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Shimatsu - Whodunit? The Hows And Why
Of The 911 WTC Demolition

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

On this grim 20th anniversary,  I break my long silence on 911 during the extended research on the motivating factors that caused the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, from the religious rationale and financial interests involved in that operation to with the methods and technologies used for the demolition of  the twin towers along with aircraft guidance system used to divert public attention away from the rigging of explosives inside the WTC complex. Examined here, based on  that evidence gathering, are the roles of the intelligence services of Britain, Israel, major OPEC powers and Clinton-loyalists in the CIA, basically the globalist Petrodollar elite, who were behind the clandestine operation.

Most important of all, this essay examines the underlying motivation behind the WTC affair, which arose in response to President Bill Clinton's grossly unethical alliances and betrayals of his jihadist allies and their wealthy Arab paymasters. Under British intelligence influence, the post-911 Truther movement has put the blame solely on the Bush-Cheney White House, which facts show clearly did not plan and mount the 911 operation but were guilty in other ways of exploiting the WTC event to justify their hokey parochial ambitions of dominating the world's energy sources, which they bungled badly, as seen recently in the panicked pullout of Afghanistan.

My insider sources, several of them attached with major intelligence agencies, are based in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, the Arabian Peninsula, Bangkok and Beijing, along with London and Washington D.C. I realize that it's a slog for you the reader to wade through this detailed presentation, which still has potholes to fill, but this is not a mere rehash of ancient history since  the WTC event continues to be relevant in the present aftermath of the War on Terror, Arab Spring and the Syria morass, along with those radical Muslim arson attacks in American cities during the Black Lives Matter mayhem. At this moment, when Islamist immigrants, legal and otherwise,  pour into the USA in the wake of Biden's Afghanistan defeat, more terrorist operations will be mounted inside this country, and so the motive and methods used in the 911 operation could help save your community from arson and  indeed help protect the lives of your family and neighbors.  As that old saw goes, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Lethal shock to the American psyche

The demolition of the World  Trade Center exposed the gullibility of the American public to cable television propaganda and print media dishonesty. On September 11, 2001, the American television audience was buffalo jumped over the cliff edge into previously unthinkable depths of psychological depression and existential anxiety. The 911 drama overwhelmed weak-stomached, spongy-brained viewers, stunned and dazed by the xenophobic threat out of nowhere of kamikaze jetliners, plumes of toxic smoke, tumbling bodies and a cloud of dust darkening the streets of Lower Manhattan.

Once-cynical New Yorkers fled in panic from cascading cinders, their naked fear flowing onto and out of television screens into living rooms to afflict the American public with chronic depression, queasy guts and narrowing minds eased only with meds, cannabis and booze. All but forgotten on that fatal day, and abandoned since, was the courage of our nation's forefathers who refused to accept lies and spurned false promises with fierce resistance to tyranny and cannon fire, time and again toughing out their battles for freedom. They were winners and we are losers; that must change or else.

Twenty years after that media-enhanced brutality in the Big Apple and at the Pentagon, the USA is a different country of muddled risk-averse dimwits, obedient to increasingly far-fetched commands from the rich and powerful up there somewhere above the clouds over White Sands and their henchmen inside medical clinics. The 911 events early on in George W. Bush's presidency followed by the Wall Street crash at the end of his term in the Oval Office served as definitive bookmarks for the post-911 American identity, a Netflix-mesmerized audience, game-obsessed nerds and Facebook posturing imbeciles.

Ask yourself this: Have I ever personally set foot inside the WTC? If not, why should I feel tormented and consumed by media images from the 911 terrorism yet remain emotionally unmoved by news coverage of war victims in Yemen or Gaza who suffer far worse threats to life and liberty? Our quaking fear leads directly to their miserable deaths.

As far as icons go, the World Trade Center was not some national treasure but just a pile of metal and glass worthy of the scrapyard. In the earliest days of my journalism career, I'd been inside that tinfoil monstrosity many times to deliver the latest issue of a financial magazine that went to press after I razor-cut and laid down images on sheets of photo film and soon thereafter corrected typos as the editor. The overbuilt edifice of the World Trade Center was a blight on New York City, overshadowing the old Trinity Church and Saint Paul's and projecting dominance over the Hudson riverfront.

