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Why, Why, Why


By Jim Kirwan


Yesterday I mentioned the idea of holding “a Snap Election”, as a way to begin to fix the massive criminality that's taken over this place. Many people thought that such an idea was totally insane. Think of this note as a continuum of that thought...

What I hadn't mentioned before is that 'because this place has not had a constitution, or even been a nation-state for the last 102 years: That fact alone makes the entire process of “having any constitutional elections” impossible to achieve. Unless you are 103 years of age, you have never lived in “a constitutionally founded United States of America”- ever!

This prison has been ruled by a privately owned corporation, that has bled us dry: Which consists of a ten square mile area inside Washington, which is called “The District of Columbia” that is not part of the United States of America.

This “private-corporate-entity” is what has ruled over us all, since 1913—yet most Americans still have no idea that they are nothing but slaves to that private and illegally configured corporation; which makes a mockery of the constitution and the Republic that the USA was supposed to have been, when it was first created.

If you are to be able to see this private-corporation for what it is, then the image above does indeed represent the reality behind the government of this place.

The Congress actually has no need to have it's representatives even bother to attend any sessions—because none of them matter to the privatized-corporation at all. The same is true of what the totally owned media 'reports on'. The entire charade of the Congress, the president, the fake-administration and the Supreme Court are all nothing but a total sham: It's just a show to make the prisoner's think they still have a government, when nothing could be further from the truth!

That was the reason I suggested that we should hold “a Snap Election”, as a wake-up call from the conscious public, that since this is all illegal and we're all disenfranchised anyway you look at it: Then we should take back the ruins of this nation, through the 50 states and throw them all in jail. But of course that 'won't happen' because most still refuse to see the truth for what it is.

Then there is this additional piece of vastly critical, yet still invisible history that actually changes everything about the world and the future of every man, woman and child in the world today. Everything that's happening right now is just the continuance of what was planned for us, by the Rothschild, Khazrian Mafia, augmented by the ceaseless 'Jihad' that is against the Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Secularists ­ This Jihad is against all Kafirs.'

Here's part of what the Muslims “Religion of Peace” has brought to us all.


All of the data, 548 battles, 19,000 Jihad attacks (most of them in Europe)

follow the Islamic Doctrine of Jihad'


Islam is 91% Jihad, 9% Peace”

After 1400 years of Jihad, brutality, annihilation and insults, the Kafir mind has become identified to that of an abused victim. The only solution is to face our shameful, brutal and degrading history at the hands of Islam.”

That would be the same Islam that Obama wants to ram down the throats of all Americans, with the importation of hundreds of thousands of undocumented Islamicist's, that he wants to invade the U.S. with illegally.

We must face our fears”

We can start by bringing an end to the global-crime of multi-culturalism, because that ultimately is only serving International Jihad...

The Muslim dress-code, for religious Muslims in America today, continues to reflect the age-old strictures of Jihad and their hatred of all Kafirs which are still typified by the ancient 'Muslim dress codes for all women' ­ because those Muslims, observing that code, have refused to assimilate here.

Wherever you see this dress code enacted: Remember the true history of Jihad and drive them out, if you want to be able to have a future or a way of life that you want to live in, without that eternal threat of Jihad.

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

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