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LOOK At One Of Todayís White Farm Victims
Of Black Hate And Racism In South Africa - Pic

From Karel Vorster
Exclusive To

This photo just in. This White farmer has just been released from hospital. Blacks attacked him on his farm earlier today, Monday. The attacks are getting worse all the time

The sub-human brutality of these attacks is off the scale. Tens of thousands of White farm families, men, women and children, have been hideously tortured and massacred by blacks and yet your President canít manage to bring himself to say a single word about it.

Nor has one member of your Congress had the courage, or even common human decency, to introduce a Bill recognizing this crisis and calling for sanctions against the communist racist black government

The goal of these murderous blacks is the annihilation of the 3 million Whites in South Africa. It seems that is just fine with the US Government.