In a town founded by the Dutch-origin Knickerbockers, the blasphemous design by Japanese architect Minoru Yamazaki, on commission by the Port Authority during hip Mayor John Lindsay's term, based on a recommendation from the de facto monarch David Rockefeller, was a visual atrocity of disproportionate scale that loomed over the city skyline, diminishing the forest of skyscrapers into concrete shrubbery.

The arabesques that soared and curved along the facade were modeled after the Grand Shrine at Mecca, the holy of holies of Islam, as if intended to alternately inflate and deflate the egos of the old-rich sheikhs of the Arabian Peninsula and ayatollahs by the Persian Gulf. Yamazaki had previously designed the Dhahran Airport located in the Saudi Arabian oil fields on commission from the Saudi Binladen construction group (Yes, contractor owned by Osama's family). Its location near Wall Street seemed to boast,  "Manhattan is the center of the Universe, not your penny-ante hovel for goat herders and carpet dealers.

The dizzying height of the twin towers triggered sufficient vertigo for my dizzy brain to crawl into a stockbroker-infested bar for a draft of Rhinegold beer before taking the subway back to the 42nd Street editorial office. In that far-gone era the notorious midtown area was a derelict hangout for pimps, hookers and drug dealers, night denizens of a bankrupted metropolis. Getting back late to stoop over the light table, I muttered, "The Big Apple would be better off if the WTC had never been built." Without looking up from his Racing Forum, the Harlem-born photo editor nodded in agreement, "Ain't it a great symbol for a city in default? Say, what are you doing for the Bicentennial? Want to go to the track?"

In those dark times for New York City, nearing the demise of the American school of abstract art, I could not remotely imagine then that mere architectural design might lead a quarter-century later to the horrific deaths of more than 3,000 people and trigger wars that by now, five years short of a half century, have killed and maimed a million people worldwide. It is a long stretch for secular-minded Americans to take umbrage at vandalism against symbols, for instance nobody gets too hopped up over flag-burning by crazed anarchists or liberal advocates of tolerance toppling statues of long-gone Confederate officers, since such extremist gestures are considered a symptom of misdirected infantile fanaticism, basically a tantrum by retards. Put basic religious beliefs on the bonfire, however, and you get a battle to the death, and even afterward.

Americans of western European heritage should recall that their ardent Protestant ancestors were iconoclasts who stripped Catholic churches of "idols" and melted down chalices. Religious belief is often a potent force for intolerance-based destruction of cultural images perceived as symbolizing evil. Likewise, the demand for destruction of the World Trade Center from religious leaders from more ardent Muslim regions, might have seemed archaic, out of sync with globalization. To the contrary, the WTC event was symptomatic of globalism's tendency to reduce belief systems to one's credit history, as in Protestants get a double A rating, Catholics especially from Latin America mean risk, and blacks are refused, other than for food stamps. Religion-motivated conflict in the gladiator arena of the Middle East has resulted in mob butchery; and more recently the same no dialogue, no-compromise process kindled molotov fire-bombings by Islamist radicals with the Black Lives Matter movement in downtown USA, along thousands of acres torched by  fanatical Mexican arsonists along the southern border and throughout California. Yet mainstream Americans remain deaf and blind to the rising threat of mob violence with a razor religious edge.

The loss of any sense of lawfulness is most visible in teens and younger adults who have separated out into neo-tribes based on their choice of computer games, Facebook fashion styles, and drugs of choice with meth rising.  Today, 20 years on, it's super-cool to be an angry young Muslim hothead battling valiantly against white Christian supremacy by torching Asian-owned storefronts and assaulting your local police officer, more often than not a fatherly black man. The endless global war has come home.

Since that dark day in September, the vague imprint of its ghost towers have loomed ever-larger over our horizon like the beamed-down legs of an unintelligible rogue Transformer, a sinister Decepticon  dictating its alien agenda over us puny ants, demanding to be worshiped in the stead of our own now-outdated forgiving Christ. This evil spell must be broken after all the crazed misadventures of senseless slaughter in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria. To free ourselves from this curse, the only incantation that can release the grip of 911 from our psyches is the truth about what really happened. Therefore presented here are the unthinkable facts behind the 911 Deception.

