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What Happened?

By Jim Kirwan


In the New Millennium

In 2002 this image became a fact. This was used in one of the six articles I wrote that year that have all been scrubbed. The image was used dozens of times since, yet it still hasn’t triggered the real response which would have indicated that anyone actually got the message. The U.S.A. Patriot Act along with the destruction of the U.S. Constitution has already taken place. The exit wounds coming out from the Statue of Liberty above were meant to show that the U.S. Constitution had already been compromised, from the inside.

That was eleven years ago.

Nothing’s changed, primarily because the public did not react

And chose instead to remain silent!

SILENCE always equals “CONSENT”

Especially when dealing with Global-Traitors!

I’ve spent the last few days reading and thinking about what happened to 2013. There were thousands of articles that picked and hammered away at what kept on happening, despite the fact that the world has known for the last eleven years what happened on 911, just as they also knew what kept on happening as we dragged ourselves up, through all the intervening years, just to get to this day: New Years Eve of 2014.

I found some very cogent descriptions of our current dilemma, that were written about, in 2011, by a very alive man who committed the comments below to paper, which might more clearly illustrate exactly what we have endured as individuals, as a former-people and as a place that had been a Republic but now is nothing at all at the center of our mini-universe that’s managed to keep this Hell animated: As if we’re still alive…

I have a lot in common with this man and his thoughts here, sum up a lot of what millions continue to wrestle with, each and every day…. kirwan

Parts of this nightmare keep on happening because

the ignorance and the indifference seem to deserve each other’.

I will tell you that many a time I have wondered if the two, the preda­tors and the sheep, do not deserve each other. The ignorance and indif­ference of the general public is a thing of wonder to me. I am appalled at the general level of brutish stupidity in the masses. It is possible to find the finer qualities among them. It is possible to encounter intel­ligence and even compassion, but in the main, they are either lifeless and dull automatons, or an aggregate of angry villagers with picks and shovels, unable to find Dr. Frankenstein’s castle (or even their ass with both hands); wild-eyed faces basking in the afterglow. It is this that reconciles me to my loneliness. It seems better to com­mune with one’s own self, with one’s inner voices and the company of the animal kingdom, than with the latter day entropic results of human evolution.’

There was a time when I was intensely curious about the human race. I would seat myself in restaurants and on park benches, in mall coffee shops and poolside at condos, to get a glimpse of their interests and con­cerns. The nastiest truth that I learned is that the bulk of a nation can be fixated upon the acquisition of goods purely for the sake of the acquisi­tion. Shopping is an avocation. I watched the emergence of Walkmans and cell phones with a morbid fascination. I observed the proliferation of tattoos and body piercing, as an expression of personal identity; ac­quired to set one apart from the crowd. This created crowds of tattooed people with piercings; as your contemporary poets would say, “What’s up wit dat?” I fear this is not a golden age.’

There is the consideration that the people are kept stupid by the ruling elite. They may not be entirely this stupid all on their own. During my people watching phase, I spent some time in front of the TV set and there I saw the most banal and anguished embarrassments that I have ever encountered. Luckily for the people involved, they were clueless of themselves or the circumstances. So it may be that stupid behavior is encouraged as being hip, much the way that women’s clothes seem to be designed by men who hate women and who possibly enjoy watch­ing them stagger across the street in platform shoes, or having their toes surgically narrowed to fit into pointed designer shoes. It would follow that the mindless idiocy of the music, the magazines, the movies and practically everything the common herd encounters, not to mention the plague of celebrity worship and garbage acquisitions, could effect a global dumbing down on the part of the populace. Certainly they are easier to control in this fashion.

Since I personally know that wars are manufactured between countries for the sole purpose of central banker profits, I also know that the medi­cal/pharmaceutical combine encourages disease through poor dietary recommendations, environmental hazards and other venues and pro­motes elective surgery and high hospital costs. I know that 1st world bankers enslave third world countries through massive debt, in order to plunder their resources. It stands to reason that any and all of these things I mentioned previously are also manufactured for the profit of the few at the expense of the many.’

Will ‘The world itself will be altered by tonight’s events, (The change from 2013 into 2014) yet on this page there will be only a flow of words from one line to another. How often have words upon a page transformed the world itself; pronounce­ments and ideologies that rippled out over vast landscapes? Some­times I feel as if I am just a millimeter away from some tremendous breakthrough in understanding, but I always seem to remain that millimeter away.’

