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The Winding Down Begins


By Jim Kirwan


ONCE THE CAMEL GETS his Jewish nose inside the tent, the rest of the loathsome thing will follow: 50 advisers today, 1,000 tomorrow, 2,000 next month...

It’s a Jewish agenda led by neocon kosher armchair Generals, Fred Kagan of the American Enterprise Institute, and Andrew Tabler of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

These Jew boys want troops on the ground in Syria, (and their Schwartza in the White House has obeyed) and these Jew boys will send as many young goys to their deaths as it takes to topple Assad. That’s their Jew-angled goal.

There’s NO letup to what Jews want and get. It’s a family business of perpetual wars for the Jews...”

Meanwhile America Incorporated is proceeding with their theoretical 'business as usual', inside Syria, with their continuing advocacy for their own “No Fly Zones” to protect “American protected Free-Zones” for US trained and supplied Terrorists inside Syria: As if Russia's current Air Attacks upon those same forces don't really exist.

America Inc. in tandem with Israeli long term goals has been operating through out the Middle East with impunity, since the illegal attacks against Afghanistan and Iraq began. But with Russia's legal entry into the Syrian part of this global-war, the West simply cannot accept the fact that everything has changed.

Russia's entry into this quagmire, with the clear backing of International and American “Law”, forbids everything the Western Coalition of the Cowardly have been doing since 2001, which is now potentially changing everything hour by hour.

But the 'kosher' designers of the 'chaos' have refused to accept reality, especially when it comes to Syria. Hence the Rothschild's Khazarian Mob from the New World Order continue to insist upon a 'sanctioned-replay' of Libya, to be applied in Syria—rather than to accept what's about to happen to them under the weapons that Russia, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah will soon bring to the conflict..

"The people of the United States are becoming nearly as fed up as the rest of the world with America's horribly ineffective 'peacekeeping' actions globally. The situation in Syria is a black eye and a bloody nose for all Americans, for a citizenry to have allowed policy to have become business," political analyst and expert on Eastern Europe Phil Butler notes in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook...”

“..."The implication is clear, and so is the dual purpose of this latest 'Obama mission objective' — erase all evidence of CIA and American asset manipulation, and insert Americans under the guns of the Russians to ensure it works," the US expert pointed out...”

“"... To be clear, we are not cooperating with Russia, and we are not letting Russia impact the pace or scope of our campaign against ISIL in Iraq and Syria," Carter said as quoted by US Central Command's official website...”

Syrian Ground Campaign:


Here's a recent 2 day total from the Russian Air Force:

Russian Bombers Hit 237 ISIL, Nusra Front Targets in Syria in 2 Days O

kirwan: The time has come to arrest McCain and his filthy band of outlaws for illegally trying to force another falsely constructed-war down the throats of Americans and the world: When neither he nor those he's using have the authority or the legal standing to interfere directly with U.S. Policies. Yet McCain obviously feels free to do 'whatever' at every opportunity, as if he were the president, and not just an also ran that's failed at everything he's ever done: Before, during and after his star-crossed stint that resulted in treason while 'serving' in the U.S. Military.

'America' needs to realize the reality in this message...


Ever since “Israel” was created, this built-in conflict has been brewing both nationally and internationally: Yet most Americans have no idea that this basic contradiction even exists. Consequently, the message above must be burned into the minds of every American 'First', before any other political position is suggested or adopted...

There's all kinds of garbage out there about the inferiority of Russian weapons compared to the supposed superiority of American military power and 90 per cent of everything coming from the global 'mass-media' is all crap.

Most of this article has been in the process of becoming fact for most of the last week: What makes the articles quoted above more meaningful, is that they're about what has finally taken place, which is part of what the general-public must become familiar with if we're ever going to have an impact that supports the ending of 'America Incorporated' and Israeli-Firsters, worldwide.



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