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Where Oh Where Is The U.S. Navy?


By Jim Kirwan


The USS Ronald Reagan 'after' being cleared of 'contamination'

during its Fukushima tour, in which over 4 dozen sailors

sued the government for radiation poisoning.

But that's only one American relic that's still floating around the world, after having been supposedly cleared of 'nuclear-contamination'.

Where are all the other American floating systems of global-intimidation? Just a few years back multiple Aircraft Carriers and U.S. Battle Groups were all over the Persian Gulf threatening to shut down everything and to attack Iran relentlessly. But as soon as Russia took over the defense of Crimea, the physical presence of American Aircraft Carriers began to become scarce in and around most of the disputed regions involving Russia. And as the world is now learning about the effectiveness of Russia's heavy weapons, both at sea and in the air: The US Aircraft Carriers seem to be staying completely out-of-the-way of any area where Russian forces might be actively deployed. Why is that?

Where's the U.S. Navy?

Someone ought ask Mr. Milktoast himself, in his pink necktie: He's the same creature that has absolutely no military experience at all,

Yet he's in charge of the U.S. War Department?

Just for the hell of it I checked with Google and this is some of what I found.

We're down to 10 Aircraft Carriers, and forget about battle groups,

This is 2015, WWII requirements are not operative any longer.

But there are much larger questions:

Are U.S. Carriers in danger of being destroyed if they are used

in potential confrontations with Russia or China?

Several years ago, Congress waived the 11-carrier requirement. As a result, the Navy currently operates ten aircraft carriers until the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) joins the fleet in 2016. But one is in constant maintenance at all times and unavailable for global deployment.

Whereas the question used to be “Where are the carriers?” a new question emerges—“What carriers?”

Congress must now decide if America’s single-digit carrier fleet is enough to meet the global demands of a superpower. The short answer is no.

Pentagon leaders have tried twice now to retire an aircraft carrier earlier than planned to recoup the savings. President Obama has personally vetoed the decision, calling the aircraft carrier a “strategic asset.”

Part of its value is that it is an asset in constant demand. Last year, Navy Rear Admiral Thomas Moore said it best, noting “We’re an 11-carrier Navy in a 15-carrier world.”

But while the demand is unyielding, the money simply is not there. Congress would have to instead find additional funds from within the defense budget or add money above the budget request to keep our carrier fleet steady. Retiring the USS George Washington (CVN 73) would save nearly $5B on its mid-life overhaul and nuclear refueling.”

How Long Would the US Navy Survive in a Shooting War?

US Navy is a huge force but largely based around aircraft carrier groups that modern weaponry may have made obsolete.”

America sees itself as a ruler of the world’s oceans. After all, the country — which spends 10 times more on its military forces than the following nine countries — has by far the biggest naval force. And as since the Vietnam War they have dealt only with militarily inferior opponents, they are extremely self-confident in their belief that they can defeat everything and everyone. It is not surprising that some young Americans even wear T-shirts with the logo: “United States Navy: The Sea is Ours.”

Perhaps we need to meet this pride and arrogance with some understanding in view of the numerical superiority of the U.S. Navy. In total, it currently has 10 operational aircraft carriers (two in reserve), while Russia and China have only one each.

Aircraft carriers are the great pride of the U.S. Navy and are also perfect to underline visually the claim of the ruler of the seas. They are therefore well liked by U.S. presidents as stages for delivering speeches when the time comes to tell the people that this unique nation has once again won a heroic victory.

What thrilling moments these were (at least for Americans) when George W. Bush landed in a fighter jet on the USS Abraham Lincoln (no, not as a pilot) and then, with the words “mission accomplished” and “a job well done,” proclaimed the end of the Iraq war to the people. As we know, the destruction of Iraq was carried out by the Americans under the label of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We may still ask ourselves what it had to do with freedom, but that’s a different story....”

I'm certainly not a military expert of any kind. In the late 1950's I was a lowly aircraft controller, assisting officers with air to air intercepts during one of those rare moments when America was not bombing the hell out of the world, based on the non-stop lies that kept pouring out of the Pentagon, after my tour of duty ended in1963, just before Kennedy was murdered.

But I submit that it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if America is reluctant to commit it's heaviest military weapons to the current battle zones of the world, there must be more reasons than just budget considerations at issue.

The deployment of Onyx and Sunburn missiles by Iran in the Persian Gulf, might have had something to do with ending the gathering of US warships in the Gulf of late. Just as the debut of Russian Air Power in the region surrounding Syria has cast the almost five year long war into doubt as well: Especially given the superb performance of Russian ICBM's and their deadly accuracy in hitting targets thousands of miles away? Here's a report that's roughly ten years old:

Kirwan: Joe, the author of the link, was US Naval Intelligence, and he was one of our best sources in this war for the truth: He was poisoned at home and paid with his life to get information about the realities to the US public - and while it's been years since he died, we need to listen to what he uncovered for the public to know, both then and now.

The American public has been lied to thousands of times, just since 911 which is a crime when government lies to those they send out to be slaughtered for private and corporate profit ­ which they wrap in the backward Amerikan Flag. The leadership should be lynched...

Ever since the Russians developed the supersonic P270 Moskit [Mosquito] anti-ship missile, known in NATO circles as the SS-N-22 "Sunburn", over 10 years ago the US Navy has been vulnerable to irrestible attack in confined seas such as the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea and the Eastern Mediterannean. That Sunburn missile type is said to be deployed in Syria and Iran. It was once described by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher as "the most dangerous anti-ship missile in the Russian, and now the Chinese, fleet.” The ship borne version of this missile is launched from deck mounted quad tubes, but since Rohrabacher made his comments, Russia has adapted the Sunburn for submerged launch from submarines, air launch from Sukhoi 27s, and single surface launch from modified 40’ flatbed trucks. Prior to 2003 all Western defense experts unambiguously viewed all versions of Sunburn as the “most dangerous missiles in the world”. -

However, by November 2003 the Russians had greatly improved on the SS-N-22, producing the SS-N-26* ONYX yakhont missile capable of a cruising speed of 2100 mph at an elevation of only 45 feet above sea level. That meant that Russia and China (which bought the ONYX technology from Russia) can sink American aircraft carriers at will without ever having to escalate to nuclear warfare, which gives both countries a massive strategic advantage. See Putin hammers the final nail into Israel’s coffin Copyright Joe Vialls, 16 November 2003, * Shown as the SS-N-25 in the picture below.”

Consequently, it would appear that the Pentagon and the Department of the Navy just might be reviewing how 'America' will proceed given the real-time current threat to our supposedly unbeatable military forces in the current clash over protecting Syria and now possibly Iran and Iraq as well: From America and Israeli warmongers?

It's way past time that the totally corrupted Pentagon and the failed USSA government began to level with the public ­ because 'Amerika' is not half the global-bully that they are presenting “us” as.

In fact to send troops in based on the kinds of massively incorrect military capabilities could constitute a kind of war crime in itself, because the US military is nothing like as “powerful” as the US puppets are telling the troops they are.

Maybe this could be seen as yet another reason for the military to take over this government to finally put an end to all these global lies in the United States once and for all?


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