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Why Do 'Light' Aspartame Drinks Make You Fat?

 (Translated From French)

 By Johanna Hébert
 From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum


A recent study shows why so-called "light" sodas do not make you lose weight. On the contrary. In question: Sweeteners, incorporated in these drinks to replace sugar.


Why do "light" aspartame drinks make you fat?

 Drinking a "light" drink, if it can give us a good conscience, does not keep us on the line. Conversely, a study recently published by  Obesity Facts  (a review of the European Association for the Study of Obesity) shows that the consumption of this type of drink can lead to overweight, or even obesity.

Marketing Argument, No Health

Brands that market this kind of drinks play on a scientifically proven fact: sugar makes you fat. By proposing sugar-free sodas, the consumer is necessarily saying that it is good for his health. It's wrong.

 First, because sugar is replaced by sweeteners. Aspartame, sucralose, or others. And it's more caloric. An average of 114 kilocalories per drink per day for lean drinkers, according to researchers in the study.

 Even More Like Sugar

 Another hypothesis put forward by researchers is that sweeteners increase the feeling of hunger. The consumer would therefore crave more sugar or fat by consuming "light" drinks. He would nibble more.

 The microbiota, or the intestinal flora, would also be disturbed by these sodas. Consequence: Diabetes would be favored and would appear more easily than with normal sugar consumption.

 Public health Issue

 Behind all this, of course, is a public health issue, in our time when overweight and obesity are increasing. In France, the deputies adopted this autumn a new version of  the "tax soda" , intended to reduce the sugar level in drinks.

 But also the rate of sweeteners. The manufacturers will therefore pay a tax based on the added sugars that their drinks contain.