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White House 'Mistakenly'
Releases 2,228 Illegals In 2013

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello, Jeff    And we are just hearing about this now? Over 2,000 illegals (supposedly mistakenly) released due to budget reasons?  This is such nonsense.  If the government was really worried about the budget they would have contacted the consulates of the countries involved and REPATRIATED the illegal.   It is as simple as that.

Don't worry Mexico, Guatemala and other countries involved would repatriate the illegals or the countries face the loss of all of the aid we give them.

Why is the government of the US making this so difficult.  Now that they are mingling amongst us we have to pay for medicaid, welfare, transportation (taxicaps) and housing for almost three thousand illegals.  This was 2013, so who knows how many babies have been born to these people. We taxpayers pay for that.

Then, we have another expense to incur, the money spent to incarcerate the criminals amongst them.  We also have to pay for our own medical bills from the foreign diseases that have been spread to Americans.

This budget saving stunt (and I believe it is simply a stunt to take more illegals) has cost and will continue to cost American taxpayers far more than the price of sending them home, which if done by their consulates would be miniscule to the American taxpayer.

Meanwhile, "back at the ranch" our borders are open, wide open, and, the influx of illegal keep on coming.  Before you know it the group of sick illegals in all of the camps will be released on the public to make room for the next group.

The news media now talks about rescuing thousands of minority Iraqis and I am sure that means taking them here.  Then we have homeless ethnic Russians and Palestinians.   We cannot take in the world.  What is next? Taking in every Ebola infected African?

The taxpayers are going broke.  They are suckering the middle class taxpayer at every step.  We cannot do it anymore.  The ones who could help are the 1% wealthy corporate guys and they won't help.

The free dole is over.  The US government cannot make the senior citizen pull in his or her belt any tighter because we have no waist left.  The social security trust fund is being used for everything it was never intended for.  STOP! Obama!  Americans are a very sympathetic group but we just cannot police the world or save the world from itself.

Sooner or later there will be a major outbreak of disease brought into the US by illegals. No, it may not be Ebola but as sure as I sit here typing there will be something nasty brought to our shores either through sick traveling  illegals or worse, by a terrorist entering the US disguised as an illegal.

Disease outbreaks have happened in the past and were caused by border crossing refugees.  Back in 1919 Europe Typhus spreading wildly throughout Poland left Russia no alternative but to put up barb wire to prevent ingress of refugees from Poland to Russia.  In the current Ebola crisis in W Africa that virus spread out from Guinea because of the porous borders between Guinea, Sierra Leon, and Liberia. Now, due to the porous border of Air Travel an Ebola infected man traveling to Minnesota, US ended up in a hospital in Nigeria and he infected and killed 10 people that we know of.  The virus is now spreading in Nigeria.

Time to take control of our borders and repatriate the illegals.  I fear that nothing will happen until a virus or disease breaks out, maybe in our schools, and US citizens die.  Then, is when the government will act. It is called, "closing the barn door after the horse escaped."  It can also be called "too little too late."


Report: White House didn't OK immigrant releases

WASHINGTON (AP) More than 2,000 immigrants facing deportation in 2013 were released strictly for budget reasons by immigration agency officials who kept the homeland security secretary in the dark about the plan, according to a federal watchdog's report.

This lack of communication led the Obama administration to wrongly deny for weeks that 2,228 immigrants facing deportation had been released, according to the report Tuesday from the Homeland Security Department's inspector general.

It also said officials at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not adequately plan for the increase in immigrant arrests at the Mexican border and did not track available funds or spending accurately.

Spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said Wednesday that the agency "is committed to addressing the issues identified in the report and has already begun developing plans of action."

Citing internal budget documents, The Associated Press reported on March 1, 2013, that the administration had released more than 2,000 immigrants in the preceding two weeks and planned to release 3,000 more amid the looming budget cuts.

The White House and the Homeland Security Department disputed AP's reporting until March 14, when the then-ICE director, John Morton, acknowledged to Congress during a hearing that the agency had released 2,228 people from immigration jails, starting that Feb. 9, for what he described as "solely budgetary reasons."

At the time, Morton told lawmakers that the decision to release the immigrants was not discussed in advance with political appointees, including those in the White House and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. He said the pending automatic cuts known as sequestration were "driving in the background."

The inspector general, John Roth, confirmed Morton's explanation, concluding that senior ICE officials did not inform Napolitano or the White House about the implications of the agency's budget shortfall and did not notify Napolitano about their plans to release the immigrants.

Napolitano said days after the AP published its story that the report was "not really accurate" and that it had developed "its own mythology."

"Several hundred are related to sequester, but it wasn't thousands," Napolitano said at the time.

It was not immediately clear why Napolitano did not correct her statements about the accuracy of AP's reporting between March 1 and two weeks later, when Morton acknowledged the releases.

Republican Sens. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and John McCain of Arizona asked the inspector general to investigate the decision to release the immigrants. Roth said that because the releases had occurred the weekend before new budget restrictions were put in place, they generated speculation that the releases were improperly motivated.

The 2013 releases drew sharp criticism from Republican lawmakers, who have said the administration has not done enough to address border security and was not properly enforcing immigration law.

Data published by the government in May of this year revealed that the Homeland Security Department released 36,007 convicted criminal immigrants in 2013 who are facing deportation. That total includes those accounting for 193 homicide and 426 sexual assault convictions. The immigrants nearly all still face deportation and are required to check in with immigration authorities while their deportation cases are pending.

In his report, Roth concluded that ICE officials didn't anticipate the consequences of the 2013 budget-related releases and were unprepared to answer questions from Congress or the media.

Despite the missteps, Roth's report concluded that ICE officials in charge of actually releasing the immigrants "made reasonable decisions given the short time frame."


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