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Who Awards A Failing Business’ CEO $200,000,000?

By Blake Sawyer

Let me see if I have this straight...

 The National Football League (NFL) in 2017 lost a substantial amount of its TV viewership. Advertising revenue bombed. Future revenue is in doubt.  Hundreds of thousands of seats, that in previous years were full, sat empty. Innumerable photos of near empty stadiums flooded every form of media, including social media. Tens of thousands of hardcore season ticket holders refused to attend games. Future sales of seasons tickets are falling like a rock.  Polls taken over the course of the year document that millions of NFL fans are no longer fans, and have abandoned their favorite NFL team.

 “Boycott The NFL” became a real mantra. Their Facebook page has hundreds of thousands of ‘Likes’. The Twitter hashstag account (#boycottnfl), has millions of tweets.Season ticket holders began suing their NFL teams, asking for refunds, and damages. The floodgate of lawsuits is just now being opened.  An untold number of bars and restaurants across the country stopped showing NFL games on their big screens in protest.

 It seems watching obscenely overpaid ingrates disrespecting their county, their flag, their city, their employer, and their fans is becoming increasing distasteful to a large number of former NFL sports fans.

 What was once the number one sport in the United States (in overall revenue) has been so tarnished that some experts are saying it will never recover. And what caused this billion-dollar change of heart in the American population?

 Colin Kaepernick, a ‘black’ (his birthmother is white, just like Barrack Obama’s mother) former NFL football player, started protesting by ‘taking a knee’ during the playing of the US National Anthem instead of standing. Dozens of black players from other teams joined in the protest. This is despite the fact that NFL rules say all players MUST stand during the National Anthem.

 A counter protest began. Black, racist Americans began boycotting the NFL because no NFL football team would sign their ‘hero’ Colin Kaepernick. His Muslim girlfriend, who quotes communists, like Fidel Castro (in a positive light), supports BLM, and extreme alt-left groups, has certainly had an impact on Colin. This, despite Kaepernick’s already leftist ideology. The counter protesters demanded that all blacks should boycott the NFL until a team signed Kaepernick. None has, as of the date of this article.

 This is similar to black Antifa members demanding that all white people should simply give their homes and cars to black people. Why? Because black people ‘deserve’ it and all white people are ‘evil’. Blacks have become so accustomed to reverse discrimination, affirmative action, racial quotas, MSM black favoritism, and anti-white hate that they feel as though they can demand society to do exactly what they want.

 According to most of black America*, no longer can businesses hire the best qualified employees. They are required to hire blacks. Nor can they fire employees that steal, lie, don’t do their jobs, are lazy, or violate the rules. They demand that business owners are not in control of their businesses. They are. The rabble. The mob. They control what a business can and cannot do.

 *Former NFL football player Burgess Owens, who is black, is one of the few blacks in America that has criticized Colin Kaepernick, the NFL, and Roger Goodell. In fact, he boldly stated that the NFL has been taken over by Marxists. That is not a far-fetched statement. To appease the protesters, the NFL vowed to give over $90 million to various leftist groups funded by socialist and globalist George Soros.

 Patriotic Americans on the other hand, boycott the NFL because they do not want to be ‘entertained’ by black, racist football players who make millions of dollars, disrespecting the flag that represents the country they love. Violating the rules of the NFL and arrogantly shoving it in the face of the fans. It cuts to the core of their beliefs in goodness, honesty, morality, and faith. If they want to protest, there are other ways to do it. But not on the job, not violating the rules of their employer, and not against the country that gives them so much.

 So, who is responsible for this fiasco? The collapse of a multi-billion-dollar industry? NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Didn’t Goodell tell the players that they had to obey the rules of the NFL, and stand during the National Anthem? No, he didn’t. Instead, he did the opposite. He took sides with the protesters.

 Didn’t any of the NFL team owners, concerned for the League, their team, their incomes, stand up for the rules, the country, the flag? Yes, one did. Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones. Who, throughout the entire season, did not have one player kneel during the anthem.  Maybe the black players on the Cowboys were not sucked into the rebellion. Maybe it was because Jones told his players (employees) that they would not be a Dallas Cowboy if they did.

 Did any of the other owners come to Jones’ defense, even when they saw their billion dollar businesses begin to fail? No. In fact, they began attacking Jerry Jones. Threatening to take his team away from him. (Yes, they CAN force him to give up ownership of his team.) In this day-and-age, the politically correct, leftist ideology supersedes making money. Try to wrap your brain around that one! It is no longer always true: “Follow the money.” Now it is: “Follow the politically correct, socialist ideology.”

 And Roger Goodell? Did he come to his senses? His contract was going to be up in a little over a year. Surely, the owners would blame him for their lost income. He would lose his job. Or at least get a huge pay cut.

 No, the owners (to the chagrin of Jerry Jones), rapidly gave Goodell a pay RAISE. A two hundred million dollar extended contract. Yes, $200,000,000.00. The NFL will lose more than twice that amount over his extended contract.

 Notes to thyself:

 Ahh, yes, let’s punish the moralists and those who work hard. Then reward the traitors, the failures, who cause chaos, and destroy the good.

 Yes, in the good ‘ole USA, the inmates ARE running the asylum.

 Blake Sawyer is a husband (30+ years), father (of 2 great kids, now adults), solutions-oriented author, podcaster, radio show host and God-fearing Christian. You can listen to his podcast (ESCAPE!) free of charge on iTunes or his radio show (We Are The Truth Seekers) on Rense Radio. You may find his solutions at and