A myriad of theories leading nowhere

Whatever happened to the Truther movement? It disintegrated and collapsed under its own dead weight, their increasingly far-fetched theories unsustainable and irrelevant. Critical thinking was soon overwhelmed by speculative possibilities and wildly imaginary suggestions of EMP vaporization of the twin towers and holographic 3D images of airplanes. Hold it there, who would go to the expense of staging Lucas Studio special effects when two jetliners can perform the required task to satisfaction  with a little help from a demolition team? We all have seen on crappy TV shows how large structures including casinos and high-rise apartments have been neatly collapsed by serial blasts with conventional explosives. Boom, boom, boom down 40 stories into a cloud of dust.

As for precision flying into a skyscraper, the same radio-signal override of pilot controls was done in April 1996 to Commerce Secretary Ron Brown's jet, by the lock-on landing radar unit that diverted his jet away from the runway in Dubrovnik, Croatia to crash instead into a mountain. Another friend of the Clintons! More recently, the satellite-link radio-signal technology used to override the cockpit during hijackings was demonstrated with the so-called "disappearance" of Malaysian Air's MH370 in March 2014. Such aircraft-related technologies are by now common knowledge, and therefore what matters more is the political motivation and financial incentive behind the WTC demolition.

Elements of the 911 job have been discussed in my articles at over the past 20 years, and so on this anniversary of that Day of Deception, I summarize here some of my unreported (until now) investigative findings based on discussions with the more plausible insider sources, along with a look at the technical methods, organizational capabilities, geopolitical shifts and political motives behind the 911 operation. Some of those recent revelations include Jeffrey Epstein's contacts within the 15-mile radius of the World Trade Center, revealing the centrality of a key go-between woman executive for the Rothschilds and the MI6, who liaised wtih the Jewish owner of the WTC and the Clintons, these being the guilty felons behind the 911 mess (and not Bush and Cheney who, despite their opportunistic exploitation of that crisis, were out of the insider loop before and during the WTC job).

Jeffrey Epstein's go-to Lady Lynn Rothschild

Any FAA supervisor or aircraft controller who was not privy to the secret plan to crash jetliners into the twin towers surely assumed that the two planes were being diverted under anti-hijacking security procedures from their scheduled flight paths. After computer-signaled override of the pilot functions, the two doomed planes were put on course, in an X-crossing pattern, toward the other side of the Hudson River toward the two nearest airports, Newark International and Teterboro executive airfield, the latter north of the Meadowlands sports complex, where anti-terrorist negotiators were waiting to conduct hostage negotiations and consider the demands of the hijackers. That, at least, would have seemed the standard emergency procedure to air-traffic controllers watching their radar screens.

As in the case of the midair diversion of Malaysian Air MH370, satellite-beamed signals electronically overrode the onboard steering in the cockpits, putting the pilot's yokes into neutral. Remote steering was taken over by an external ground crew using computer commands dispatched through radio signal to geostationary satellites on down to receivers aboard the planes, basically similar to how large drones are controlled by radio signals.

This type of diversion of the affected planes to smaller out-of-the-way airfields, less conspicuous than Laguardia or Kennedy, were well understood, based on past hijackings since the early 1970s. After touchdown, special police commando teams in body armor surround the hijacked plane taking positions for boarding while paramedics and ambulances along with fire-fighting trucks are put on standby alert. Meanwhile hostage negotiators approach the jet doorway to initiate the drawn-out talks with the captors. If the demands can be met with an acceptable deal, the passengers are let off the jetliners and the hijackers are then whisked off to a special security hangar for a quick debriefing and transfer to assigned planes headed toward their destination, to be rid of them. If, however, the hostage talks are blown because the hijackers balk, the anti-terrorist teams storm the plane, tossing stun grenades at the terrorists, shouting to passengers to duck their heads forward and shooting any hijacker who raises a weapon. This sort of intervention is fairly simple and straightforward, since neither side has any illusions about what happens with negotiations break down.

Faked terrorist suicide missions

The two supposedly hijacked planes, while the out-of-the-loop Egyptian and Saudi "terrorists" were sipping courtesy cocktails, did not reach their assigned emergency landing strips because American Airlines 11, on descent toward Newark International slammed into the north tower of the World Trade  Center, and 42 minutes later United 175 being directed by wire in the opposite direction toward Teterboro, crashed (no warning?) into the WTC south tower at an angle while turning westward. Perhaps a handful of regional air traffic controllers might have assumed the twin collisions were curiously improbable accident, indeed out of the realm of possibility, but most knew to keep their mouths shut or else.  

