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Will We Never Change?

By Jim Kirwan


Eagle Dancer

When the European adventurer’s arrived in numbers, beginning in the 1490’s, they arrived as Outlaw human-hunters, in search of wealth to steal, countries to own and new people to enslave. It’s been over 500 years since we began our war on every nation and almost every person we encountered. (1)

What we came to represent to every people we have conquered, has consisted of occupation, divisions, slavery, torture, rape, murder and war. It seems it has ever been thus. Here’s a brief part of Steven Lendman’s article today that graphically illustrates what we do now, in 2014, just as we did to that ancient race of people we erased who were here thousands of years before we even arrived.

Sham Israeli/Palestinian peace talks continue. They began last July. They're supposed to conclude in April.

Palestine's elected government wasn't invited. It's excluded from talks. Longtime Israeli collaborators represent Palestinians. They do so illegitimately.

Chance to resolve longstanding conflict is ZERO. Kerry's so-called framework agreement is totally one-sided.

It solely favors Israel. It gives Palestinians nothing. It assures continued occupation harshness.

No legitimate Palestinian leader would accept what demands rejection. Reports from Washington, Tel Aviv and Ramallah say talks so far went nowhere.

What happens going forward remains to be seen. Israel deplores peace. It thrives on conflict and instability. Its enemies are ones it invents.

In 2013, Israeli warplanes bombed Syria at least six times. On February 24, they struck Hezbollah targets. They did so along Lebanon's border with Syria.

Lebanon's National News Agency confirmed it. Areas around Bekaa Valley's Nabi Sheet and Janta were targeted.

Obama partners in Israeli aggression. Each country defends the other's lawlessness.

On February 26, Hezbollah confirmed Israeli attacks. It vowed to respond "at the appropriate time" to the "blatant aggression."

Israel lawlessly attacked "its sovereignty and territory," it said. "It will not stand without a(n) (appropriate) response from the Resistance," it added.

"This aggression did not, thank God, cause any deaths or injuries. There was only some material damage."

It's untrue that targets struck were "artillery positions or missiles."

Israel said it takes Hezbollah's retaliatory threats "very seriously." It warned Lebanon's government through UNFIL (the UN force in Lebanon).

The entire country will be attacked if Hezbollah strikes, it says. In 2006, Hezbollah embarrassed IDF forces.

Its strength is much more formidable today. Its missiles can strike targets anywhere in Israel.

In late January, Israeli military intelligence head General Aviv Kochavi said:

"We call this period in time the era of fire in light of the amount of missiles and rockets we face as a constant threat."

"There are about 170,000 rockets and missiles that threaten Israel," he claimed. It's "surrounded 360 degrees with active enemies. The conventional threats have not disappeared."”

Because as Steven Lendman says above, we are always

Talking Peace While Waging War.” (2)

In the case of the native population here, we have broken every treaty that we made with them over the course of the 500 plus years that it’s been; since we began this theft of their lands, their traditions and their lives.

We did the same thing in and to the world, after both WWI and WWII. And as we go into WWIII it’s apparent that we have not changed even one iota; since we first began to treat the rest of the planet as livestock to be herded, raised and slaughtered: Whether for meat or for whatever we can steal from all those people we have sought to enslave. This is one very long unbroken-fact which can not be denied.

Watch the hour long film that barely touches on our treatment of some of the native tribes that we found here when we arrived; in this unbelievably beautiful place that we have now almost totally destroyed.

We have now done the same things to the land, the air, the waters, the forests the mountains and even to the food we eat: That our forefathers did when they began ripping this place apart for profits that came from whatever they could most-easily-steal. Hubris, greed and arrogance know no boundaries. They never have. And apparently we have never suffered from these policies, until now. Some might ask ~

Why not?”

The answer is simple. Because before now there was always an over-abundance of riches to slake the thirst of innumerable conmen and Outlaws: But now we’re running out of things to pervert, to coerce or to steal. So now we have to pay for all those crimes against man, nature and the universe that we’ve been consciously committing for over 500 years.

That’s one hell of a debt which must be paid: Ask the ghosts of the natives that we slaughtered, or any of the billions of people around the world that we’ve made war upon. Ironically their answers to us, for what we continue to do to them are almost the same in each and every case. Maybe that’s why Amerikans don’t react whenever the truth behind our history falls into plain view. These crimes committed against everyone that stood in the way of “American Manifest Destiny” must be answered for. But this time it will be the Amerikans, that will bear the brunt of the attack that’s coming and the rest of the world knows exactly why that is?

The people that were here before we were, were definitely not saints. But they found ways to live exceedingly well with nature instead of opposing it. We ought to take a page from those people who invested thousands of years to find their answers to continual wars. Part of that’s in the hour long link below. Why not spend an hour and see for yourself?

Under ordinary circumstances any nation can use the future to address past crimes by building a better, brighter world for the children for the future and for themselves. Instead we tried to bury our past, just as the Zionists are trying to bury their crimes before during and after WWII,

The bulk of this country KNOWS what we’ve done and are secretly proud of it; but there’s no way to escape what we’ve done and no amount of political-spin will ever keep these crimes from receiving the consequences which these crimes so fully deserve.

Today’s Israel is but a spoiled-child when compared with what the people of this place has done to billions of people all over this world. The world must resurrect the existing international laws and apply them with full force, worldwide ­ that needs to be done before we allow Syria, Lebanon, or Ukraine to develop into an all out global war.

1) America’s Great Indian Nations ­ 54 min VIDEO

2) Talking Peace While Waging War



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