Nearly all Israelis and so-called Jews in general are Ashkenazim and have nothing to do with the Holy Land. They’re imposters who got their hands on Palestine through money and blackmail games, and the whole anti-Semitic thing was created to con­vey the impression that they were Semitic in order to legitimize steal­ing Palestine for themselves. The Palestinians happen to be Semitic. The Ashkenazim are not. I guess you could say ~ anti-Zionists and not in agreement with the racist, elitist crap in The Talmud concerning gentiles; moreover… they believe in total loyalty to the given country, among other things, that Zionists don’t believe. Let’s just say, at this time, that group represents a small and seemingly much less powerful mindset about what it is to be a Jew and what their intentions and responsibilities should be. There is a worldwide network of Ashkenazi Satanists who are behind a very large amount of the evil in the world. That other sect is somewhat engaged in efforts to curtail some of the vile things they are up to, but it’s no easy task.’

Af­ter World War Two, Zionism became a power to be reckoned with. To give you even a small part of the history of this movement and how it has come to affect so many things in life would take hours. It is a relentless force, with chilling objectives for expansion and control. Being a fascist enterprise, it has joined up with fascists in governments the world over and now, collectively, they are working to enslave the greater part of the human race; to create an elite that governs over the greater body of humanity. And any criticism is harshly dealt with. It is an insidious force.

The Likud government in Israel is the Zionist political arm. Together with the present American administration, other religious extremists and the Black Nobility in England and Satanic groups in other places, there is an enormous pressure being applied at every level of society. This is an age of extremist behavior and the extremists want to rule the world for their own benefit. Arab terrorists have nothing to do with it. Everything is being manipulated to create a new world order, where ac­tion and speech, even thought, are regulated. Political correctness is also a part of the mix. So what does a free man, a man still free, do?”

The battle is going on somewhere else. We are only in danger when we begin to believe a lie. All lies eventually work out toward, come up against, the truth and… and… are resolved. If you have associated with a lie, you are going to get resolved too.’

Evil always destroys itself. That is its nature. The most dan­gerous power of evil is to get us to believe in it; to believe what it tells us is true. When we are seduced by the illusion, we become capable of anything.’

I could see the evidence of much of what he had told me. 9/11 was a classic example. No one who had looked at what happened could believe the official story. And I saw then, just for a moment, how easy it was for people to just accept total bullshit without any desire to know the truth. The truth was dangerous. You could get hurt. I sup­posed that was how a few evil souls could come to dominate the lives of the rest of us.’

From a certain per­spective, it can look really bad. They’ve got all the money and the guns and we’ve got this contract to follow orders and… newspapers are printing lies, the television is spouting lies, people are dying in foreign lands… brutal murders are a common thing, and where’s the justice? It makes you wonder. This is why the psychopathic, atheist, Zionist Jews created The Federal Reserve, so that they could buy up all of the media, publishing and music industries so that they could program and control human thought.

The collective good in the collective human heart is greater than the evil. The evil is small and looks big. The love in humanity is greater than the hate. In the end, this government and the Wahabis and the Zionists and the fundies will all destroy themselves. You’ll only get hurt if they can make you believe what they are saying. If everyone on Earth just turned their backs on them and decided to go about their business and not to countenance anything that went against the common good of life, they would be history now. They move among us spreading fear. They tell us, so and so is doing such and such and that we need laws; new laws. They tell us it’s for our own good and slowly, one day, we find ourselves behind wire. People have to wake up and sometimes it takes a nightmare to make that happen.”

‘…Have I mentioned The Group before? They are a synthesis of the best and brightest; what an irony… of those from all of the other groups, whose focus is the government of the world and all of the things in the world. No doubt there have been times when honorable men and women proliferated in these organizations, but that time is past. For the most part, these men and women are among the worst that humanity has to offer…’

No retribution except the natural attrition of old age and disease has come upon them for a very long time…’

Daily, this man that I will visit insults human dignity and offends Heaven; if there is such a place… Daily, this man lowers the bar for bad taste, in his efforts to convince the human race that they are no more than stinking, rutting, preening animals, devoid of all nobility and honor. He is the king of tabloids and sensational jour­nalism. Nothing about them is true. Women with breasts the size of cows udders adorn his creations. Meanwhile, he foments wars and plays upon the racial and cultural divides. He is a mocking hyena, molding human opinion and dumbing down the populace until they are nothing more than an angry confused mob of cannon fodder; all this in the name of free enterprise.’