The 911 anti-hijacking training exercise was "sabotaged" by the sponsoring intelligence agencies that had penetrated the FAA and ITA as well as airport police units, meaning the involvement of the CIA along with clandestine ops agents from its closest foreign counterparts, the MI6 and Mossad. Their assigned task was to make the deliberate destruction of the World Trade Center appear to be a terrorist operation. The so-called Saudi and Egyptian "hijackers" aboard the doomed planes were patsies necessary for the cover story of an Islamist strike against the American heartland, a most interesting narrative to be concocted and staged by the professionals with MI6 and Mossad along with a fumbling CIA. But why? I'll get to that embarrassment further on.

How could two airliners on separate flight paths, going in opposite directions, precisely hit the upper floors of either Twin Tower? Supposedly one "hijacker" on each of the four jetliners, the other two reportedly headed for Washington DC, had received "pilot training in the USA". As it turned out, they practiced on small single-engine prop planes in Florida, hardly sufficient to control a jetliner. The precision kamizake flying was too exact even for a satellite-based guidance system to score direct hits on either end of the towers, especially when one of the jets was turning.

To repeat, the answer resides in the charred mud of a mountainside in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the plane conveying Clinton's buddy and Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was diverted from touchdown by the lock-on beam of a portable ground radar unit. That successful downing 5  years prior to 911 tends to indicate that two portable landing radar units had been put in  place between on or above the 80th floors of each WTC tower to arrange the spectacular crashes, and without inflicting the slightest damage on the spaghetti strands of wiring to detonate the explosives along the WTC structural beams, which would collapse the WTC less than two hours later. How the sapper team rigged those explosives is discussed further below, after more pressing political issues in this mass-murder case.

Jeffrey Epstein's female controllers from MI6

UA175's supposed destination for emergency landing, Teterboro executive airfield in Rutherford, NJ, is conveniently located along access roads 53 and 17 to midtown Manhattan via the Lincoln Tunnel or alternatively northward connecting with Interstate 80 to the Fort Lee Bridge toward Westchester County as well as the Rockefeller Center and the UN headquarters, short quick routes for elite New Yorkers and well-connected foreign notables from Europe and MI6 agents in the Bahamas and Caymans, as seen in that first James Bond movie "Dr. No" in his meeting with his CIA contact Felix Leiter, the latter played by Jack Lord of "Hawaii Five-O".

Now why haven't most Americans, including New Yorkers and Jerseyites ever heard of that landing field, located just a football pass (alright, the longest-ever Hail Mary pass) from the Meadowlands sports complex, home field of the Jets? Because the vast majority of Americans are not important or wealthy enough to comprehend the basic necessities of globalization, the modern-day version of empire-building, which hasn't been done since Pope Alexander VI divided the planet between Portugal and Spain. A lesser reason for your blank look could be because you haven't followed my article series on the Jeffrey Epstein caper.

During World War II, a U.S. Army Air Force mechanic named John Kenneth Forester repaired and test-piloted warplanes on the landing strip for a then-major General Aircraft company. Postwar, his sheer persistence made possible to convert the aircraft test runway into a private airfield for corporate bosses and government bigwigs to fly into and out of New York City without traffic delays and away from unwanted attention. For instance, CIA chief William Donovan could leave his desk at the downtown law offices of Sullivan and Cromwell for a quick take-off to meet his colleagues with British intelligence in Bermuda or Cuban exiles in Florida preparing for the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

As the tomboy daughter of the Forester family, Lynn practically grew up at the airfield, a stone's throw from their home and since early age, as a bright light, was continuously introduced to VIPs and thus quite comfortable in the company of the rich, powerful and cynical. Her early exposure to global movers and shakers accounts for why as a business executive Lynn Forester became the personal financial and political confidante of Hillary Rodham Clinton, counselor to WTC owner Larry Silverstein, friend of Henry Kissinger, a cable-media colleague and later the wife of Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, who owned the Financial Times of London and the Economist business-intelligence group, and has lifelong friendships with several of the UK Royals.

