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Which Borders Still Exist?

By Jim Kirwan

After this year’s continuous bombings of nations throughout

The Middle East & Ukraine

It appears that not all borders are the same.

Some nations still actually have borders that cannot be violated.

It appears that countries allied with NATO, Israel or USI are immune from attack by outside forces, because they are the so-called nations that are calling the shots. The targeted nations are catching literal hell from many different directions, but especially from inside their own borders: Thanks largely to USrael, NATO and occasionally with UN help.

Turkey for instance has been playing various sides of each war against the Kurds in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran: As has Israel and USI.

All of this has led to something that was thought to have been impossible, but which nevertheless just happened.


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.

AARON MATÉ: We begin with the continued fight for the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani and the issues it’s raised with the country on its border, Turkey. After a more than month-long assault, the Islamic State appeared on the verge of taking Kobani just last week.

The U.S. initially appeared indifferent, saying Kobani was not a part of its, quote, "strategic objective." But as news cameras on the Turkish-Syrian border showed Islamic State fighters assaulting a town in plain sight, the U.S. responded with the most airstrikes of its Syria campaign. A resurgent defense by Syrian Kurdish forces appears to have stopped the ISIS advance for now. And after weeks of U.S. pressure, Turkey said Monday it will open its border with Syria to let Iraqi Kurdish fighters join the fight. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced the move…”

This image is part of what just happened today as was the photo above and the one below: It seems that Turkey opened their border

to the Kurds who wanted to reenter Kobani to battle ISIS. Once they got back inside Kobani the above seems to be what happened. The question might be asked: Who is to blame? Was this a NATO strike or a USI-Israeli attack over Turkey’s border that was supposedly inviolate?

AMY GOODMAN: So the Turkish warplanes bomb the Kurdish PKK rebels for the first time since the 2012 truce, but they also let Kurds go over into Syria to fight.

RICHARD FALK: Well, that illustrates this tension between opposing goals. They want the Kurds to act against ISIS, but they of course don’t want the Kurds to resume their internal struggle against the Turkish central government. And for whatever reasons—it may be internal to the Kurdish movement in Turkey that they have assumed a more militant posture. And the bombing of the PKK didn’t come in a vacuum. The PKK was doing things. They were capturing Turkish children, and they were committing various acts in some of the villages in eastern Turkey. So, it’s a complicated—everything in that region is complicated—

After Ignoring ISIS Assault on Kobani US Launches Major Strikes and Arms Kurdish Foes

This is almost as impossible to decipher as the continuing war in Ukraine, which is supposedly still in a “Cease-Fire” mode yet everything has continued almost as it was before this broken series of promises: primarily directed by the makeshift forces inside mercenary Ukraine.

None of this should be happening. If every nation was forced to obey international law regarding sovereign borders everywhere: But that idea has seemingly gone up in smoke since the US no longer bothers with anyone else’s borders, whenever they decide to attack any nation on a whim.

But then it must also be said that US borders are now wide open to millions of undesirables and potentially medically dangerous types from everywhere ­ leaving every American directly exposed to whatever wants to wander into the US regardless of papers, health or intentions...

As far as “America” is concerned we no longer have any borders to protect anyone against anyone else who wants to come here ­ and the government makes it beyond easy, paying for them to come, giving them free medical, free education and subsidies to sustain these people that were basically homeless before arriving in the dead broke USA.

But if International law also means nothing; then why does anyone bother paying any attention to any government anywhere?

With the passing of each new day, more laws are broken everywhere and no one seems to be particularly disturbed about the status quo: Will that situation will change once it becomes American blood running in the streets of America that begins to grab the mindless headlines which only seem to grow with every passing day…


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