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What We Have Here
"Is A Failure To Communicate"



By Jim Kirwan


Constitutional County Sheriff's are supposed to defend the people of their counties from the government: They are never supposed to take orders from this criminally imposed corporation or any of its lackey's, like the FBI, the BLM or the Forest Service—all of which have virtually created themselves, to steal the lands which are at the center of this privatized war throughout the West.

In the case of Harney County there's this appointed creature, Sheriff Dave Ward, who has family connections to the BLM, and another family connection to Judge Grasty who has been a life-long con and the blatant criminal, in charge of keeping the sheep of 'Harney County' in line with all the various scams being run upon them by every agency, local, state or feral in the region, until the task of stealing all the land in the country and the state has been successfully completed.

After that task has been completed these two pieces of slime will be re-absorbed back into the cesspool they currently represent ­ while the people they've been bleeding dry, under color of fake-law will be forced off their land, because a) they will be instantly unemployed and b) this little town and the surrounding areas will be totally destroyed by the mining and drilling operations that will begin in May of 2016.

Yesterday the failure in charge of the FBI, locally,

gave the public this notice below: In it you will notice that he speaks to the public as if we are all about six years old

and he wants everyone to go back to the time before all this

when their totally criminal dominance ruled,

without question, over

every man woman and child in the county.

11:21 a.m.: “The FBI puts out a statement that includes the following from Billy J. Williams, U.S. Attorney, District of Oregon: "The FBI brought three of the remaining Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers into custody without incident. At approximately 11:00 am, agents brought the fourth into custody without incident ... The occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge has been a long and traumatic episode for the citizens of Harney County and the members of the Burns Paiute tribe.”

It is a time for healing, reconciliation amongst neighbors and friends, and allowing for life to get back to normal.”

What this unknown clown is asking for, from the public, is a return to the comfortable one-sided world where close to 80% of the people in Burns depend, one way or another, on the Feds to stay alive. Those who do not work directly for the government are dependent on those who do, for their income: And that was, generally-speaking, working quite well until the war upon the Hammonds spilled over into their tame little government enclave, which the world calls Burns, Oregon.

Instances like this one have been happening throughout the West now for decades, but the remaining people have chosen to ignore these nasty and illegal problems and instead have chosen to see them as just something that tends to happen wherever there are ranchers, farmers, lumber and mining interests that come face to face with the Outlaws calling themselves the government ­ and since the targets of all these criminal episodes tend to die, leave the state or jhust disappear: the locals' tend to forget all about anyone that has been down this road before ­ which is why when the Hammonds became a problem, coming as that did on the heels of the war over the attempted theft of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada ­ the combined “upset” tended to create a real problem for the sheep that are not used to having to actually look at reeal participants ­ in any of these crimes against the American's, that have generally speaking, been living and working their lands in the area for decades ­ until that is ­ the US went totally rogue and decided to attack, kill or destroy the occupants of the lands, in order to cash in on a mega-crime that incidentally involves the dispersal, bankruptcy or death of all the creatures that currently inhabit “Burns Oregon ­ that would be every last one of you people ­ in case you might have had any questions?

“ I want to thank our neighbors in eastern Oregon for their patience, resolve, and their kind and welcoming spirit to the many members of federal, county, state, local, and tribal law enforcement who have worked tirelessly to bring this illegal occupation to a conclusion. The fine work of so many dedicated public servants in a difficult endeavor cannot be understated. I am very proud of them all. ... Much work is left to assess the crime scene and damage to the refuge and tribal artifacts. We are committed to seeing the job done and to pursue justice for the crimes committed during the illegal occupation." 

Well that's going to be very interesting as nothing that the so-called FBI person just mentioned ever happened. There was no invasion as the buildings were unoccupied when the people arrived upon the public lands that have been designated as the Wildlife Refuge. Weapons were never drawn or pointed at anyone, anywhere in the area - unlike the mad-men wearing unmarked uniforms but who claimed to be FBI, even though they acted like illiterate savages who were just there to murder the four people inside the refuge ­ and who refused to answer any questions during the night long threat that was carried out without a visible warrant for anything they did or were doing throughout the night ­ while America listened...

The first FBI AIC called a news conference to explain their actions to the public after they murdered Finicum ­ but when that commenced he then told the public nothing, promising to do so at a second news conference, where he promised to identify the victim, which everyone already knew was LaVoy Finicum. There was a second news conference but the FBI did not answer any questions then either ­ and the microphones in the audience could not be heard by the television audience ­ so that too was another stone-walling of the events, by the FBI that had already occurred.

So what is going on FBI?