It was Lynn Forester who groomed the low-end hustler-turned-broker Jeffrey Epstein to be a respectable investment adviser and funder of high-tech post-human agenda research, assigning one of her girlfriends from the MI6-Mossad talent pool to keep watch over the frisky lad, a British girl named Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of Pegasus scientific publishing house by the name of Robert Maxwell, a notorious Hungary-born asset of the Mossad, who had reported drowned off his yacht.  Brit fingerprints are everywhere. A minor point to note ,  Epstein parked his Boeing 727 jetliner at Teterboro airfield as a luxury conveyance for Bill Clinton and other VIPs, as well as young beauties from a Paris modeling agency owned  by Mossad agent Jean-Luc Brunel.

This short list of names explains how the outgoing and charming Lynn Forester ran a spy circus in what the Brits call "on the other side of the pond", that is here in the backwoods known as the USA, on behalf of her beloved British inner-circle who keep the Royals as house pets and the Secret Intelligence Service abbreviated to MI6. as their body guards and hit-men.

Some  two years prior to the 911 event, Lynn Forester as "Girl Friday" for billionaire telecommunications investor John Kluge, owner of Metromedia, conferred with Larry Silverstein to urge him to immediately sell the World Trade Center in all  urgency. From where did she receive the insider advice that the WTC was soon to be a distressed property, a pile of rubble?

Most likely her male admirer and suitor Evelyn Rothschild, who headed the Economist group's "economic intelligence unit", which provides ahead-of-curve tipoffs to the MI6, the British royals and their lackeys, just as the Rothschilds have done since Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. The British and French branches of that plutocratic Jewish dynasty, through their majority shares holdings in Shell oil and BP (British Petroleum) were/are intricately connected with the leading oil sheikhs of the Arabian Peninsula, strict Wahhabites who were well aware of the stern demands from their highest religious authorities, especially when house-training the reckless upstart Americans about the inviolability of Islamic houses of worship.

Larry Silverstein, the "crazy as a fox" property developer who could care the less about the petrodollar system or the lives of goyem filth, those working stiffs inside the towers, rejected Lynn Forester's "sell" call, because he realized that the WTC was worth a lot more demolished than standing. So instead of selling off that doomed property, he did the exact opposite of raising his stakes by increasing the premium on his insurance policy. When the towers went down, billionaire Silverstein instantly became a multi-billionaire. What about collateral damage? Who cares about office staff? They can be hired and fired (a bad pun).  Therefore, it can be surmised that the person who quietly phoned his fellow Jews advising them not to go to work at the WTC on September 11 was the responsibility-minded Rothschild at Lady Lynn's request and not Silverstein, a Yid schmuck if ever was.

How a demolition crew collapsed the towers

So the question remains how were the portable landing radar units smuggled into the WTC towers without security guards noticing or registering delivery of the suspicious equipment? How could equipment delivery up the main service elevators not be recorded by security cameras and listed at the reception desk? And, for that matter, how did the demolition squad bring down both towers like a house of cards?

The key to unraveling the mystery is on the calendar. Labor Day is on the first Monday of September, allowing for a three-day break. In 2001, the holiday came early, on September 3, eight days prior to the WTC attacks. As its name suggests, it is a holiday for working people, especially grunt blue-collar workers. Yet on the first weekend of September, passersby along Chambers Street opposite the World Trade Center complex noticed the day and night noise of heavy equipment, welding sparks and shouting inside the Manhattan Borough Community College, part of the CUNY system,, which was closed since summer 2000 period for renovation of its student dormitories. Indeed, interior work had been suspended for nearly two months by the time of 911. The major funder of that branch college was Miles Fiterman, a Jewish businessman invested in the pre-fab wooden homes business in Minnesota, the ancient home of the all-Jewish Purple Gang, which did the Saint Valentine's massacre. Connections, connections.

A look at a pre-911 map of Lower Manhattan shows the Manhattan college building's location to be at 199 Chambers Street, just across that lane from World Trade Center's WTC 7, a data-and-analysis center for the CIA and U.S. Treasury operation tracking terrorist funding, money-laundering and payments.  Part of the WTC assignment was to take out that database, on behalf of the Petrodollar elite's confidentiality and to cover-up the fact that the 911 hijackers were not big fish in the terrorist pool, not even minnows.

