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Will A.I. Conquer the Human Race
Part II

By Jim Kirwan


The Progression of Artificial Intelligence ­ Part II

22min 52sec VIDEO

A continuation of the interview with Jeff Rense on the future of A.I., and its applications regarding the future uses for A.I. In the Future. The discussion is with Dr. Roman Yampolskiy.

The subject under discussion asks several key questions:

Jeff: “Super Intelligence ­ This is the Future, Man vs. Machine. Will machines take-over? Some would suggest we'd be better off if they did.”

k: This is the opening of this discussion. You may be surprised to be forced to consider some of the many questions which this dialogue brings up beginning in Part I and continuing through Part II

Here's Part One:

The history of the world is crammed full of human-errors on a scale that boggles the minds of many of us, especially today. Now apparently 'science' is proposing to inject artificial-super-intelligence into the complex problems that face humanity ­ across the planet.

Of course the following is only my opinion, and I have no special expertise in anything to do with this dilemma, except perhaps when it comes to how humanity has tended to behave in the past. Given the war-torn and blood-drenched history of the world—it seems that the last thing that humanity might want to ever add to the discussion is something as potentially dangerous as 'artificial' SUPER-INTELLIGENCE.


Is with us throughout every second of every day & night. What happens if we take people out of the equation & substitute an artificial machine to decide for us as to what will kill us vs. or what could save our lives?

It's one thing for humans to err—but it's something else entirely to give the decision making powers over life & death to an artificial machine, in the name of making commercial and everyday life easier for a bunch of morons that have yet to even understand the basic parameters of ordinary everyday life—never mind the dangers of those routine and often ordinary situations, like driving a car, that tends to turn deadly whenever anything goes wrong with either the vehicle or the driver ­ this is one of the things discussed herein.

The question of “how can this be controlled” is discussed in several ways in the videos. The question is also asked “can this be stopped”? Unfortunately I'm one of those people that believes that the only way to stop or regulate this piece of questionable 'science' is to end it forever, by obliterating everything to do with A.I. before it is allowed to finish wrecking the remaining segments of the world.

Technically the accomplishment of that will probably be one of the only benefits to the coming nearly total destruction of the planet, because the highly technical and very vulnerable processes that make A.I. possible will be some of the first targets in the wars that are on the way, (in my opinion).

Watch both video interviews, and think seriously about the potential advantages, vs. the real dangers and the potential situations that we don't yet face—then ask yourself—given the amount of the highly suspect profits at issue: Will we be better off or will this amount to global-suicide by yet another artificial means?

Also it might be remembered that this project began with the military, and has been, for the most part been kept very secret for a very long time. If this was being advanced as a time-saving or labor saving device, why all the secrecy? Also the Japanese have already almost entirely converted their industries to robotics, and have fired the requisite number of human workers to make that possible, yet they have not proudly announced it because there are movements against this rearrangement in the work forces there, that no longer have a source of income...

When and IF this “innovation” takes over fast food, from the ordering to the cooking to the payment and the delivery of the product ­ how many will be “helped” by the elimination of the millions of jobs in that sector of the non-skilled workforce alone? They're also working on eliminating truck-drivers, taxi-drivers, and any jobs that can be robotized: to create larger profits for the corporations, at the expense of the lower paid work force that will end up in the lists of the nationally-disappeared.

In my view we need to return to having a human work force that can be spoken with, and not the robots that we have now in far too many businesses. Of course that will cut into the massively illegal corporate profits, but what the hell ­ with our movement forward into the twenty-first century, we will all need to have more opportunities, to survive—rather than to have most of what we do now just disappear onto the trash-heaps of dying technology.

One thing that they did not talk about was the finite resources needed to produce this artificial dream-world, which they are already promising?

They do however mention a number of drawbacks, such as the fact that the self-driving vehicles 'can be hacked', and what happens when the computer systems themselves suffer system collapses? What happens if these Super-Computers decide for themselves how to upgrade their lists of permissible targets which they could then proceed to just eliminate?

The problems with the drones and their current targets, can perhaps lend some insight to those problems.

But the biggest problem of all is that what they want to do is to teach computers how to “feel” - how to actually have those same emotions which the outlaw-world has chosen to ban from everything about the law or any serious topic that happens everyday in real life.

How 'sympathetic' do you think the military would be to any robot that could really ever think or feel?


Also no one, it seems, is making any plans to deal with the billions of lost jobs, which this shit will produce: What ”high-tech-industry” has forgotten if they ever knew anything about it ­ is that people need to be part of everything that's done in the world, and when or if those “jobs” vanish, then the corporations that employed them, won't be around long enough to even be missed, soon after almost everything gets robotized.

Civilization has always been about making life civil for human-beings. Once there are no employees there is very soon no need for any products, because the current volume of potential customers will be confined to the poor-houses or the camps on subsistant rations - until they die of some disease or expire from pure exhaustion...

If you want to see a graphic example read about the Gulags in the USSR as described by Solzhenitsyn, and remember the demise of Communism.

Be prepared to become very afraid because this “new-innovation” could very well usher in something very similar throughout the entirety of the current Western World.


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