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What's In This Picture?

By Jim Kirwan


This LIE is only part of the beginning point of the Failure of America.

“Do you see what I am seeing? Do these people make you happy or sad or maybe just plain sick? And What do you call them? Americans? I think not. I honestly don't know what you would call them.

But Remember, the portrait of the man on the right will be in the Whitehouse forever as a reminder of how stupid  Americans are.

There are no dumber people on the planet and every day they wax worse and worse. They enjoy baby killing too, but that's another story.

But You know It never should have been allowed --something this fowl, dirty and subversive selected into the highest office. The word "communist" is too polite a term to describe them. 

The man on the left - a transvestite called Michael by the man on the right- also lives in the Whitehouse.

They both claim to be lawyers, one a "constitutional lawyer" yet no one has ever asked them simple questions to verify this.

Do you think either one of them would know what the Rooker-Feldman Doctrine is? Or how about Res Judicata?

Could either one quote anything from the Constitution, just one teeny, tiny Amendment?

That brings us to Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump has never studied the Constitution and makes no allusions about it. Yet he will swear an oath to protect and defend that Constitution while his left hand rests upon a bible.,,,”

k ­ The massively ignored fact in this “selection” is that both of these political parties are broken beyond repair. If Trump wins in a landslide victory, then both of these so-called political parties will implode, almost immediately.

That will happen because it will mean that both “political-parties” will have finally lost control over the population which they both have both sought to own for the last hundred plus years. That's true because there is no longer two parties, there is only one.

The truth in this statement is possible because people have never needed this government to “lead” Americans anywhere ­ that task is reserved for individuals with intelligence and determination to protect themselves and their fellow human beings in a free nation.

Freedom has never been FREE. It can never be given to anyone, because each new generation must win their freedom for themselves ­ and this gutless mass of sycophants and cowards have always been looking for someone else to secure their freedom and safety ­ which is always promised but has never been delivered.

 Of course, this swearing in will have taken place after Donald's secret briefing. We've all heard about how the newly elected Presidents are taken to a secret location and briefed about the secret technologies, e.t.'s,  etc....and the rumors, I understand, are mostly true.”

The newly selected President Trump will be taken to a special room in the basement of the Capitol Building, or CIA Headquarters in Langley ( I think Carter was briefed at Langley as I recall ) and he will be shown a 1/2 hour video and certain documents and then......He will do nothing. He will do as he is told. He will shut his mouth. And NO, he will never prosecute a former president and Obama will get away with his crimes because the next president will also betray every man, woman and child in America in addition to betraying our Constitution.

All of these things are experienced by every President since Kennedy, I am sure. There are others far more knowledgeable about these secret Presidential briefings than myself, make no mistake. But nevertheless, the newly selected President will come out of this briefing a little shaken by what he has been told and seen, and that is why you will never, ever have a honest and forthright person in the Whitehouse ever again, no matter what they promise or say...”

k - One of the most unreported facts about Donald Trump is that he is basically a streetfighter in businessman's clothing ­ and he always has been. He's astute and extremely aware of the people and causes that he engages with: But what continues to go unnoticed is that because he is NOT a politician ­ he is not subject to the blackmail or coercion that every other candidate for “the presidency” has always been subjected to. This is the reason that EVERY CANDIDATE MUST BE APPROVED BY A POLITICAL PARTY, BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWEED TO RUN FOR ANY OFFICE,..

This is what has always comprised the content of these “SECRET BRIEFINGS” that have undone every previous 'candidate' for the last hundred years. These 'briefings are nothing more than the opening of the closets in each individual case ­ 'those secret-closets' contain all the personal & political dirt that every politician must have - before he or she even runs for office. Since Trump has not been a politician before, there is no closet or anything else that he needs to fear.

"Bullets" are a topic unto themselves.

This fact is what is sponsoring all the attempts to murder him or to stop his campaign regardless of the real cost which is blatantly simple. Whether that is a real assassination or any kind of scandal by any and all means necessary ­ because if he wins then all the politicians in both parties will know that their political lives are finished ­ completely ruined from that day forward: Because Trump is promising full investigations of all the filth that has been America's political world and they all know they can never survive a real investigation. This is the third rail in politics worldwide ­ and Trump is threatening a massive tsunami throughout this world, if he lives to attain the Oval Office.

What's In This Picture

If you still doubt what's coming down, you need only examine every aspect of this news release that came in last night.

This goes well beyond politics,

And will end the world as we have known it.

POPE FRANCIS to PROCLAIM LUCIFER as God of One World Religion

on September 23 2016?

11min 46 sec. VIDEO

This is the beginning of the One World Religion

that will put an end to all religious differences to welcome

this final Triumph of Evil over all mankind.

The only hope humanity will have to stop or even interrupt this obscenity will be the overwhelming victory of Donald J. Trump in November. What is at stake, among other things, is the freedom of all women, the rights of all people, and the lives of every man, woman and child in the world.

Those who cannot be bothered to vote, will have voted to install Evil Incarnate upon the false pedestal's of Evil, that have already begun to be erected around the world in celebration of the Victory of Evil, in September, over every person on this planet.

It does not matter ­ how long you've been fighting against this, or what “political-party” you have 'believed in”. We have all been captured and if we don't rise up and fight back physically ­ then everything decent or real will go up in flames ­ worldwide.

Good Luck America ­ because this is your last chance to stop anything!



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