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Who Owns the World



By Jim Kirwan


The battle over global ownership of everything from the water, the uranium, the lithium and the gold goes far beyond the land itself: But in the United States the above illustrates how much of America has already been stolen.

Perhaps this disproportionate current ownership of the lands, in keeping with the Wildlands Project, can help to explain why so few people in the rest of the country have refused to act against this massively criminal movement—because the rest of the nation has not yet been directly threatened—as can easily be seen above?

It's not just about the Standoff... Land Restriction under Agenda 21 is

Sparking a Land Rights Revolution ­ Here's Why

While Oregon Standoff was Center Stage

BLM was burning Ranchers off their land

Mafia BLM Burns Rancher Property and Cows to Show They Own This Joint ­ 10 minute video

In reality the entire planet is under siege from the same corporations that already own all the contending forces. In the Middle East ISIS has just come up with a new battle-flag that clearly shows who owns them: HINT. It's the same outlaws that own everything else from all the banks and the money to every man woman and child in this country ­ We know them as U.S. Incorporated and their symbol is also the same GOLD FRINGE our troops wear on their uniforms ­ now ISIS is showing the world the truth: Americans should pay attention!

In the United States Oregon is already gone. Because no one is willing to hold anyone in the corporate-government responsible for what has been done to the Hammonds or to LaVoy Finicum and the dozen or so people that were ambushed, captured and put in isolation, without being charged with any valid crimes. The remaining four, on the Refuge, are still waiting to be arrested or murdered ­ while nothing is being done about any of the blatantly-criminal acts that continue. In fact, at the moment they are actually increasing the burning of the lands and the cattle, the taking of the water and roads—yet no one that matters has stood up to them, in any meaningful way...

Oregon is Gone!

In Oregon the so-called “letter of the Law” has been used and abused to death, while the completely criminal Department of Just-Us along with Eric Holder have gotten off Scott-free, yet no one seems to have even noticed, because those being locked up or detained are not 'their sort of people'. If hypocrisy is allowed to win this time, all those states in the West will very soon go the way of Oregon. This has been the case since Ashcroft & Bush Jr. and we've never even looked back,, even once...

Please read the articles and watch the videos above, then do something

to at least indicate that you're not completely dead ­ yet!

Want more proof that you're on the road to total slavery?

Many Americans, including city employees, will no doubt be surprised to learn that the city considers them biased for merely mentioning ordinary words and phrases like ‘the common man,’ ‘mankind,’ ‘manmade’ and ‘man up,’ to name a few of the manual’s parade of horribles,” McReynolds wrote.

Even more concerning is the manual’s promotion of style over substance, to the point that employees are encouraged to omit or alter relevant research, based on subjective interpretations as to whether it includes biased or non-inclusive language.”

San Diego now banishes 'Founding Fathers'






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