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Wheels Within Wheels

By Jim Kirwan


Intelligence, Imagination & Investigation are required

To understand

The shades of difference between Truth & Rumors

The planet is literally flying apart, second by second, as the social infrastructure worldwide continues to implode. Yesterday, absolute proof was furnished about the massive lie beneath everything that began on 911 and has continued to expand, thru hundreds of false-flag operations the world over. The current goal is to keep this-world, which billions live in, from openly exploding into nuclear extinction.

For decades people have used books, articles, films and video, as well as personal-experience to try to unravel the truth about the world when it comes to espionage, spying, terrorism and global-criminality.

As a commentator, former investigative reporter, political-artist and creative consultant: For decades I’ve watched as the world sought to discover the cornerstones of physical evidence that could finally put an end to False Flag Attacks. Ironically, the necessary formerly-hidden evidence was just revealed, within the latest attempted false-flag event upon the world, by the supposed disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370.

The reason that global-terrorism has always worked so well around the planet, is that people tend to believe the Hollywood narratives, the millions of books, films and videos about secret activities designed or based upon criminal-surprise attacks. Once that supposition was accepted by billions of people, then anything, and everything suggested in any such creation “could be possible” anywhere in the world.

The deceptions by media of the actual conditions within American society is what put the general acceptance of terrorism, racial hatred, and implied false-truths at the forefront of the American political-farce that has ruled us now for decades.

Because of the real investigation of Flt 370, we have now discovered the extent of those false-impressions. The world can see that all these fake-plots, assassinations and global-wars have all been using global-false-fantasies—to mask virtually every political and criminal activity on the planet.

The “mystery” of flight 370 subjected to the analytical tools of intelligence professionals proves the existence of a multi-national, super-governmental conspiracy. This is a broad statement, seemingly even a wild assumption. It is not.

The “370 incident” provides foundation for understanding not just 9/11 but the interlocking mosaic of staged revolutions, economic collapses, theatrical mass killings and the systematic brain-washing of generations.

You see, “disappearing” an airliner today is beyond impossible, beyond any magic trick. When the impossible is accomplished once, accepting it has been done before; that it is done continually is no longer conjecture.

Normally, crimes include three components, “means, motive and opportunity.” We will never know why 370 was taken, why the passengers and crew were killed. Anyone who knows and who would speak of it would be as dead as those on the plane. What we have to accept is that there are questions that the answers to are simply unimaginable…

We know these things for certain:

  • Those responsible are terrorists fully sanctioned by multiple governments with broad control over the international press

  • The willingness to do something this brazen is very real proof this isn’t the first time. It brings everything claimed to have occurred on 9/11/2001 not only in question but clearly establishes both capability and intent. If “they” did it now, they did it then and will do it again if “they” wish.

  • Recent plans for terrorist attacks against Ukrainian Air Force facilities, as outlined in emails intercepted and published by “Anonymous Ukraine” show identical intent and nearly identical capability.

Modern airliners cannot disappear. They can’t be hijacked or stolen, not without the full involvement of a SOCOM or Special Operations Command with the ability to control news reporting, suppress not just radar but sensor data, so much data that only a very few have a remote idea of how outlandish this story is.

We have already heard, first hand, how the plane tracks itself in ways that can’t be turned off. Thus, we know the team at Rolls Royce can tell us within 30 yards of where the engines were first turned off yet they have never said a word.

I accept this as proof that a British intelligence agency is very much a part of the fate of flight 370. This is now “a given.” Four nations have the capability of tracking Malayan Airlines Flight 370. In fact, disabling the planes communications is an impossibility.


Everything on this planet is subject to what is called “Layered ISR.” ISR stands for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. By “layered” we refer to satellites, starting with geosynchronous orbit down to LEO, or “Low Earth Orbit.”

These satellites monitor the entire electromagnetic spectrum and include SAR (Synthetic Aperture Capability). Everything that moves, on land or sea, under the sea, even underground, is watched and listened to.

Below this are nano-sensors that are sustained in the upper atmosphere. Everything below this is watched, monitored or sensed.

You have to realize that we don’t really need radar. Our entire atmosphere is an electromagnetic soup, a “sea” as it were of Wi-Fi signals, AM radio, particle emissions, a million sources, all reflected, slowed, absorbed or amplified, painting a very complete picture of anything that moves. All is sensed, recorded, examined by complex algorithms for anomalous behaviors that represent “threats.”

Planes don’t disappear; [even] a gnat has trouble “disappearing.”

Immediately after the plane “disappeared,” a working team was put together headed by Lt. Colonel Stephen Avery, former USAF SOCOM pilot and retired security chief for a major airline. Aiding Steve heading up the inquiry is former Supervising Special Agent Frederick Coward (ret) who headed FBI operations for Asia.

