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Who Speaks For America

By Jim Kirwan


Definitely not the resident in the Oval Office. Not the Nero he’s become, bowing to Jews all around the world. Nor can his predecessor Caligula given his AWOL record as an Air Force weekend pilot during the Vietnam War, or as the traitor he proved himself to be throughout the eight long years when he guided this government into the total destruction of the entire financial house of this nation, just in time for him to leave office…

Definitely not any of the members of the current cabinet, the Departments of War or State. Kerry is playing at the job of running State, but he’s hopelessly compromised on every front. During his failed run for the Tarnished House it was revealed that Kerry is actually dumber than Bush junior, so anyone can see that he isn’t qualified to run anything larger than a broom closet. Everyone else is either a Zionist or a total slave to Zion ­ not that there’s a difference!

In America today there is a sign that is not yet posted but has become common practice everywhere…


There’s Zionist Diane Feinstein who is absolutely consumed with Grabbing Guns and her passionate insistence that all vets are mentally unbalanced and can never be allowed to ever become part of this society. Pelosi Boxer and of course Waxman, and Shinseki - American-haters one and all. Schumer, Bloomberg, Lieberman, and the entire charade of the leadership of both houses ­ not to mention the lesbian based Supreme Court with Israeli leanings.

It appears that there are no others in this government except for the occasional APAC converts to Israeli Firster’s (355 so far and counting inside the 535 Club alone) - who are allowed to speak for the rest of us. There’s Joe Biden, who thinks Janet, the bull-dyke from DHS, would make a superb Supreme Court Justice? There’s the warmonger Cheney, Rummy and of course Hillary who was and still is entangled up to her eyes in the death of our gun-running Ambassador in Benghazi ­ and Nero’s efforts to cover it all up.

Hillary is also the questionable woman who’s for everything that’s un-American. She and Power and Rice are also in love with Israel, and cannot wait until they can take over everything that was once American. Of course no list would be complete without America’s limp-wristed Lindsey Graham, How pathetic is that!

How can Americans not see that the ugliest creatures in the world are now the US Government, the media, the bankers and all the members of the society-pages of the whole place that reflect clearly - it’s a Club! They run it. They own it. It’s for JEWS only and the rest of us need to be liquidated.

They have used every lever to segregate and isolate all other races, colors and religions from each other. Blacks, Browns, Reds, Whites and Yellow are all just different colors of the human trash that must be removed, regardless of the costs. Lesbians, Bi-sexuals, Gays, Transgenders and whatever other categories of sexual preferences are all against heterosexuals, and now all the other religions have been outlawed, except for Jews. Everyone who is not a Zionist has been barred from ever getting near the oh-so-precious-ones - At least that has been the case ­ till now!

Can you not see what has been happening right in front of the whole wide world? This entire government, our entire upper-crust is now totally comprised of Zionists, liars, criminals, traitors, murders, thugs, torturers and just plain filth! And despite their obvious criminality they got away with it all—because we let it happen and we paid for every last bit of this “transformation” which became:


This began in earnest

Under Nixon during our 200th Anniversary of this place,

Here’s what was happening in 1976…

"The Stars and Stripes have changed their spots: now pentagrams and bars enshrine a mockery of tongues, and courage shares the darkness with the corpse of private conscience.

Where dialogue and discourse thundered; cowardice now crawls along an overcrowded floor. Where innovation and determination came to joust; the drunken stutter of imagination, now stumbles in a headlong sprawl.

Doorway's once flung so wide in confidence are now shuttered, bugged and barred, in Terror: of the hunger in the world outside.

Renegade-wolves of violence now prowl beneath our bolted windows; while we huddle ever closer to each other ­ to be with 'like-minds' ­ while we watch 'justice' sell herself on every corner in the nightmare world outside.

We cringe and burrow ever deeper into our feather-beds of folly: while we mumble our whispered condemnations of the 'cancers' in our system-and yet we fail to see how much of all of life these poisons have consumed already.

Observe this kneeling nation, clinging to our toys of plenty, while inside we cry out, in the darkness of our dying souls; for release from all responsibility—for what has come to pass. Heedlessly we view the rape of yesterday's "requirements"

just to subsidize the plunder of tomorrow's long-dead dreams.

So many years ago when we were small, before the needles of affluence had addicted us to "more:" We flung upon the world a special kind of pride. Now arm-in-arm we go, inflated by our number-oneness with our non-existent culture, to worship in the temples we have built with perpetuated blindness. These institutions have become our monumental tribute to an omnipresent deity wherein expedience finds solace in the profit margins of the god of GNP.

Our birthday party has arrived and here we sit: bloated, bored and shapeless. We have become a headless eagle shorn of wing, whose talons glow with swollen military budgets and dripping radiated-blood: all neatly bound by fraud that looks only to corruption for protection from the growing public wrath of outrage.

