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"What Did the President Know
And When Did He Know it?"

By Jim Kiran


The Journey Part 1

Click on the image to enlarge the art ­ it's a five foot circle

The Senate Watergate Committee, known officially as the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities, was a special committee established by the United States Senate, S.Res. 60, in 1973, to investigate the Watergate scandal, with the power to investigate the break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) ...”

This was the first and last time that the congress of the U.S. got involved in forcing the facts behind the break in during the campaign to come to light. This was done by PBS, before it sold-out-the public. In 1973 there was coverage was around the clock of the Break-in at the Watergate. During this public investigation the president's lawyer, his chief and staff and others were called before the committee to testify: Since this was a public event the American people got involved in asking the questions that made the case against the president - through the Senate Hearings ­ which forced the government to answer what was done by the Nixon White House, along with the White House tapes that were forced to be revealed to the public.

While this was going on in 1973, I was painting “Be Angry at the Sun” (link below). Enlarge the image and look closely at the cable-car that features the creatures that have come out from the city, to watch the corruption being forced upon the public ­ that has never stopped since 1973. I was 34 years old at the time of that crime, today I'm 78, and still nothing has been done to give the public back their legal-public voice.


The public in 2017 must force the current government to hold public hearings in the Senate that will break-the government's SILENCE about everything that happened in Las Vegas. The actors in the government of the feral state, and the officers of all the agencies that were and still are in attendance, must be be arrested by federal marshals and held for hearings.

The public must hear from the Attorney General, the Director of the FBI and the Office of the President who must explain the why and how of all of this continuing SILENCE ­ SO THAT EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THIS NATIONAL-COVERUP CAN BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF EXISTING LAW.

The “office” of the President has no real power, and that won't change until we force all those directly involved officials to come clean about the total Farce committed during “the Homeland Security Drill” of October 1, that went live and became the obscenity that all members of this government have now officially tried to silence.

Senator Sam Ervin was probably the last courageous U. S. Senator

But where are the men and women of 2017?

Who will stand for the constitution and for the people of this nation?

Virtually the entire Congress is now totally controlled by Israel, over their supposedly sworn duty to the Constitution and to the people of the United States.

All 525 members of the Congress, (with maybe two exceptions) the Supreme Court, the official office of the Presidency, and virtually all six of the owners of the media have all become Traitors to America, as they have each chosen Netanyahu and filthy Israel, over the survival of the USA.

Everything is now CRIMINAL, just as we so clearly accepted without comment, the announcement from George W Bush Jr., the idea of 7 nations to be destroyed in five years: Even though we have FAILED TO CONQUER ANY OF THE NATIONS WE'VE SO CLEARLY & ILLEGALLY CHOSEN TO ATTACK, on Israel's orders.

The public-money that we have squandered in the trillions over the last 16 years is beyond contempt. Our immigration policies make a total farce out of our right to control our own borders, and the scale of the blatant theft of all our wealth has surpassed any amount ever recorded before, anywhere in human history. And all of this has been done in total-slavery to private and international corporations, being directed by none other than filthy Israel, aided and abetted by the global terror being shoved down our throats by the criminal Political-Correctness that's demanding the end of all white people, and now even the history of 400 year old “LITERATURE”.

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This is a must change-followed by aggressive prosecution of everyone on the government's "side" of this unconstitutional-crime, against America and all the people herein:

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