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Who Will Live & Who Will Die

By Jim Kirwan

This has been coming since 5-10-05

Defeated over and over and over again, only to be

Finally enacted now, to finally capture all of us

Thanks to the traitor Chuck Schumer,

Zionist Extraordinaire!

Chucky Schumer finally got his way. The long hated National I.D. Card lurks at the very center of his immigration bill. It all looks so innocent; Big Brother simply wants to crack down on undocumented workers.

Our plan, just to be quick does four things. First of all close the border. Make sure that’s shut! Second make sure that there is a non-forgeable document so that employer’s can tell who is legal and who is illegal. And once they hire someone who is illegal throw the book at them. Third on legal immigration; let in the people we need whether they be engineers, foreign, or people to pick the crops. And fourth a path to citizenship that’s fair…

But by Schumer requiring businesses to use a national data base, for that’s what’s in the bill to criminalize employers, ‘through a non-forgeable document’ and letting even more immigrants in to take American jobs ­ the crackdown is ultimately coming down on you—the natural born citizen!

Besides giving away our jobs to foreigners; Chuckey’s bill gives Homeland Security a so-called photo tool that matches identity documents to a photo stored by a US citizenship and immigrant database, monitored by Homeland Security.

Now Obama like Schumer wants to implement a national system: But we who know better, know that it’s a biometric police state in disguise.

Obama) ‘First I believe we need to stay focused on enforcement. That means that we need to strengthen security at our borders. It means we need to crack down more forcefully on businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers. So we need to implement a national system that allows businesses to quickly and accurately verify someone’s employment status.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re legal or illegal, citizen or alien, we’re all now branded-babies as Ronald Reagan once characterized the results of a national ID card ­ the results of which would amalgamate imbedded names, ages, social security numbers, and biometric photographs of individuals, connected to their driver’s licenses or other state-issued photo-ID’s.

But mission-creep is in the cards. ~ Ever since 2010 Schumer has been calling for a bio-metric social-security card. Now Chuckey’s biometrics rears its dark and sinister head in Homeland Security’s photo-sensitive tool. Iris scans, facial scans, palm prints, gate and voice recordings, medical records, traffic tickets, criminal records, scars and tattoos all stored in a national data base which every cop on every block can tap into!

You’re gonna need Chuck Schumer’s permission to work, to fly, to drive, and if mission creep has its way, and it always does, to get on a bus, to own a car, to open a bank account: And even as a book of the revelation warns—to buy or to sell. And for all you collage grads with advanced degrees, Schumer and friends are favoring foreign workers over you: And handing out even more H1B Visas.

President Obama has given his support to a plan worked out by a bi-partisan group of eight senators that would shift the immigration system towards those who can contribute to the economy. Let’s take a look at some of the winners and the losers.

Among the biggest winners is Silicon Valley. The high tech industry would get 110 thousand visas for hiring high skilled workers, nearly twice as many as it gets now. This would give tech workers from China and India a big boost; they would also get higher wages under the law. Defense contractors could also win big. The law would provide 3 billion dollars in new money for drones, aircraft and other surveillance. Academic stars would also come out ahead. The law would remove caps entirely for some highly educated immigrants.

Working or starving, buying or surrendering, selling or begging ­ that’s what the Anti-Christ is all about! Complete with identity implants planted in your wrist or forehead ­ if you refuse you don’t eat and you don’t work!

How ironic that that National ID card where everything you do is granted or denied by Big Brother is brought to us by yet another Jew, Chucky Schumer. For it will be the ultimate Jew, the anti- Christ himself who will decide; who will live and who will die!” (1)

Who are these Jews that have become so powerful inside this country? Are they really unstoppable? And just what is Israel?

Israel is the world leader in the black-market sales of human body-parts and human-organs, worldwide. They have recently become famous for taking organs from refugees fleeing the war in Syria, only to forcefully remove living organs from the refugees who they then let die on the hospital floors before shipping the remains of the corpses back to the country of origin from which the now dead bodies came.

Israel is home to the international slave trade which they created by owning the slave ships that first supplied America. They moved on to become the dominant dealer in sex-slaves and human-trafficking around the world. They also handle the majority of black-market drugs, not to mention arms and high-tech weaponry trading, and they lead the planet on the theft of secret weapons systems and computer crimes in many other areas of global-espionage. And of course they have owned the USA since shortly after JFK was murdered.

Israel has no economy of its own: For that they depend on what they can blackmail us into giving them. They provide the world with nothing but criminal-enterprises, global-theft, hatred on the widest possible scale and they are rabid-barbarians when one looks at how they treat anyone that falls into their parasitical grasp, from which there is no escape… There is also this aspect to Israel as a people. (2)

Over time Israel has been the leader, behind the scenes for the movement of Blacks, Women’s liberation, and any number of the people that haven’t had the ear of the general population at large. The groups they’ve headed since the founding of those groups are now household names, but what Israel did within each group has led to deeper problems in every case, than the freedom they supposedly came on board to secure for the members of each dissident group.

On top of all of this there is the direction that Israel is now thinking about going with their leadership of the gay-community inside America. If Israel is allowed to finish her agenda, there will no longer be any Christianity, any compassion for others, and absolutely total war will break out between every faction from which this nation was once built upon.

Pete Hamill talked about some of this in his1994 article called Endgame in Esquire Magazine. (3)

Here’s what I surmised that could possibly be the next target in Israel’s War to split this nation into gay-straight factions, given what they have been routinely doing to divide the nation so far. Scroll down to the closing argument… (4)



And Israel has been openly governing this country

Since September 11, 2001

1) National ID Lurks in Immigration Bill - 5 min 07 sec VIDEO

2) Reducing This Society to Rubble

3) Endgame ­ Revisited

4) The Darkest Secret





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