It so happened that an AT&T service tunnel, wide enough for service equipment vehicles, is/was directly under the street, with access doorways to underground passages accessible from either side, Manhattan college and World Trade Center 7. Therefore, over the three-day Labor Day holiday, it was feasible to move tons of equipment, including radar units and demolition explosives unnoticed, into the underground labyrinth below ground of the  WTC, which were even more undercover if the sapper crew wore uniforms with AT&T logos and fake ID cards.

Several tunnels were stacked directly beneath the two towers, which each had service elevators and emergency small steel-cage lifts for repairing telephone lines and other repair jobs in case of elevator failure. There's nothing improbablye about this layout, when similar break-in operations have been the stock-in-trade of the Tom Cruise "Mission Impossible" series.

Many of the Truther movement participants have pointed out that a jetliner built of aluminum struts cannot topple a steel-girder skyscraper. That is correct. Indeed office workers inside the Fuji Bank office on the 81st floor of the south tower actually watched United175 approach at a tilt angle and the right-side wing slice through the hollow thin-metal floor beams and struts. An emergency crew led the stunned occupants down the dark staircase for their escape to safety without immediate threat from smoke, fire or falling metal. The upper part of the building did not collapse from the airplane impact or even get crushed down by a few inches, since the girders held, meaning that the impact of light-metal frame planes could not have brought down the WTC towers.

The television video footage of the collapsing towers, dropping floor upon floor from the top downward, are exactly like the film footage of demolition of skyscrapers, hotels and stadiums by serial detonation of explosive charges down along the main support columns. The professionally experienced demolition workers, operating out the Manhattan borough  college, knew exactly how to take down a tall structure. Since there are less than 100 such building-demolition professionals capable of leading a crew, government investigators must have been ordered not to pursue any leads in the USA, Canada, London or Europe.

After triggering the chain of explosive charges with a cell phone signal, the electric meters were removed from the college to eliminate evidence of energy use, that is work going on prior to the WTC attack, and then the demolition crew evacuated, probably across the Hudson Tunnel into New Jersey. To be sure that all traces of their covert operation were eliminated, some of the explosive charges inside WTC 7 were positioned so that its outer wall would collapse onto the college, crushing any traces of work activity. Mission Possible strikes again.

Bush and Cheney under threat

White House sources at the time mentioned that George W. Bush, still in the eighth month of his presidency, was totally freaked out by the news from New York and reports that a pair of hijacked planes were heading toward Washington D.C. Cheney took control of the phones, and somewhere during that chaotic confusion received the message to accept whatever terms were on the Oval Office table or kiss your entry pass goodbye.

Cheney must have caved, because United Flight 93, also piloted by  satellite signals, failed to make the southward turn toward the capital and was ditched on a Pennsylvania field or, as the sparse evidence on the ground suggests, simply parked at a private airport. Supposedly aboard UA93, at least according to the spooky CIA-influenced CNN, the main voice in the plane was a woman speaking on a cell phone to a friend on the ground, supposedly, supposed because she was not aboard but simply acting a voice role. Several years later, the same ghost passenger was detained crossing  the Polish-Lithuanian for using the passport of a deceased person. Indeed, it was the same woman, alive and well. Sorry that I can't recall her name, which has been scrubbed from the Web. The various media productions about UA93 were then pulled or reedited without her rousing account of passengers wrestling with the terrorists.

As for the Flight 77, that shrunk to the size of a cruise missile by the Pentagon, the details have been so sketchy and the photos inconclusive enough to suggest nothing harmful happened and the death count was used to cover battlefield casualties that could not otherwise be reported due the secrecy of those covert operations. It's standard procedure to add the "missing in action" to such fatal disasters.

The major motive behind 911

All the grievances that led to  the destruction of the WTC were perpetrated during the presidential term of the Democrat Bill Clinton, even though 911 is usually associated with his nationalistic Republican successor George W. Bush and vice president Dick Cheney. The destruction of the twin towers had everything to do with geopolitical policy shifts committed during the globalist Clinton's White House term.

