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'What Difference Did They Make?'

By Jim Kirwan


"Hillary Clinton: Career Criminal"

Here's a complete video that answers, with criminal-specificity, all the charges that have been made and then illegally blocked over the political life of the Clinton's. Each of the scandals listed below are covered in depth in this video: If we do nothing else the American people deserve answers to all of the crimes listed below, because the facts already revealed, could be acted upon and leveled against both Hillary & Bill Clinton beginning tomorrow...

I suggest that as you watch the stories revealed in the 25 min 29sec video, that you jot down the names of the government & private agencies that were used, abused and blunted by the Clinton's ­ all of whom are guilty of Aiding & Abetting in the thirty plus years of gross criminal activity ­ along with the actual number of presidential pardons and the illegal-political influence coming directly from the White House to keep the lawlessness alive and profitable throughout three decades: To protect these Career Criminals from ever facing any real prosecutions...

The Clinton's used governmental-compartmentalization to a level of hypocrisy unheard of in American political history.

If the crimes listed below are charged

against the Clinton's, we could free ourselves from

All these lawless-chains they forged, over the last 30 years.

Because the requisite trials will bring down this government,

without the need for a violent revolution.

As you watch this, total up the money

that these crimes have cost us all

Then imagine how your life will change

Once the Criminal-Clinton's

are removed from this society!


Vince Foster's Death,

Hillary Care,

Whitewater Investigation,



The Clinton Legal Defense Fund,


IRS Abuses,


FALN Terrorists,

Senate Candidate Clinton Campaign Finance Investigations (2000),

Senator Clinton,

Senate Rules Violations,

2008 Presidential Candidate Clinton,

Madam Secretary,

State Department Scandals & Cover-Ups,

Benghazi Terror Attack Cover-Up,

Clinton Secrets,

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation Conflicts of Interest.

This began with the film: “CLINTON CASH”

But this chapter could & should continue to conclusion with this article

And the disastrous conclusion

to the end of the Democratic National Convention

Today in Philadelphia


Hang the Clinton's



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