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Where’s The Reality?

By Jim Kirwan

This is what happened to Reality

It’s actually about the Elimination of Choice in Media

See the link below for legibility:

What the West is trying mightily to do today, by giving a free but insane hand to Obamanation, over the entire population of the globe, was made possible by the Big Six, who are now attempting to control everything we see hear or think in this war-ravaged world.

There was a time when no politician of any party or preference would ever dare to even think about giving orders to the entire planet. That time is apparently dead now: Given Obama’s international stunt; which he delivered from White House microphones today.

Ask yourself what happened to his “advisors” that had to know that this presidential-speech was so riddled with lies and massive over-reaching global-orders that he chose to give to everyone else on the planet today: Someone should have counseled against this blatantly obscene position that in a sane world will never survive the coming week. Obama is clearly the petulant congenital-liar and ex-drug-dealer he began life as and is clearly not a global-political figure that anyone should ever take seriously again. (1)

Ask yourself where were the questions of the so-called president that absolutely should have been asked this morning? Are there any qualifications for any of the so-called reporters who were in the briefing room today? Well, if you understand who those reporters all work for, then perhaps it is understandable that no one would dare to ask any questions that might have spoiled the dictator’s moment in the glare of public-instruction ­ as to what he demands of us when he infers “Do what I say and not as I do”? (2)

Have we become so cavalier that we choose to pay absolutely no attention at all, to anything happening anywhere else on the planet?

Here’s a for-instance that’s been going on for only one year longer than the obscenity that’s been happening here since Bush Jr. stole the White House. Take a look at Liberia, if you can stomach total lawlessness and pure evil…

This video is not for the weak. However if what is going on inside Kiev and in the rest of Ukraine is not stopped now, then this could be just one more variation on the Liberian-theme which could easily happen to the people of Ukraine under the “Right-Sector”. (3)

The above comments are why the world created real-laws in the first place, so that ordinary people could live their lives free from the kinds of terror that are everyday circumstances in Liberia and in many more places as well. Is the world really ready to devastate Ukraine, just to create another variation on Liberia—because that is what Obamanation is offering to the world by supporting lawlessness inc. inside Kiev and throughout Ukraine…

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3) The Cannibal Generals of Liberia



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