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What's Wrong With The World


By Jim Kirwan


How much longer can the world remain hostage to the global-mercenaries and fake gladiators while the victims of their previous

Slaughters continue to bleed?

At least we can all see now, just how this continuing capture of the planet has been made possible. Yesterday on RT a small segment was broadcast @ 14min 43 sec that reports on the 872 days, during the Siege of Stalingrad - which ended by pushing back the Nazi’s from that city: It lasted from September of 1941 to January of 1944.

The lesson for the world in that horror comes directly from the length of that siege. Those 872 days in the world of “Now” is unthinkable, in terms of the public-concentration needed upon any single event.

The public consciousness of any news cycle was just three-days when Bush Junior was appointed by the Supreme Court to rule the USA. That time frame has been massively reduced to somewhere around three hours, or so, in the Blitzkrieg that passes for “news” today. Think about it: Can you imagine any topic holding the public’s attention for anything like 872 hours today, much less the 872 days contained in the years that this topic consumed, for the survivors of Stalingrad in the 1940’s?

Even now as the US is about to face our own internal siege across all the Southern States here ­ can anyone imagine just how many Amerikans will devote even a few days to “THINKING” about anything as threatening as JADE-HELM-15: This does not appear to be ‘possible’ at the moment.

The motto of JADE-HELM is: “MASTER THE HUMAN DOMAIN” which includes an overview of the US with Yellowstone and some possibilities regarding the mysteries surrounding the closed Walmart Stores: This could explain why most of JADE-HELM will be focused on that portion of the US which might escape an eruption from Yellowstone.”

Today, comes news of a supposed invasion of the US from just inside the Mexican border with the United States where ISIS is supposedly about to attack the U.S - If they “invade” the United States—during JADE-HELM?

Islamic State claims responsibility for a shooting outside a prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Texas, via its official radio station.

This is just far too convenient to not have been pre-planned to coincide with JADE HELM and its massively illegal takeover of ten US Southern-states. We’re down to 46 days now and counting…

The treasonous Police-State that has so freely been attacking Americans openly for the last seven years is clearly in league with the ‘out-of-uniform’ ISIS combatants who say they are operating inside Texas. ISIS is no longer “Threatening”, now they have arrived, according to them.

How then was this CIA apparition possible without the full cooperation of every “agency” that was created to prevent it?

And in the Wider World…

What’s wrong with the world? How could this planet have allowed all of our supposedly international-organizations to remain muzzled and handcuffed for decades, while global-outlaws continue to slaughter the people of so many nations for literally dozens of illegal wars upon the peoples of the earth? This is not just about the US, this about the whole Global Population…

There is NO LAW. There is NO ORDER.

Consequently there have been NO ARRESTS,



And there won’t be - until the world decides to end

These global criminals.

What was done to Libya was unspeakable. And what’s been going on in Syria is a continuing war-crime against humanity. USI, NATO and the UN created these wars for Israel and they launched them against nations that never attacked the United States or any of the other nations who bombed them: Yet the fact that they once existed was enough to sign their death warrants—and the entire plan has been kept SILENT, while it has been expanding now for DECADES.

How then are such barbaric crimes still possible?

Global-SILENCE” is “How”.

And FEAR of the same cowards who still say they “own us all”

That’s the “who and what” that makes all this possible!

This global-farce has finally come ‘Full Circle’ back to the hundred and two-year old USI, that hundreds of thousands have tried to warn the world about while the self-appointed rulers of the planet are about to drag us all into an even wider global war.

This time we’ll be allowing “them” to attack America and Americans that have already been ‘charged’ as “Enemies of the State”. All of this originated with the globally illegal state of Khazarian Criminals that emanates from Israel and the Israeli-controlled USI.

Unless and until the people of this place can bring themselves to the point where they can ‘RETAIN” information, for more than a Nano-second, then it would seem that there is little hope that this fake-but potentially-effective attack might actually “succeed”.

Back in the 1940’s, during the Siege of Leningrad, over half the population of three million people were killed resisting that Nazi invasion. How many “Amerikans” do you think will actually resist these worn-out US traitors, in US uniforms that have been ordered to round up Americans?



These same supposedly ‘all-powerful’ treasonous-US troops have been beaten in every nation they went into, in places that compared to the size of the USA are microscopic. They weren’t sent into those countries to win. Our military was ‘used’ to “destroy, corrupt and to maintain chaos”: To continue these “unending wars” “as promised” by Dick Cheney in 2002.

Are the Amerikan traitors planning on the UN and NATO to do the heavy bombing of Amerika? Or maybe they’ve just convinced themselves that most Americans won’t actually fight the takeover - as it might interfere with the remaining fake-jobs or the continued acquisition of toys?

Still, once the roundups start, many things might well begin to change into something that the cowards pretending to run this “charade” have apparently completely forgotten all about?

Now that ISIS claims to be here on American Soil, it promises to be one hellishly-hot summer because we can no longer trust or believe in anyone, in any supposed position of authority ­ because we’ve been SOLD OUT by the same traitors that have been running this place since 1913.

It’s time for us to go on the Offensive AND RECLAIM THIS COUNTRY ­from anyone and everyone who claims to be “IN AUTHORITY”…



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