Introverted now, in the litter of excess, our tarnished remnants struggle to attain the nothingness of 'middle-middle.' While we who were the actual targets of it all, begin to torment all our former mentors; while flinging bribes into the looking glass that cannot lie. Here we stumble in that darkness yet again, fumbling for credence in a world grown cynical and cold.

Numbed by scandals too numerous to name, and drunk with gorging at what was once the public trough-we seem to seek to ask . . . "Who is the fairest nation of them all?" For answer there is only silence, punctuated by the ever-present rumors of lots more wars, that echoes back from every quarter where we looked for freedom from this folly we have built.

But we are captivated by that elusive empire that no nation may possess." And because we failed to act against that traitor, Nixon's evil went on to reproduce in Ronnie's echo chamber, a yet more virulent strain of that corrupted-inner-passion, born of the phrase "to own it all!"

Which brings us all the way to now: We say we have a nation-but that's the cruelest kind of lie. Nations are founded on common ideas and common-dreams. Ours was founded on something else entirely-and that has only just now become apparent. There were many hints along the blood-drenched path we followed, but we were not inclined to notice, just how it was, that this 'golden dream' of ours could continue to yield so many unearned benefits. Benefits that were actually paid for with other people's lives. NO ­ that was "too-negative" to ever dwell upon. Instead we spoke about all the great things that this Great Nation did for others: rather than what we had already done to so many millions, billions even, in the darkness of our treasons amid the clandestine lies of the traitors that now own us…” kirwan 1976

No leaders, no ex-leaders. No thundering speakers from the halls of congress, come to praise or chastise anything, just a bunch of third rate party-hacks and some broken would-be candidates but for the last twelve years the US has been represented by American-Hating-Zionists or American-haters masquerading as Americans ­ most of whom changed their names so as not to prematurely-upset the public. That’s true for the Zionist heads of the major media and the major-private-corporations, several of which are larger than most countries. I was going to give you links but you’ll believe your own research over mine ­ so have some fun and look it up!

Oh and there’s the all-American-traitor John McCain: The stoic who still refuses to reveal his military records from the Vietnam WAR. Supposedly he was a POW, but with privileges as they say; like hot & cold running women and some very good meals ­ while the rest of the POW’s got tiger-cages. McCain has never explained how he managed to have a life-size sculpture of himself erected in Hanoi, because he was so valuable to the North Vietnamese during that war?

Ironically McCain, the uncharged traitor, just won’t shut up about what America should be doing right now: Including increasing the funding that we provide to the “rebel’s” we sent into Syria to destabilize that country ­ yet we and they managed to somehow fail, even at that. But McCain has a family-problem of his own. His daddy Admiral McCain is the traitor who covered up the attack on the USS Liberty, along with LBJ ~ more treason emanating from the oval office in the long dead past.

Lest anyone forget there are above all, the heads of all the major banks. The bankers have been at this for hundreds of years, possibly thousands, led by Rothschilds and company—worldwide. These barbarians have hated the idea of America before we even became a country of our own. (1)

And the Treasury Department plus the god-damned illegal Federal Reserve are in this up to their hideously besotted eyes that can only see money, filthy-money & more illicit-money. Even Henry Paulson of Goldman Sachs & the former Treasury head is back in town: The Zionist-hijacker who put the gun to the heads of congress to start the robbery of the entire public, (That he called a bailout) back in May of 2008.

Hey isn’t everyone who is anyone in this country a Zionist

Or a person of Jewish descent?

They tend to own or direct virtually all the businesses, corporations or government institutions no matter where you look. They own the arts, the motion picture associations, the investment world, the markets the communications-companies worldwide, not to mention big pharma, probably agribusiness as well. There don’t appear to be many real Judaic-religious-followers anywhere, as many of them were also evicted from Israel who now only allows Zionists to be first class citizens. Christians & Muslims were recently evicted from the Promised Land which has become an Apartheid State in every sense. But not-to-worry there are hundreds of thousands of blood-sucking Kazars that replaced the religious Jews; which Netanyahu believes should be enough to smash anything that today’s American’s might ever even dream of doing: Now that ISRAEL- SPEAKS for the entire Jewnited States.

That’s a short list of who does NOT speak for America

So who will speak for America,

In this, perhaps her hour of greatest need?

Since most Americans can no longer functionally read, never mind write anything beyond a shopping list ­ it looks as if Americans will have to begin speaking with their feet since they seem to have lost most of everything else that might have been used to express displeasure. But do not underestimate the Rage

and the Outrage that lingers just beneath the surface. Just over a year ago we looked like this. (2)

The time has come to revolt against the filth that clutters up the television screens in far too many places. Shut off the tube that screams at you 24-7. Learn to listen to the world around you. Do some research, but above all start talking ‘with people’ again—face to face and in person. You’d be amazed how many have lost the knack for even simple conversation. You’ll very soon need to know those who share this problem with the rest of us ­ because America is about to rise in a whole new way - as only we can!

1) FLASHBACK: All Wars Are Bankers Wars ­ 44minute VIDEO

2) Rage & Outrage are Waiting

The 8min 40 sec VIDEO:



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