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Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?

By Jim Kirwan


To understand where the roots of “journalism' came from, we have to go back to the Fourteenth Century. That was the time of traveling tinkers & minstrels. These were wandering musicians that made up songs from the events of the day, and brought them as “news” to the various places they journeyed to: To the extent of the interest level in the “news” they brought, from North, East, West & South the (NEWS), They were responsible for the degree of knowledge which they spread and that's where we got the need to want to know more about everything beyond the physical-borders of our individual lives.

The substance in “the 5 W's and the H” thus became the growing global basis for what we call the “Journalism” of today.


Only now everything we “know” is always based on lies.

In fact the whole point of “Journalism today. is just how to frame the lies.

When was the last time that any “news story”you saw, ever contained

any of these six component parts?


Just look at the lying filth like Obama & Soros,

along with the tens of thousands of traitors that are

today's electronic-minstrels in this lawless world of wars unending?

If these age-old axioms, of news stories were applied to the questions before the public today: The creatures from previous decades would be waiting in jail for their long-overdue criminal-trials or their justly deserved deaths on virtually the entire laundry list of all their crimes that most have been guilty-of for decades.

But instead, the criminals that created the current takeover of the United States are still free, still defending themselves, because the current administration is still in power and refuses to allow themselves to be replaced by those that are needed: If Americans are ever going to get what the last election was supposed to bring about.

ERGO: the creatures not arresting the criminals, are the same outlaws that people rebelled against during the elections.

This time there' s still a totally dissatisfied population at the center of this
dispute that 's not going to continue with “business as usual”


They Are Playing With a Revolution... By Joe Six Pack


Who are the people behind the news today. What is really being done, Where is this coming from, When did we become involved in all of this. Why have we allowed this to happen: And How has it all come down to this?

And perhaps most of all How are we going to end this global-crime that has been blatantly going on since 1991 when we allowed Bush Senior to brazenly attack Iraq for no reason at all, except to cover up his connection to global drugs and weapons deals that he created when he was the head of CIA, before he became the Forty-First president of the US and after he had already attacked Panama and murdered over four thousand Panamanians in a week just to silence Manuel Norieaga?

Everything was linked to that: Including 911, that allowed (Bush-43) to continue his attacks on Iraq: Attacks that have survived through 26 years of blood-soaked uninterrupted war. In all that time there have been hundreds, maybe thousands of calls for supposed international-investigations of war-crimes, atrocities, genocide, all of which produced absolutely nothing, because no one was arrested, no nation was ever charged with ANYTHING, and this continues without charges against the US, Israel or any of the other outlaw-states' so heavily involved in the wholesale slaughter of other nations. So REGIME-CHANGES, IN NATION AFTER NATION, THAT HAVE NOT ATTACKED US continue. But we still call these illegal wars “ATTACKS upon America & Americans”, which they never were. Watch this report and total the innocent on all sides - then ask yourself:

Who, What, Where, When, Why & How” did we come to this point?

Mosul Exodus RT News - March 06, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

Or as a reader asked yesterday:

Why is Obama not in jail yet? And the Clintons? And Soros? And why has that ugly Jew witch Ginsberg not resigned yet? What is going on? Open sedition is preached in the streets and no consequences? There is no longer any law and order, it has become a flaw and odour.”

So many real questions, and so few answers because we have not demanded that people across the spectrum take to the streets to DEMAND answers from those most involved, both directly and indirectly...