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When the Dead Don't Die

By Jim Kirwan


Visionary ~ General

The Government attacked the Gay Community in Orlando, Florida. The government announced that one hundred and three people had been shot and that 49 of them had been killed in what the government called an attack! This was supposedly the worst attack on American soil by what was initially termed a “lone-gunman” which kept changing. It went up to two, then three and all the way to four—only to go back again to “a single perpetrator” - and all of it with no proof of anything that the government said.

The event supposedly started just after 2am, but government forces, city, county, state & federal did not “move-in” until around 5am—yet nothing has been officially said about the missing three hours during which supposedly 50 living breathing people were murdered.

Questions were asked by tens of thousands of people, yet nothing of any real substance has yet been forthcoming. Government has maintained it's clamp down. Had this been any other crime there would have been death certificates, describing the individuals and the manner of his or her death. There would have been ballistic reports to identify the number of weapons used. There would also have been crime-scene photographs to support all the blood and carnage of three hours of massive death, yet we have not had any such evidence—much less a list of the dead, so that the casualties could be identified for the lawyers that would no doubt have been in the hundreds, given the national importance of this mind-boggling murder of so many innocent people, slaughtered in a single night—but which strangely there is still no information about?

The city of Orlando was shut-down, but the only information that the public was given was from local politicians and the police-chief and yet there remains a lid on anything of substance about the events in Orlando Florida, that has still not been explained—especially not by anything coming from those supposedly 'responsible'..

Paul Craig Roberts wrote about some of the oddities and the lack of information:

No Blood, No Bodies in Orlando: “103 People Can’t Be Shot Without Real Evidence”

Roberts was concerned about the obvious absence of any real evidence:

... So far all we have are official statements and testimony by what seem to be crisis actors. 103 people cannot be shot without there being real evidence. It has to be somewhere.

My cautionary statement was that we should not believe massive terrorist attacks without evidence, especially when we know for an absolute fact that the government lied to us about Saddam Hussein, Assad, and Libya. These lies have kept us at work destroying Muslim countries for 15 years, with a consequence that Europe is being overrun with refugees from our wars based on nothing but the government’s lies.

It is not an unreasonable conclusion that a government that will lie to us about Iraq, Libya, Syria, the economic condition of the country and that will lie to the 9/11 Commission might also lie to us about Boston, Sandy Hook, San Bernadino, and Orlando.

My point is simply that we are given stories based not on visible evidence but on claims. These kind of events have to leave massive evidence, but somehow it is not visible.

To recap, we are trying to see if we can find real evidence that supports the official story. We are not trying to disprove the official story but to prove it.

If we cannot prove the story, we are entitled to disbelieve it.”

This is and was a CRIME of International proportions

I have a different take on this. Americans have been familiar with False Flags since Pearl Harbor, and Vietnam, and many smaller lies from Panama to Chile and all the way to 911. It's safe to say that America has become accustomed to starting wars with false-flag preemptive-strike events that have taken this nation into wars by the dozens: But this is the first time that this government has so clearly attacked a particular group of people, in the United States and then REFUSED to release any information about who did it and who the victims were: Of course that's been done from Denver to Boston to Sandy Hook, but those shoddy events rapidly devolved into totally blown government sysops that have all been debunked.

But this time: This event caught the breath of the entire world, because of the supposed target of “the lone gunman” that it has now been proven, could not have been the case. We've moved on to try and figure our what the point of this massive lie was really all about.

What should happen now is that everyone in any authority surrounding this event, should be arrested and tried within 48 hours in the nearest football stadium, with all the necessary technology to be able to broadcast this crime to the world—because if the public had believed this farce, this nation could easily have fallen victim to Martial Law ­ without ever having seen any of the facts needed to prove that a crime of any kind had actually been committed.

Since the stakes were so high, based on the so-called credibility of the government, at all levels, the punishment for creating this lie and the willful commission of this crime, by lying to the public, should carry at least a 25 year jail sentence at a bare minimum. The investigation should begin with Obama and follow the entire chain of command all the way down to local officials that went along with this blatant attempt to disrupt the peace of the nation and possibly to start a major war..

The public might be lulled into thinking that since this has already happened so many times before, Orlando was no big deal: Just the government trying to falsely paint another dissident group of people as unstable and in need of tighter controls on the rest of the population to “protect” a population that wasn't even attacked: While Obama continues to play the gun-control card to try and force more gun-free-zones on a nation that must eliminate those “evil-zones” if we want to have a nation that can defend itself from the crazies, like the ones that dreamed up this fake-nightmare...

We should not let the government get away with this, this time: If you or I tried to do something like this—with no proof of anything—you can bet your ass that we would be dragged into court at gunpoint and questioned thoroughly about just what it was we were doing by making that kind of threat with no proof of anything to back it up?

The entire cost of this 'fake operation' must be paid for by those who lied!

The prosecutors would have a field day ­ and rightly so, because it's a crime

to threaten the security of an entire nation, especially when the threat comes from the same creatures legally responsible for protecting the people of the nation: Which is exactly what the Tarnished House just tried to do.


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