Coordinating the team with active intelligence agencies, “official” and, by far the more effective private resources of Adamus Defense Group, was Operation Chief Colonel James Hanke, former G2 of Third Army, a retired Special Forces intelligence officer.

What we found was astounding. To put this in context, we looked back at 9/11 when CNN, at the scene of the Pentagon “whatever” was unable to find any proof an airplane had been there at all. See.


Our preliminary findings:

  • An official cover-up began as soon as the plane went off course. All subsequent reporting was part of a conspiracy. The location of the plane for the 5 or more hours after it “crashed” was known, its speed, its altitude, and more.

  • If any of the multiple systems on the plane that could be turned off were turned off that, in itself, would have yielded data. Which system was turned off first? How long between turning off systems? Where was the plane when the systems were turned off?

  • Why didn’t ground controllers attempt to contact the plane when systems were turned off, particularly when we now know for certain that other systems were on and it was now known that the plane was in flight?

  • A real investigation would outline what was known, who knew it, when they knew it and why they failed to behave in a manner consistent with procedure, consistent with common sense and inconsistent with criminal complicity in a major act of terrorism.

This last list includes hundreds of people in dozens of nations. The crime they can now be investigated for involves the disappearance and assumed murder of hundreds of people.

Why does no one seem to care?” (1)

What we learned yesterday applies to aircraft, ships at sea and virtually everything that moves on the earth. Once the public understands that this level of global-tracking has been employed for decades: There can no longer be any hidden activity from people, governments, corporations or major-private mercenary-efforts anywhere on the planet.

This shows us that all those ‘thrilling spy-movies’, or the terror-scenarios that are meant to scare the hell out of everyone, are based on fake-secrets that are now known by all the global-players in virtually every possible situation—by everyone except the intended victims who are supposed to remain transfixed by terror-so-intense, that ordinary people can’t or won’t respond, to what they perceive as an overwhelming foregone conclusion.

Consequently neither ‘FEAR’ nor ‘COURAGE’ is left with any part to play in whatever continues to happen. This will remain the case until the global-population understands that the truth is out there and can be discovered, regardless of what any “authority” says, about anything that happens anywhere today.

This means that no government can hide any longer from whatever they do, anywhere on the earth in the skies or under the oceans. Of course what will remain hidden is that which is done in collusion with whichever illegal and barbaric nation-states have opted to try to keep secret. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out, as in the real evidence throughout 911 and for every crime that both preceded and followed the events of September 11, 2001.

There are two things that we keep overlooking; if we are to avoid global war. One is the most pivotal truth that’s been deliberately overlooked today. The truth about anything is never really black or white, because reality is made up entirely of shades of gray: The combination and integration of both the black and the white varies, on every topic that anyone looks into, in any real depth…

Leaders who divide the world into absolutes such as, “Either you are with us or against Us” depend on the general stupidity of most who will go along with authoritarian dictates that have led the world into war, time after time…

The second truth, that continues to be ignored, is that people can no longer trust each other. This is especially true of the Dark-Side. That’s why we’re going to win this confrontation before we allow global-darkness to end this world in flames!

If we’re serious about this, then the public needs to demand an end to all the criminal two-tiered privileges that the Jews in America continue to blatantly flaunt in our faces. This insult has been happening on many levels, since Israel applied for statehood.

The American Jewish community’s network of charity organizations is a font of Jewish power, a source of communal pride and a huge mystery.

We know that the network exists. We know that its federations, social service groups and advocacy organizations influence America’s domestic and foreign policy, care for the old, educate the young and send more than a billion dollars a year to Israel.
Yet until now we’ve had no idea what the network looks like. [...]

The Forward’s investigation has uncovered
a tax-exempt Jewish communal apparatus that operates on the scale of a Fortune 500 company and focuses the largest share of its donor dollars on Israel.

This analysis doesn’t include synagogues and other groups that avoid revealing their financial information by claiming a religious exemption. But even without this substantial sector, the Jewish community’s federations, schools, health care and social service organizations, Israel aid groups, cultural and communal organizations, and advocacy groups report
net assets of $26 billion.

That’s more than the Las Vegas Sands Corp., which owns casinos all over the world. It’s about the same as the CBS Corp. which owns 29 TV stations, 126 radio stations, the CBS Television Network and Simon & Schuster. The Jewish communal network of tax-exempt groups employs as many people as the Ford Motor Co.

And its $12 billion to $14 billion in annual revenue is more than the federal government’s 2014 appropriation to the U.S. Department of the Interior, which manages a fifth of all the land in the United States, runs the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the national parks, and administers Guam, American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands. [...]”
There’s more at the link! (2)

In the end it really is up to us to go to the sources, in person, of each of these criminal activities and shut them down, from the FED to AIPAC, all the way to this recently outed obscenity - and throughout this once proud nation…

  1. NEO: Flt 370 Another US Conspiracy

  2. The Staggering Reality of Jewish Charity in America



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