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Why Florida Is Being Hard Hit By Zika

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - I just go a phone call from my granddaughter in Florida, north of Miami

She is telling me that her town is overrun with Venezuelan refugees.  She said there are tents on the beach and tents in parks.  

Dominique is worried about contracting Malaria and Zika from them.  No one is reporting on this...why?

I told my granddaughter that she needs to stay indoors and keep screens on the windows and doors.

She said the refugees seem to have money as she sees them in grocery stores and other shopping places.  She also said they are coughing a lot and look sick.  My guess is TB, Malaria and Zika.  I wonder if many know about the influx of Venezuelan refugees to Florida.  Also, some Venezuelans tried to get into Brazil and Guyana and Colombia but those countries deported them home.

Why is the US taking them?  My daughter had just arrived home but her boyfriend said that the refugees have been coming all summer long.  There is talk that many are sick and went to hospital.  Malaria, Zika and TB I'll bet.  Now we will hear of Malaria and TB outbreaks in South Florida.  

I will let you know more when I get more info from her. I just cannot believe that the US is allowing these refugees to come here and no one is doing any medical screening.  So, look for more outbreaks in Florida.

Now you know the rest of the story.  Zika = illegals and refugees.  Zika does not = white Americans traveling on vacation.  No one will talk about the simple FACT that Zika is here PRIMARILY because of INFECTED illegal aliens, many of whom fly out of the country to visit family and friends, get bitten and become infected, and then fly right back to their big cash cow…the USA.



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