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Why Kaine Will Become President

By Ted Twietmeyer


First we will take a look back into history when another Trump-like candidate ran for office. Ron Paul ran for president and every grass-roots supporter in America went to bat for him. Most teenagers today probably know little about him. People slept on the floors of other supporters who were strangers across America. They were those could not afford a hotel room to follow Ron Paul around. Thousands of Ron Paul supporters quit their jobs. Guard rails near intersections and traffic lights had Ron Paul bumper stickers on them everywhere. His campaign was a true grass-roots movement.

I wrote an article stating he would drop out. In return for stating the truth that someone like Ron Paul could never win, I received hate emails and two death threats. He dropped out in 2008. Four years later he ran again and dropped out. Paul stated that when walked away he had almost $5 million in campaign funds.

Trump is basically another Ron Paul in his beliefs. Paul was largely ignored by the media, but as the leading candidate in the republican party they cannot ignore him like Ron Paul. CNN has very clearly made themselves the leading 24/7 Trump-bashing channel and it WILL take its toll on Trump's popularity. This is exactly what propaganda does ­ it mixes truth with lies to make the lies believable. Farewell to unbiased news reporting from CNN.

It has been kept quiet in the news that president Duterte of the Philippines has embarked upon a campaign to stamp out drug dealers in his country. A friend of mine who lives there sent me information about this. Duterte has executed 2,000 drug dealers in an attempt to stomp out illegal drugs. Obama is being polite to Duterte now, but that will change. Something fatal will probably be arranged for Duterte for his actions; it may be made to appear that a drug lord did it. Why? Illegal drugs are just another tool used by globalists around the world to destroy countries from the inside.

A new US agenda came out of the proverbial closet into the open 15 years ago. It was clearly stated and graphically illustrated in a two hour pentagon lecture by political scientist on contract with the pentagon, Dr. Barnett. He repeatedly referred to the United States as the "American Empire." What happened to ALL empires in world history? First these empires physically forced other countries into compliance after they over control, but eventually fell apart as an empire. Clearly Barnett is too arrogant to learn from world history, or perhaps he is smarter than that - create an empire for America to fail on purpose.

What does Duterte have to do with all of this? He stands for what is morally right (which is contrary to globalism) while globalism inherently has a nation-destroying evil mentality. Illegal drugs are a powerful globalism tool, yet globalism is the buzzword of the day with political leaders around the world. Globalism is a tool that Trump rejects. He is against meddling in other country's affairs and he appears to stand for founding father Thomas Jefferson's statement, “No good thing will come in meddling with the affairs of another country.” This is a bold statement clearly against globalism and history has clearly proven Jefferson was 100% correct. This is another reason why Trump won't be allowed a chance to become president.

No one in the media has considered this possibility: Trump is running for office just for Clinton to have someone to run against. It may be why he won't disclose his financial information; he won't be running long enough for it to be of any importance.

Many years ago Ron Paul ran for president, promoting values much like Trump has. Twice Paul ran for president and twice he dropped out. He walked away with almost $5 million in campaign funds to do whatever he pleased with. Who says losing a race doesn't pay?

Paul was vocally against globalism, but this is exactly what Hillary stands for and believes in. She stated during her first debate with Trump with a big wide smile that “America is just 5% of the world economy, and we must trade with everyone.” (Many people object to such BS like claiming just 5%.) Trade is one thing. But Hillary is against any tariffs for any country importing to America. But America is either barred from exporting to other countries or heavily penalized for selling products to other countries.

Trump, even as strong as he appears to be may be forced to drop out. Nothing in life is impossible until proven otherwise. How many people thought that Ron Paul would drop out? Certainly none of his grass-roots supporters sleeping on floors of supporters in cities across America ever thought so. Thousands of Paul's supporters quit their jobs just to follow him around and support him. Ron Paul later betrayed all his supporters by dropping out before the election. Four years later, he did it all over again.
So what about vice president Kaine? Here is why Kaine will later become president:

Hillary has deep underlying health issue(s) and may not even finish her first term. It is Kaine running that EVERYONE should be concerned about. He will become president when Clinton is unable to continue. Vice president Lyndon Johnson is a prime example of this - he became president after Kennedy died. Johnson immediately ramped-up the Vietnam War. If Johnson became president today, he would immediately find a reason or way to ramp up the mid-east war.
Kaine has a track record already in place showing he supports globalism:

"Kaine supported granting President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA or "fast track") to allow him to negotiate free trade agreements.[216] Kaine stated that the goal should be to "negotiate deals that protect workers' rights, environmental standards and intellectual property, while knocking down tariffs and other barriers that some countries erect to keep American products out."[216]

"In July 2016, Kaine said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement was "an improvement of the status quo" in terms of it being an "upgrade of labor standards... environmental standards... intellectual property protections", but maintained that he had not yet decided how to vote on final approval of the agreement, citing "significant concerns" over TPP's dispute resolution mechanism.[217] Later that July, Kaine said that he could not support the TPP in its current form."

"Kaine has been a proponent of NAFTA." [North American Free Trade Agreement]

If Kaine is concerned about TPP's dispute resolution mechanism, then it means it probably is not structured (biased) in a way to help globalism win disputes. What can Kaine do to protect workers' rights, environmental standards and intellectual property if jobs are already moved off-shore? Protect what? This is a hollow promise for American workers. Maybe Kaine is talking about protecting worker's rights in countries other than in America.

TPP, FTA and NAFTA are the same idiotic globalist trade agreements Trump is against, which makes Trump against globalism. Clinton on the other hand, has publicly stated “We must trade with the world.” Of course, Clinton did not state how trade can be used to permanently destroy American jobs. Only way to start to bring back American jobs is to make it more expensive to import into America. Then factories will start to re-open. Clinton certainly won't allow that.

It is almost a certainty that Kaine will become president. Trade agreements have been, and will continue to be among the most powerful globalist tools used to continue destroying America. When you destroy the economy of any country, you destroy that country with it.
Logically, if history repeats itself Trump will end up conceding to Clinton.

For at least sixty years globalists inside and outside of America have successfully put presidents into office who promoted globalism, not Americanism.
Clinton is no exception to this and neither is Kaine.


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