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The Wide Open Amerikan War Against Africa

By Jim Kirwan


RT News - November 04, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

US Conducts Air Strikes Against ISIS in Somalia

This report begins 8min 51 sec to 11min 27sec, in the RT link above

The US military presence in Africa is currently 6,000 troops that conduct 10 missions a day which equals 3,500 training exercise programs and engagements a day. In 2008 there were 172 missions. In 2017 there were 3,500 missions. The numbers advocate a 2000 per cent increase, since 2008.” BTW none of these air strikes or attacks are legal in any way; especially given the fact that Amerika has not formally declared war on any of the more than 35 counties in Africa: And of course Amerikans are paying for these new and undeclared wars per the directions of Israel.

'Continent wide' this represents a vast US terror network

that is now employed against

the people in Africa'

The rest of the RT report expands on exactly how dire the entire global scene has become from the US to Spain & Belgium and across the world.

When Germany underwent a series of global sanctions and atrocities under the illegal extortion's of the Rothschild's and the criminal charges the global banks have been leveling against the entire world since the Jews took over the global banking world, Adolf Hitler took on that fight and turned the desperately poor and depraved state of Germany into a global leader in a ten year period—that was rooted in Germany's eviction of the lawless Rothschild's banks.

The world must follow the original German example and wipe these global outlaws from the planet, to return balance to the universe...

Here's that entire story for those who might not have been acquainted with the details, of exactly how that war between those who actually produce the wealth were treated, by those who illegally have controlled all the money, at least since the time of Shakespeare...

Watch this remarkable 1hr 18min VIDEO.

The Ultimate Red Pill ­ BANNED FROM YOUTUBE

After watching the VIDEO, it struck me that World War Two, was not the Second World War at all: It was the First Israeli War on the World and the World Lost! And now the World has a chance to finally defeat these Global Outlaws and end this nightmare that these Barbarians have inflicted on this planet for at least one blood-drenched eternity!