This man owns a major national news channel in the United States, en­tertainment channels, a movie studio. He owns many things includ­ing dozens of radio stations around the country. But they don’t re­port the news; they ‘shape’ the news. They shape the news through addition and omission, through inflating some aspects and not mentioning others. One of the results of this is that they ma­nipulate people’s belief in what happened. What actually happened didn’t happen. As a further result, simple minded souls, of which there are a great many, are led into support for hideous assaults on sovereign nations. They are encouraged to hate people they have never met. They are seduced into contempt for those who oppose these things by way of lies and innuendo about the lives, agendas and actions of the opposition. You live in a gulag; a gulag of fear and disinformation. Shall they continue to prosper? Shall they? They shall not!’

When a society in decline begins to produce more and more sick, self-indulgent drones and clones, whose appetites come before all sense of manners and self-awareness, maybe it is time to think about destroying the construct and reconstituting the blueprint to something closer to a harmony with our higher nature, rather than compelling the residents to self-deception concerning the evidence of their increasing discomfort.

meanwhile, the cynical robber barons and scam artists, snake oil salesmen and profiteers of human misery link every element of society and commerce to their advantage. Humanity, in the larger sense, is perceived as a cash crop, grown to fill the coffers of those who could never even spend the interest accruing on their swag. Porn makes money, make more porn!!! Hang the human cost, we’ve factored that in. Disease is big money, make more disease!!! Con­tact the food manufacturing arm of the conglomerate and tell them to put more sugar and salt into the product. Then the medical-phar­maceutical arm can really go to town. War is big money, start more wars!!! Incite controlled conflicts in third world arenas, so that the military hardware production arm of the conglomerate can sell its product to both sides. Along the way, as the social service costs of the country rise from the fallout of all these criminal excesses, we’ll just move our corporation’s assets off shore. We’ve no allegiance to any country. We’ve no allegiance to anything but our own profit. If people don’t like it, we’ll just get the media arm of Global Octopus Corp. to explain to them that actually they do like it; in fact, they wildly support it. Meanwhile, let’s slander or kill anyone who says otherwise. Think it doesn’t happen like this? Think again.’

I’m reminded of the words of Carl Panzram on the gallows.

Any last words, Carl?” “As a matter of fact, yes, I wish that the whole of humanity had but one neck so that I could place my hands around it and strangle it to death.” Thank you, Carl. You know what? I can see his point; the vampire overlords, of course, for reasons too numer­ous to mention, and everybody else, for being so damned stupid.

For a few minutes in every lifetime, most people have some noble aspirations and good intentions; or maybe it used to be like that. Then they get a job and a husband or a wife, followed by some offspring and they see how things get done and the corners that get cut and the lies that get told, but good intentions and noble aspirations are a liability now; woe betide good intentions, with all the things you stand to lose, all the potentials for loss that your prin­ciples will eventually get blackmailed out of existence by.

I got nothing to lose. I’m a dangerous man and I’m not the only one. The ranks grow by the day as more and more people, who compro­mised their principles, find that they still lose everything they sold out to save, as they find that all of what they saved disappears into medical costs to treat whatever they caught, as a result of selling out. It’s a beautiful thing.

Yes, a lot of planning went into what I am; the things I learned and the manner in which I learned from experience; turned into knowl­edge and understanding; not just a bunch of learned by rote infor­mation to spout off at dinner parties and on internet forums. Far too many people absorb large quantities of information, for no other reason than to cover for their personal insecurities by appearing wise and informed. Maybe some equally insecure person will fuck them as a result. There’s always that hope.’

This unfortunately would seem to outline what’s preceded us from the beginning of the New Millennium to the present moment.

2014 technically was not supposed to be reached, at least not in our present STATE, either physically or mentally. All bets are off now that NDAA 2014 begins tomorrow. Will you and I be able to change any of this? We will have no effect unless we take stock of what we have NOT been doing to this point—and once that soaks in, who knows, maybe this time we’ll actually stop watching and begin to change all of it for the first time since we came alive under all the hate and death beneath which we have just continued to exist…



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