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What The Hell Are We Waiting For!


By Jim Kirwan


Why have we not announced the arrival of the 600 U.S. Paratroopers in Ukraine? They were due to arrive yesterday ­ so what happened? Is it because we know that this could well ignite the next major war? Russia has warned repeatedly that sending in US Troops for any reason into Ukraine is a geopolitical step too far. We know it, USI & Israel know it and Russia is just waiting for us to declare the facts as they are.

John Pilger is the kind of well-informed, hard-hitting journalist with gobs of integrity that no longer exists in the Western mainstream media. He has the most distinguished career of all in the business.

In the article published last month he brings stunning information to one of my own themes ­ the creation by Washington and its NATO vassals of an artificial reality consisting entirely of propaganda into which Washington has placed the entire Western world and all outside who inspire to be part of it. Westerners live in The Matrix, and the presstitutes keep them there. The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and the TV channels perform as agents (as in the Matrix film) actively suppressing any glimmer of factual reality.

Western people have no comprehension of the real reasons for Washington’s murderous interventions in Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Indonesia, or Latin America. The most transparent lies are fed to people too ignorant to recognize the lies. The lies have cost huge numbers of deaths and injuries and are leading directly to war with Russia and China.

It is probably too late to stop this war. The war is inevitable because Washington’s doctrine of world hegemony does not permit the existence of other strong countries with independent foreign policies. Unless the House-of-Card US economy collapses, the only way Russia and China can avoid war is to accept Washington’s overlordship…”

“…I doubt that even the most determined of us ever become completely free of the disinformation in which we are indoctrinated. Pilger himself still shows traces of it when he assumes that Hitler started World War II by invading Europe when in fact Great Britain and France initiated World War II when they declared war on Germany. Hitler’s invasion of Europe was a response to the declaration of war on Germany. From day one the propaganda was that Germany started World War II by rolling up the British and French armies. This lie was enshrined in 1946 by the Nuremberg Tribunal when the Tribunal defined “the supreme international crime” to be “to initiate a war of aggression” and ascribed this crime to Germany.

The Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes are more guilty of “the supreme international crime” than was National Socialist Germany. Today the crazed Washington warmongers are driving toward war with Russia.”

Only the Dead will see the end of War”

As paraphrased from Plato


Given the current situation we may not have long to live, but there is still time to prosecute everyone associated with what took place in Fukushima Japan so many years ago. The United States and Israel created the Stutnex virus which caused the meltdown of Fukushima’s reactors: That is what is so carefully explained in the article above.

The US War Department the US government and Mossad with their government need to be held to account, along with GE for the flawed manufacture of the plant and its reactor plus the government of Japan for the operational failures that have been covered up since the day the reactors in Fukushima began to fail.

This government needs to level with the American public about the 25 more defective reactors inside the USA that are ready to fail any day now. What is being said now is that: “The Constitution does not permit ANYTHING to be “stamped top secret” and kept from the PEOPLE”.

The article is so specific that if telling the public the truth about this government’s role in Fukushima and nuclear destruction of the global-food supply, the death of the oceans and the end of the human race is not a global-crime—then nothing is!

We might not be able to do much about saving ourselves from whatever Fukushima is going to do to the human race: But we could at the very least end the lives of those who have already put our deaths into this equation…

Who knows, maybe just maybe, if we get it together enough to do something about the genocide of the planet: Then maybe someone might be able to come up with some form of a scientific miracle that hasn’t been thought of yet, to defang global-nuclear radiation.


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