Later on in the dead of night, when a state representative from Nevada, who was trying to get hold of anyone in authority, no one was available. The creatures inside their armored MRAP's were apparently out of touch with their own superiors. Yet when contact was made, between someone in the FBI and the representative from Nevada, who wanted to act as a go between to negotiate their surrender - instead of making an FBI jet available to take her to the scene, she and her staff had to find their own way down from Portland back to the Refuge, after having been assured first-of-all, “they would not be permitted to go into the refuge”, no reason given for that, it was just on orders of the FBI, as if they had become GOD, protecting a major war zone ,while at the same time they were incapable of protecting anyone from four inexperienced demonstrators, even though the FBI had surrounded the four people with five MRAPS, as if the ridiculous FBI were facing an army of hundreds?

Gutless children with the minds of teenagers ­ that's what those clueless cowards were doing inside those armored MRAPS ­ while they kept tens of thousands of Americans on the edge of their seats waiting to hear how these four were to be murdered ­ just because the FBI had decided that like LaVoy: any resistance, even with both hands raised and no weapons at all ­ needed to be met with deadly assassination: BTW every one of those so-called officers that fired the nine shots into Finicum's body must face first degree premeditated murder charges, in open court, and until that can happen those “officers” must be locked up in isolated cages as a danger to society.

Where is the public announcement that even dares to name the people who murdered that American, and shot up the ambushed convoy that was headed to a peaceful meeting, by invitation in John Day, on the night of that ambush kidnapping and the murder of LaVoy Finnicum?

The FBI has never identified ANYONE of theirs that was involved in any of this: If this had been the FBI that had been attacked and an FBI agent that had been killed, just like at Wounded Knee, whoever supposedly pulled those trigger's on that road between the Refuge and Jon Day, would have gone to prison for life...ASAP!

BTW What the fuck happened to the “report” that the supposed head of the FBI said he would give the public, after the murder of Finicum: His mouth was moving but the FBI was lying again ­ no such report was ever forthcoming, clearly making everything that so-called agency ever said to any of us, into just more lies.

The public attends a press conference, but the FBI will not ANSWER any questions. A second news conference was held where the name of the murdered man was announced but no details of the assassination were divulged ­ nothing was said about the other people that had been taken and put into solitary confinement without being charged ­ as if they had threatened the nation with nuclear weapons ­ yet there were no weapons and no one did anything to any of those that shot up their vehicles and killed one of their own ­ and still they have not been charged; except perhaps for the reporter, who may be sentenced to a criminal institution for the mentally insane ­ for the rest of his life, because he dared to cover a criminally designed ambush, of some innocent members of the public, wherein an unarmed and innocent man was blatantly murdered by sub-humans in police uniforms, without badges or markings...

Who's going to investigate the FBI

Because these blatant criminals are not capable of investigating themselves ­ given their track record at Wounded Knee,

Ruby Ridge, Waco, Texas and Oklahoma City:

These bastards are not law enforcement, they are murderers

who along with their superiors must be charged

with all their crimes

And Yes it's particularly difficult to investigate these supposed

crimes when your whole existence was created to arrest or kill Americans

for any number of foreign powers,

while piling blame and bullshit charges squarely

onto the same people that your

fake investigations are always supposedly designed to implicate,

long before the crimes you were supposedly called in to investigate

were ever evn a wet dream, much less a reality.

And the FBI should know that it's particularly difficult to assess “a crime scene” when no crime was committed, except by those who left public-records of their crimes, against the American public unlocked and unprotected, behind them, to be found and read by anyone who happened to wonder inside the unlocked buildings on the run-down Refuge.

The second part of “the crime scene” must involve the number of people who supposedly “volunteered” at the center, but who were paid in excess of $91,000.00 for “work” that was supposedly freely done by volunteers, and who were just there to help improve the reservation and its mission?

And the native artifacts that were labeled from 1981 forward, which the refuge had placed in “storage” that was open and buried in filth and animal wastes, in the basement of the facility where they have been since they arrived ­ without having ever informed the native tribe about the existence of those artifacts.

The truth behind all of this will destroy the FBI

and it will absolutely destroy each one of those involved as well

as those who ambushed a dozen people

and assassinated LaVoy Finicum.

These are the same actors who tried to blame all of that

on armed but peaceful protesters

that came to the Refuge & to Burns to talk about “their rights”

under the law and the U.S. Constitution.

There was one more thing yesterday that the public needs to KNOW ABOUT: AS IT COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE LGBTQ world of psychiatry, in collusion with the criminal government since the early 1970's and their recent creation of their totally false-identification of every thought and deed into a crime of some sort, along with their work in Gitmo, that has landed them in the public spotlight, but not so favorably of late...

Santilli to get lobotomy? no bail? for what?

Yes! That is a method of punishment used against those who question the entire 'system'. The enemy uses the loony toons argument against the investigative reporters because they are exposing them. Most Americans are not awake and have no idea the corporation is acting as your 'government'.”

If the American public ever begins to wake up then the lives

of these fake-agents and those in government that have supported them will be as worthless as the U.S. dollar has become

thanks to ceaseless and grinding sabotage

by privatized government at all levels.




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