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When Trump Does Something Right, We
Must Back Him As With The Executive Order
Ban On Muslims Entering The US

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - We must support Trump when his actions are correct for the the safety and well-being of the American people.

I cannot believe the anti-Trump protests at airports and across the nation.  Trump is trying to prevent the historic killing and terror events which are a major part of muslim 'culture'.  Imposing even a 90 day ban on incoming muslims from murder and terror states like  Somalia Iraq & Sudan is strictly logical and represents a bare minimum of common sense.   What are White Americans thinking of protesting someone who is making good on part of his promises to the voters to protect them from terrorist butchery? These Muslims want to kill us and subjugate out culture to theirs.  They have defiled Europe and Australia already.  Their history is horrifying in its sheer death and violence.  

One man complained that his Iraqi fin ace was only  21 and therefore could not possibly be a terrorist.  Is he joking?  There have been scores of female suicide bombers and facilitators of terror in many, many countries.  Austria just stopped a terror event planned by a 12 year old.  Americans wanted this ban especially on refugees coming from these countries but now the lame liberals are out in force protesting Trump when he does something to stop the influx of terror and save their lives.  There are either being paid by globalist communist Soros or there are completely insane…just like those Germans who have taken these savages into their homes with catastrophic rapes and murders resulting.

What made me laugh was the protest in Israel.   Israel is protesting our muslim ban and President Trump when the Israelis have not taken in ONE SINGLE MUSLIM 'REFUGEE.'  Yet they can protest America for trying to slow the invasion here?  Well, i guess it has to do with the PROFIT that Israeli Jewish 'refugee relocating companies' are making in the US and elsewhere.  They are relocating, for big money, Muslim 'refugees' who ultimately rape and kill people in EVERY host country they are moved into.  The day when Israel takes in a Muslim refugee then I might not be so upset by their protest of America and Mr. Trump.

Of course, the segment of the US population protesting and working hard to get these savages into the US are the lawyers.  They are at airports protesting and helping get the Muslim travelers released and into the US to walk among us, infect us and ultimately destroy us.

When the next terror event happens, we have only ourselves to blame for allowing the invasion of the West to continue.

What is the sense of building a wall on the taxpayer dole when Americans will protest and do their best to see to it that 'refugees' and illegals get to circumvent it?  Anyone protesting Trump's anti-Muslim anti-'refugee' anti illegal policy has no right to complain when the unthinkable happens.  When someone in their family os raped and given a death sentence of AIDS, or some other disease. they have no right to complain.  We tried to warn them.  Look to Europe.




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