The liberal news media and their leftist mouthpieces, by contrast, have cast the blame on Bush and Cheney like a mantra. 911 was a globalist event planned by the major Western bankers to appease their Muslim petrodollar partners for Clinton's fumbling of foreign policy reversals, from his idiotic Black Hawk Down invasion of Somalia to firing cruise missiles into Afghanistan. Another major grievance was the Clinton CIA's betrayal of the Chechnya uprising against Yeltsin-era Russia by his specifically turning over the satellite phone numbers of Oskar Dudayev, military chief of the Chechen rebels, and of Osama bin Laden, who was in the Caucasus region for logistical support for the multi-ethnic Islamic brigades fighting the Russian Interior Ministry troops and Spetsnaz sharpshooters. Bullet in the Back Bill is how he should be remembered.

Clinton turned against his Arab and jihadist allies due to irresistible financial and political pressure from Lord Jacob Rothschild (the son of grandmaster Victor) who was desirous of gaining control over post-Soviet Russian assets from precious metal mines to Siberian oil fields. (Jacob was the head of the British Rothschilds whereas Sir Evelyn is part of the France-based dynasty.)

Bill's mentor since his Oxford days, Jacob financed his visit to the International Youth Festival, sponsored by the Soviet Communist Youth League. The British Rothschilds have been enthusiastic supporters of Marxist movements, as disclosed in Christopher Isherwood's "Goodbye to Berlin".  The Rothschilds, "cousins" of the Dutch Jewish ancestry Rockefellers, were close enough by ethnicity to Billy boy to ruin his career with a single expose in The New York Times. Clinton has been more than a friend to the Jewish banking dynasty, as a blood cousin of sorts, since his birth father was Winthrop Rockefeller, the governor of Arkansas who had a notorious dalliance with a local prostitute. Bill's wife, Hillary Rodman, has an even more direct Jewish bloodline, being the biological child of Henry Crown, the gangland financier behind Al Capone during Prohibition and founder of the most corrupt defense contractor ever, General Dynamics, whose nuclear submarine construction contracts were initiated by the Jewish Admiral Hyman Rickover. Navy captain Jimmy Carter rose to prominence as Rickover's aide in charge of monitoring Canadian uranium-enrichment for the sub fleet. As the Kate Beckinsale movie series "Underworld", it's all in the family.

Incident at Mecca

The main screw-up by Clinton that directly brought on the 911 events involved the 1996 bombing of the Khobar barracks in Dhahran, by the Saudi oilfields along the Persian Gulf. (The more recent Yemeni Houti obsession with incendiary rocket attacks there could shed light on the earlier Dhahran events.) In thanks to the U.S. commitment to anti-terrorism duty at Dhahran to protect the Petrodollar system, 18 American USAF airmens were invited as honored guests for a tour of the holy city of Mecca.

Unfortunately, the Yanks were thirsty for beer after months of dry duty and managed to slip into a foreigner compound, where they got snockered. On the following morning, still drunk as skunks, the American bumpkins got rowdy, flinging anti-Muslim insults and then tried to storm the gates of the Grand Shrine, the holiest center of Islam, where entry is forbidden for non-believers. Uniformed guards, all Pakistanis, tried to block and push back the illegal intrusion, but the Americans punched several guards and broke past the cordon, shouting obscenities. Back-up guards raised their automatic weapons, killing all 18 oafish airboys, ending one of the stupidest follies in world history.  Just imagine a similar inebriated riot at the gates of the Vatican or Westminster Cathedral.

The palpable outrage throughout the holy city forced leading Islamic scholars to convene a summit to decide an appropriate response to the uncalled-for violation. As it turned out a senior Sufi elder, who had visited the United States for a long spell, suggested an appropriate gesture of contrition for Americans was to destroy that crass blasphemy, indeed Satanic mockery of Islam, the gigantic replica of the Grand Shrine of Mecca on the Hudson. The scholars voted unanimously that the destruction of the World Trade Center, an idolatrous affront to God and morality, was a sufficient act of remorse, without any demand for bloodshed.

The Clinton administration received this fatwa as a farce out of nowhere, and CIA insiders scoffed at the temerity of louse-ridden camel jockeys making such ridiculous demands on a superpower. As a result of our own cultural insensitivity and imperial arrogance, more than 3,000 people mostly Americans were killed on 911, and it is entirely the fault of Bill Clinton and his CIA and State Department nitwits. His executive failure to demolish a couple of cleared office towers  meant that covert-operations specialists connected with the MI6 and Mossad, reluctantly had to do the unthinkable on September 11, 2001, to appease the OPEC allies and avert a worse scenario of a united and determined worldwide jihad against the West.

