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What's Going On?

By Jim Kirwan


Back in 1990 GWH Bush proposed the universal adoption of

The New World Order.

Few if any then, took him seriously.

The image above depicts some of the problems inherent in trying to use just one hugely perverse global-policy, to try to control every aspect of the disintegrating planet that we were already living in, in 1973. That was the same year that the Trilateral Commission met for the first time to enslave and occupy the population of the world.

The reason for the shrug from the public that came in 1990 when the wimp spoke from his twisted mind—came about because most people knew even then: That the world is far too complex to respond to only one view of everything: This concept has been totally impossible to enforce. At that time most Americans still had no idea of how many military bases we already had, in 90% of the countries of the world—even then.

As Republican President, Bush spoke before Congress in 1990, delivering a speech which he entitled ‘Toward a New World Order”. The date in 1990 on which he delivered this speech, which was the first time a U.S. president had spoken publicly of the coming New World Order, was NO coincidence.”

That same date was the day in 1973 that the US murdered Allende in Chile, after the US overthrew that democratically elected government on 9-11-1973.

It was September 11 - the infamous 9/11 - a date and event that would, eleven years later in 2001, be used by the New World Order ­ the Zionist Jewish elitists/Illuminati - to steal by fraud, Americans’ God-given and Constitutional rights.”

The latest uncrowned king of Amerika, Obamanation, declared yesterday that the United States is all powerful and therefore will crush Russia unless that nation does exactly what he tells them to. Barry has totally lost whatever might be left of his delusion-racked mind.

The political chaos that has erupted around the current lies that the deluded Obama is desperately trying to convert into facts, is not new. Almost the exact same scenario took place in a similar “War” which lasted just five days in the South Ossetia War of 2008. Russia backed us down. Consequently there was no wider war, but the US managed to get egg smeared all over our disingenuous political-positions because that ‘war’ exposed the US for the global-farce we’ve always been, of late, whenever we try to “force Russia” to do anything.

Russia has an economy that’s in the black, and growing, while the EU and the American economies are way past being in the public toilet. If “we” can’t get a nuclear war started in Ukraine, the global-bankers will collapse so the US is attempting to force our new war upon the entire planet.

Russia does what it says that it will do, in global affairs. The US & the outlaws that we’ve blackmailed into joining “us”: have conversely never made a promise that any of us can ever seem to honor.

The case in point is the “fake-agreement” that was broken within the first 24 hours of its signing. Now the U.S. Department of War wants the world to believe that all the fault in this broken-agreement lies with Russia for not acting against her own interests and giving the US-EU-Israel side of this, the “win”, which ‘we’ cannot even begin to earn.

Russia today is a true global-force in the interactive world of the moment. Russia is not perfect, but neither is she the same Russia that Amerika still insists is nothing more than the old Stalin in the new millennium. Kerry and company still think of Putin as a new Hitler.

Amerika is today a true Stazi State. We support and paid for the Right-Sector, a Neo-Nazi Fascist group, which we paid to overthrow the original government of Ukraine, which is how this current ‘flash-war’ began.

Here are some of the facts that most seem incapable of grasping. Ukraine is deeply beyond broken. It has no economy on its own. For decades Ukraine relied on Russia for economic assistance to try and stay afloat. Russia did that voluntarily until the government in Ukraine was illegally overthrown. Under the legitimate Ukrainian government that was overthrown by our mercenaries and thugs, paid for by USI, all legitimacy for the latest-criminals that still call themselves Ukraine, has vanished.

On its own now: the illegal-Ukraine is a totally broken nation If they are forced into the EU, then Ukraine will literally disappear into the mists of history because those “in-charge” now couldn’t run a kindergarten, much less a nation. They have literally no idea at all of how to run anything: All they think about are theft, international-blackmail and murder; much like the Stazi Forces are using here in the Stazi State that used to be called America.

The war of lies distortions and filth coming from the imposters who say they represent Ukraine, is not worthy of being called a nation. The current ‘leadership’ in Kiev, does not have the support of the people or the business community and they have no plan to improve anything except their own personal wealth at the expense of what was once a struggling but proud nation. Meanwhile Russia has held herself in-check, to give the people in Ukraine the chances they need to take their nation back from the outlaws that stole the Ukraine in the first place.

The UN, NATO, USI, and all the global-privateers have come together to try and force an end to the lives of those people that have lived in the Ukraine for decades, under very difficult circumstances: These international criminals are willing to do literally anything to insure that this illegal war gets started, just to save the global-banking industry and the new world order that are both about to crash and burn, unless they can succeed in starting this potentially nuclear war.

Nothing that any man or woman creates is meant to ever last forever, and nations are no different.

But there’s a much bigger target in the world that must be seen!

That target is the absolute folly, behind all the assumptions, upon which the entire New World Order is based.

Since Bush Jr. and the US Supreme Court intervened in the presidential selection of 2000 that put Bush in the Oval Office: The entire future, not just of the star-crossed and now dead American way of life, but of the world’s rightful expectations of being able to have any say in how people live anywhere today ­ has been targeted.

Economically we have sacrificed our jobs, our security, our retirement, our savings and the lives of everyone we love upon an alter of fake-security that has seen the nation go from a viable nation to the world’s most indebted nation, in all of human history—yet the public still listens to the same people that brought us to the edge of oblivion as if they had any sense or loyalty at all—when—If they thought about it at all they would attack these traitors at the top and take this country back, one trial at a time, until the entire house of cards is blown away.

Incidentally that symbol flying above the US capital (above) was taken from Genghis Kahn; it was his battle standard for one of the most ruthless raiders of humanity in all of human history.

For the last thirteen years we have only pursued

War, war and lots more war.

Where has this taken us and what have we done to the world and the planet, in that process? There is absolutely nothing in the entire history of the world that would justify any of the things this former nation has embraced in the name of this fake New World Order, except for those who want to reduce the population to just 5% of the number of people on the planet today.

Think about it, because we are part of that 95% that have been targeted for total annihilation under the designs of the Old-New World Order, which is just an expansion upon what Genghis Kahn set out to do when he came down from the ancient Steppes to slaughter the known world of that time…

We need to take part in ending these global-crimes against the people on the planet, but especially those committing the crimes of the Stazi-State, that we’ve been encouraging, since we allowed Bush Jr. to hire the ex-head of the KGB and the East German Stazi to design the US Identity cards that are now in place on everything that has that black computer-strip on the back of every card you carry today!

We can do better than this ­ can’t we!


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