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Why Did FBI And Metro Hide The Fact That
An Officer Fired His Weapon At Least
Once In Paddock's Suite?

By Jeff Rense


Las Vegas Cop 'Accidentally' Fired His Gun In Paddock's Suite!

The (unidentified) officer's gun 'ACCIDENTALLY' fires off "one or MORE times" in Paddock's suite and Metro hides this for a month?  From the newspaper story...

"...the round or rounds were not fired in the same room where gunman Stephen Paddock was found dead"

Oh? And why should we believe that?  So the cop fired 'a round or rounds' in the adjoining room of the suite?

One thing about the photo that has never fit right are the TWO different pools of blood above Paddock's head. Look at them.   This is synthetic carpeting and is not going to be very absorbent to liquids.  It would take time for blood to dissipate at is has in the photo.

There is clearly an OLDER pool to the right of the fresh pool of blood in the picture. The EARLIER pool is pretty much just a stain by the time the photo was taken.  It's almost GONE except for the stain.

Then there is the Brand New fresh, large, deep POOL to the left.  That is a NEW bleed out.

I have always seen two DIFFERENT bleed times and events.

Suppose the person or persons who executed Paddock, arranged his body, placed the props, and then ran out asap because of the Campos 'interruption'.  They would have assumed Paddock was dead.    Suppose he wasn't.

Suppose Paddock was STILL ALIVE and breathing shallowly and moaning slightly when the cops entered.


Did the cops (and FBI?) find him laying there slightly moaning and still alive?

What if one of the cops or FBI agents fired off another "round or two" into Paddocks original 'suicide' wound to make SURE he was dead?

That would account for the 'round or rounds' fired from an officer's gun that Lombardo admitted today, a full month LATE.   A second shot through the mouth to the still barely alive Stephen Paddock would account for the second, newer pool of blood.

There is ALSO blood on his shirt below the buttons with a trail of splatter up to his right shoulder area.    See for yourself…

And who moved the 'suicide' handgun out of the newer pool of blood and placed it over three feet above Paddock's head, leaving a clear trail of blood drops on the carpet in doing so?