Thus, Lynn Forester Rothschild was entirely correct to convey the message to Silverstein to sell off the World Trade Center to unnamed wealthy Arabs, who then could do whatever they desired with that gargantuan symbol of architectural bad taste. Where did she get wind of the coming attacks in event the building was not voluntarily felled? I cannot be certain, but one  of my sources in Pakistan suggested that the concerned warning probably came from Jemima Goldsmith, the daughter of the London Jewish tycoon Sir James Goldsmith who had wed the captain of the world champion cricket team and current Pakistani prime minister, Imran Khan.

Unfortunately, Silverstein had an unholy affection for his Golem and could not bear to part with the WTC and cashed in on its destruction through insurance fraud, after being given the early-on sell advice from Lynn Forester.  Oh, well, American Jewry are nowhere near as classy as their Brit cousins.

Another factor in the Islamist council's choice of the WTC was the arrest and trial of the hot-headed Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, who ran a mosque in New Jersey, and was one of the first Muslims to detect the resemblance of its facade to the Grand Shrine at Mecca. That got the ball rolling, and it gained speed after the airmen's riot at Mecca.

Following Clinton's departure from the White House after doing zero to appease his powerful Muslim allies, tempers  reached a boiling and well could have proved harmful to American oil workers across the Middle East along with a handful of curious tourists in the Islamic Brotherhood strongholds in Egypt. Therefore the more sensible and better-connected oil sheikhs mentioned this ulcerous grievance to their Western counterparts in the global energy trade, namely the Rothschilds, who certainly would understand the need for reciprocity, and contacted their American colleagues, the Rockefellers of Standard Oil. Thus, the plans for the WTC job was assigned to the masters of clandestine ops and their contractors.

As explained in both the Judeo-Christian-Muslim and Buddhist traditions, personal attachment to things, greed, is the seed of sin, and when watered with sweat and tears results in bloodshed. The 911 events should never have happened, and now two decades after we mourned not just the 3,000 victims of Clinton's self-inflicted disaster but also the folly of Bush and Cheney of using the WTC as the pretext for unstoppable pretext for senseless invasions of Afghanistan and Iran, and then Barack Obamafor the bloodshed in Yemen and Syria. What have we learned over the past 20 years? Next to nothing, or maybe nothing at all.

Returning the USA to sanity

Bludgeoned into catatonic numbness by 911, a dazed American citizenry's psychological disorder has been further worsened with the "cures" of bailouts for the rich, stimulus packages for dying industries, Obamacare and deadening meds, and now a man-made virus and lethal vaccines. The official propaganda splurge marking the 20th anniversary of 911 is a downer, a placebo to put you further under the needle, whereas the facts about that manipulative psy-op might just release you from their labyrinth of lies and from your inner pain.

Living in fear has by now become the new norm but this anniversary offers a chance to stand tall and reject the false narratives that afflict our society, emphasis on all of us. Two decades after the destruction of the World Trade Center, the phony pretext for the Bush-Cheney invasion of Afghanistan just overturned by another big lie, as the despicable Biden lackeys flee in disgrace from Kabul like quivering cowards, scoring an "own goal", the soccer term for the losing ball in your own end zone. Retreat from Afghanistan means that the still-unseen "Enemy" has inflicted upon us another fatal defeat, justification for continuing the War on Terror.

So swear to yourself, "I will never again accept bald-faced nonsense from loser politicians but will put my trust instead in our Constitutional right as citizens of this republic to demand honesty from government and the press." And until that happens, to hell with both.

Americans need to recall how our ancestors toughed it out through the harshest adversity and life-threatening challenges without moaning in complain or regret, persisting along the vast prairie and charging across blood-soaked battlefields without the placebos of subscriber television, opioids and Walmart shopping binges. Turn off CNN! Instead of groveling before the graven idol of the WTC, we must do whatever it takes to get back to our pioneer roots and restore this country's esteem for liberty, truth and courage in keeping with our national character. God Bless America now and forever.