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Who Is Charlie?

By Jim Kirwan


Source: Inge Etzbach

In a world gone mad with fake notoriety and momentary ‘fame’ the most recent race to meet global deadlines, actually borders on pure-obscenity.

The rich and famous have never had trouble finding cameras or microphones to follow their every reflection on their own ever shifting passions: But the world is now being torn between the realities that are never covered and whatever is taking place in-between the competing false-flag-events, as they each unfold, among the falling nations that are literally dying in our midst.

Palestine (above) is one of the oldest examples of this continuing charade that we used to call “Wagging the Dog”.

But the world has moved on to the point where even global politics is now passé: Now that the privileged embrace their obscenities in ways that attempt to ennoble the “fashionable causes” that always get the attention of the dilatants - who are waiting in the klieg lights at the very edge of tarnished global notoriety.

This current variation might avoid the crass connections to global politics momentarily; but in the end everything about geo-politics has always been cut from the same blood-stained rags: Unless it’s part of yet another false-flag where “the murdered” fail to bleed, or the dead somehow vanish after their part in the story has been “covered”?

What’s really amazing is that no one is responsible for all the left-over-questions, because no one wants to answer any of the really glaring questions: Not while there’s still another false but “breaking story” ­ a “story” that never seems to be conclusive?

This side-show continues to draw crowds because all the laws, all the norms and all that passes for substance in the global-society has been leached into banality du jour: Along with every aspect that once respected order and balance in whatever this place has now become.

The symbols behind all of this have become supreme, even though there is nothing at all behind any of them. This is a global-masquerade made possible by the total destruction of everything we used to call “news” along with what we no longer do anything about: Between the “demonstrations”, that are totally ignored, versus the charges that are never filed against any of those that have been driving everything from global-finances to global-policies and global-wars that have been killing society-worldwide for the last fifty years. We have reached that place where nothing really matters; because when everything matters equally, then there is no longer any need “to do anything” because everything is of equal and passing weight.

We’ve lost the ability to tell the difference between televised “security” and real threats just as we can no longer differentiate between what we cannot live without and what the CORPORATE POLICE-STATE demands from every one of us.

Media Failures ­ Cross Talk

The demonization of every topic which offends the owners of the global-media, in the West, has replaced actual news stories worldwide.

The interlocking boards of directors, carried out by having the same creatures who run the global-armaments business, the war machine and the global-media, the bulk of the film industry as well as publications and television are now all directly linked. Add in the mercenary organizations who now provide the corporate-police-state-thugs who have taken over from all the police and the court systems, multiplied out through every law-enforcement agency throughout the U.S. ­ And this completes the total criminal control over the West throughout every aspect of what used to be casually called “society”.

Hypocrisy and lies have replaced, truth and evidence in virtually every current day event that is “reported”. “Global Media” has become parrot-food for mockery of the truth wherever any facts or ‘truth’ might threaten to overturn any of our criminal polices regardless of which place upon the earth that such things might occur.

Against this backdrop “Charlie” is just one more obscenity that is totally skewed from the cartoonists to the demonstrators, because without integrity or respect nothing that is said or drawn can matter much at all.

It is beyond clear that the U.S. no longer a two party system. In fact politics as defined by any early form of that term no longer exists. Everything in this place is for sale to the highest bidder ­ especially whenever any “election anywhere” is involved. In fact this was all made legal by the U.S. Supreme Court that now allows private corporations to spend any amount of money, in any election, because otherwise the corporations would have their “free-speech rights” interfered with…

American Media is nothing more than the dully licensed mouthpiece for the totally owned and controlled powers that have taken absolute control over the entire population of the old United States. ‘This new version of USSA’s government, controls everything here. from the corporations to the banks and especially the congressional military industrial complex.’

As Karl Rove was fond of saying “We Create our own reality”, and that statement has become more deadly with every passing day since he voiced those words in 2003.

Seven corporations are in control of mainstream media and on the boards of those corporations you have people who share board positions with CBS, Westinghouse, New York Times, Carlyle Group Disney Group, Boeing and so-forth and so you have people sitting on the boards of major industrial companies and also the main media companies ­ and those are the same companies that manufacture Tomahawk missiles, AWACS places, Stealth bombers, B-52 bombers so it is no surprise that in the run-up to a war, or to sell a war, that these media companies are very much on point…”

And on the other side of all of this the Corporate Police State that is currently murdering Americans at a phenomenal rate, are the same creatures responsible for “protecting the government and the corporations from the public that disapproves of what is becoming intolerable for the entirety of the so-called New Millennium.

It is to this end that the Amerikan sellout’s playing the role of media parrots, instead of journalists, are serving to further enslave the public to the criminally obscene wars that are still growing with every passing month…

There’s much more at the link, to this Cross Talk video, but the thrust of all of this is that the public needs to take back the airwaves that actually belong to us. But of course every single thing that we MUST do to fix this, is being blocked at each and every turn by the same traitors throughout the government who work for the same fake-agencies that were created to keep us from getting into these Gordian knots of politics from the beginning!

If we are ever to free ourselves we must speak directly to the government in the only language that this government understands: Because if we don’t start speaking the same language to our oppressors, from the majority of the people, then we’re not long for this world, nor should we be.

Freedom is our birthright, but unless we’re willing to fight and possibly die for it, then Liberty, in that classical sense, will desert us utterly in the end: Because as everyone who was ever free knows well: Freedom is not free and never has been!


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