanted for Chelsea, she chose to go on the campaign trail for her mother and has turned out to be very poised, articulate and comfortable with the visibility.”

Clinton 3.0: Chelsea 'groomed' for politics


k - If Trump was going to prosecute Bill & Hillary, as he promised us he would, that would have to include the illegal activities of Chelsea as well ­ if that is, Trump really wants to cut the head off the snake that is the Clinton Crime Machine. This story implies that the Clinton Foundation will never be allowed to disappear...

It looks like those of us who thought that we could believe 'Candidate Trump' when he told the world what he planned to do, was lying ­ just like everyone else that has ever run for that office...

Now Hillary wants to force the Electoral College to vote her into office

Clinton supporters petition to force Electoral College to vote for her December 19

How do we settle these questions ­ with the imitation Soros-Warriors, poised at the gates of this sadly broken nation?



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