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What Has Israel Ever Done

By Jim Kirwan

For Humanity?

Whenever any human being is put on trial for a crime or for their own life, if it’s serious enough: Then the reputation of the individual becomes extremely important as the details of how they lived and what they tried to do with their lives can influence the weight of the evidence against them.

Nations in the world also have their own reputations to consider, when it comes to how any nation is seen in the wider world.

No nation is perfect and most of them have a past that could easily destroy even the most stable among us. However there are nations and peoples that have left the world some fantastic gifts which have moved the planet away from the global-obliteration we seem to be in love with at the moment. Israel however is not a state that has done anything for anyone else in the world at least not that has been recorded since at least the creation of the artificial state called Israel.

In the 66 plus years that that ‘Israel’ has existed: What they have given to the world as a result of their artificial-creation is long and complex, while its list of who they have assisted or enabled is brief and dripping with the blood of other people.

Let’s count some of the ways that Israel has changed the world.

Israel has blackmailed, extorted, tortured and murdered its way through the problems they faced when they falsely created their Holocaust to justify their supposed “right” to the only “special people” on the entire planet.

These are the same “special people” that have elevated pedophilia, debauchery and death cults to the main-stream version of the very latest in fashion for the dead at heart and the mindless drugged out world that subsists well below the minimums required to sustain life.

Israel has increased child-labor, sexual slavery, and the global-trade in illegal human body-parts, from the dead as well as the living. They have risen to the top in drug dealing, weapons sales, global-spying and sabotage: Not to mention that they’ve nuked personal freedoms, carpet-bombed millions of people using over 400 hundred tons of ordinance upon defenseless Palestinians alone. Israel is responsible for using phosphorous weapons on medicine and law, while cluster-bombing public education and all of that just to totally skew any societal cohesion in the U.S., which has become their wholly owned slave-colony which they only allow to exist so long as we continue to pay for every bullet, bomb, and illegal dealing that they might want in order to continue to stay atop the crumbling world of criminality worldwide.

Israel has erected Holocaust Museums in every American city. These are temples to death and lies that help them to insure their survival as the world’s only victims of injustice. Other nations gave the world things like the Renaissance which celebrated life and art and science. The Jews brought us the Atomic Bomb, the colossal slaughter of defenseless people around the world. In politics they have spread their filth throughout the world to turn virtually every nation’s primary guarantees of a full and rewarding private life upside down.

They own PBS outright and have turned that once active public service into just another Israeli parrot organization that is feeding off the bones of the cadaver that offered us the freedoms which made this country different in a cynical world. They have almost single-handedly destroyed the arts in all its forms and they’re proud of what they’ve done to everything from the now defunct ‘laws’ all the way to the death of passion, imagination and creativity in any form.

In politics they have destroyed civil discussion, any and all legitimate debates along with respect for anything that might threaten their totally corrupted world view. Israel has redesigned America’s civil forces into Israeli-barbarians to whom every American is now nothing but just another “Enemy of the State” ­ no proof required: Everyone in America is GUILTY, until each detained person can prove that they are innocent. There are no longer any laws to protect Americans from the state. There is no longer the right to a trial. There is no longer any Fifth Amendment right to protection from self-incrimination: In brief “Nothing matters except the Jews” if you believe the Zionists. All of this was designed in Tel Aviv and by those in Israel who brought us the back-scatter X-Ray to radiate those who want to fly. And Chertoff got rich by doing what he did to the whole of this nation after 911.

The corruption at all levels is directly traceable to the Jewish State. The same is true internationally. Israel is maneuvering circumstances behind their directed shoot-down of MH17, to take the heat off what they’re doing to the Palestinians in Gaza.

Canceling Israel’s Right to Exist!

Today the death toll in Gaza has just passed 500, and phosphorous bombs are being used against civilians, again.

And in Kiev

Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash ­ Moscow

The creation of the split in Ukraine was also an Israeli project to open a back-door in order to justify attacking Russia—which has so far failed. But this comes this morning—promising a pre-emptive nuclear American First Strike against Russia: Because nothing is ever out-of-bounds for Israel!

Everything about Israel has always been a lie! This goes all the back to the Bible and then much, much farther back than even that story which is fraught with contradictions and fantasies that almost defy imagination. The history and the detective story of trying to find the truth is fascinating and frustrating but very compelling.

As I watched the whole report, above, I kept thinking of the 30 years of research I did for the several decks of cards that were aimed at making sense out of our collective past, as human beings.

In the archeology and back through all the digs and all the findings both official and unofficial, I kept thinking that some major aspects of everything at stake here are still missing. By the time the viewer gets to the blood-line work regarding the Arabs and the Jews, something very unexpected gets spilled into the discussion. It appears that both Arabs and Jews have enough similarities in common that they could be descended from the same blood source which would explain one hell of a lot.

The video looks at the science behind the Bible and the supposed events described therein. To get to the truth the historical facts need to correspond to some of the literal “findings” throughout the digs in the entire region, if the Bible or any of its stories are to have any real historical significance. That’s the train of thought being unearthed on screen.

Meanwhile I was looking at this from a completely different angle. I came from the point of view of what the hell happened to the maternal society that once ruled the world so very long ago? I know from research that when we got the Judeo-Christian Ethic the world shifted from the prosperous and stable Maternal World Order to the Paternal world of war, bloodshed & slavery along with the self-declared Paternal ‘War on Nature’ and the worldwide “War on Women’ which is still with us all today.

In the functioning of the Maternal Societies, the focus was on life, reproduction, growth and prosperity thru cooperation between the sexes and mutual appreciation for the differences between men and women. That tended to lead those societies toward much more productive experiences and better lives.

Mentally I think about that as the “YES world” where permission is not required except by individual choice. That ‘world’ is contrasted with the one we live in now where everything REQUIRES permission and thought itself is denied. That’s the “NO world” ­ where only might, treasure and war can matter. The bible is filled with the filth and fake-attributes of the NO world and always has been. But 10 or 20 million years ago, all was not ever the same as the global-blasphemes’ which Israel still represents for most people still alive today wants the world to believe in now.

I bring that up only because if it turns out that Arabs and Jews are just two halves of the same coin, (near the end of the several chapters in the above series of the video) then that fact alone could change this whole dispute—everywhere on earth!

In the meantime the planet must decide what to do about the insanity which Israel has decided to force upon the planet, if we are even to get to the pre-emptive nuclear attack on Russia supposedly being done by the U.S., but which will in reality be launched by Israel soon!

Of course there has never been the exclusivity that Israel is demanding as in: “Jews are the only Chosen People on the Earth” but what if there’s literal scientific proof that the differences being killed over now—simply do not—and have never existed? Just a thought for now…

Please don’t forget to answer the question:

What the Hell has Israel ever done for anyone else in the world today?


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