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Will The Sun Rise


By Jim Kirwan


In the West?

Planet X has been visible on the Western Horizon, outside my window for several weeks now. Have you noticed yet?

Humanity has been in a pathetic contest with nature for the last five decades and that information has been purposely withheld from most people the world over, for most of that time. The website above has been doing what it does since 2009, in an effort to bring the truth to the public, almost without success, and they aren’t the only site out there.

Some of us have been tracking this, not based on science, so much as on staying in touch with the human elements of the heart and the mind that have always been the fifth element of life which is necessary for survival, throughout the last five decades. But in most cases those warnings have fallen on deaf ears, not just in last fifty years but going back in time all the way to the Caves of ancient history where cave paintings of ‘life’ were left to those of us that came after. More recently there were paintings from Bosch and etching from Goya, and many other more recent artists like Salvador Dali with his melting clocks, who tried to give images to those voices inside that warned us all about the perilous path the human race was too often choosing to follow.

There were also songwriters, poets and novelists that have touched on the truths that have been waiting to be discovered, only to be classified as science-fiction, or outright fantasies with no merit at all in the broader human-consciousness that should have been open to those messages.

In my own way, I kept getting these flashes of what was coming, that I painted with the idea that some might see more than just colorful fantasies: but that was not to be. Some of those works were synonymous with what is about to physically transpire.

San Francisco Underwater

The ‘civilized world’ submerged in the pole-shift that was coming

Los Angeles just before the volcanic explosions that will bury Southern Cal.

But these and many others were just snapshots of some possible outcomes if mankind did not stop making war on women and nature and begin to focus on the human side of living our lives while enriching our planet and thereby ourselves.

These images could be considered time-capsules of coming-events, given

What’s about to befall the planet within the coming truncated months.

Jade Helm has given themselves an additional 30 days by moving up their start-date to June 15 ­ which will eliminate this summer for anyone who usually gets summers off, like students and vacationers who usually look forward to the days and nights of summer to relieve the tedium of the world as it has become.

Instead we are about to have four months, a full one-third of this year that will now be devoted to false-flag wars inside the U.S., yet the public has still not been sufficiently motivated to demand an end to this blatant act of WAR against Americans throughout the nation.

Not that these mini-time-capsules of mine and others would have made a difference in the current outcome, if they had been seen as precursor’s for what lay ahead, because this literal pole-shift has always been prefigured in the lives of the people of this planet which was clearly laid out in four books by Immanuel Velikovsky beginning in 1950 and concluding in 1960.

His legendary work shot right to the top of the New York Times bestseller list, but “science”, already in control over what the public could be allowed to know; castigated him and shut his works down hard. I wrote to a major science magazine in the 60’s to get them to publish a graphic rendition of his work, only to be vehemently scorned for even bringing up the subject: As a result I dropped the project in favor of continuing with my own version of the ‘outcomes’ which is what he’d written, seemed to talk about. That was probably something that happened in many places from the time his work became part of the reading life of the planet. But “SCIENCE” and their criminally-evil owners won that round ­ hands down.

Apparently the 3,500 years has finally arrived again, with the return of Planet X. You and I will know the truth of that when the Sun Rises in the West, after the several days of darkness that will precede it. Because by that time global-chaos will have already overrun the planet in direct-response to the “one hour” in which the coming pole-reversal will happen…

Nature cannot be threatened or denied

The elites have betrayed humanity because they’ve known about this coming event for decades and they have done everything, in their power, to conceal it from the public that will die in this impending natural cataclysm.

Maybe we could not have prepared for this, but we had the right to know that this was coming.

And prepared or not, the elites will hardly fare much better

Than the billions who will die world-wide.

Personally, I’d love to see the sun rise in the west…



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