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What Happens To Your Body Within Just One Hour
Of Drinking Diet Sodas

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum.

To explain some aspects of this report.  Yes, aspartame can precipitate diabetes.  It simulates and aggravates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve from the free methyl alcohol and interacts with insulin.  The methanol causes diabetics to lose limbs:  "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic" by the late diabetic specialist and world expert on aspartame, H. J. Roberts, M.D.

As to weight gain aspartame makes you crave carbohydrates so you gain weight.  From the above medical text, "A gain of considerable weight, as much as 80 to 10 pounds, occurred in 40 aspartame reactors.  The term "paradoxic" conveys their initial intent to lose or "control" weight.  The increase occurred with various aspartame products.  Case IX-B-10 gained 60 pounds on a franchised diet plan containing aspartame.  Abstinence from aspartame general effects a significant loss of the undesired weight." Page 389.

"Even relatively small amounts of aspartame products may be conductive to weight gain, especially among children,  Dr. Theron Randolph (1956) emphasized that small quantities of a specific excitant (e.g., various sugars, alcohol beverages and monosodium glutamate may effectively perpetuate "addictive eating and drinking".  page 390.

"In a period of only seven years (1991 to 1998), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a 50 percent (!) increase of obesity in all age groups and in all ethnic groups - namely, from 12 percent to 17.9 percent (Mokdad 1999).  There has been a concomitant epidemic of childhood obesity." page 391"

Six class actions were filed on aspartame and obesity but the judges refused  to  go forth with over 60 scientific peer reviewed studies.  That's power from the aspartame industry.  One attorney said he would be satisfied if they just removed the T from DIET. six-class-action-lawsuits- filed-against-aspartame/

Regarding addiction remember that methanol, a severe metabolic poison, is classed as a narcotic.  It causes chronic methanol poison and this affects the dopamine system of the brain and causes addiction.  This article goes into great detail: gum_and_diet_soda.htm

As to cancer, FDA investigator on the aspartame issue, Dr. Adrian Gross,  confessed to the Senate on August 1, 1985 that aspartame causes cancer and was on the market illegally because of it.,  Further you could not set an allowable daily intake. magazine/health-freedom-news- magazine-articles/health- freedom-news-articles-2005- present/no-safe-dose-of- aspartame/

Further Dr. Morando Soffritti of the famous Ramazzini Institute did three scientific peer reviewed studies on aspartame showing it to be a multipotential carcinogen,  It causes all types if blood dyscrasias and blood cancers including leukemia.  So a drug was approved for leukemia and they added aspartame. Even Mission Possible gave him an award: dr_soffritti.htm   although he received a prestigious award only given twice in history.   The FDA today run by Big Pharma should be put out of business.,  Dr. Jacqueline Verrett who wrote "Eating Maybe Hazardous To Your Health" wrote until they are backed against the wall by consumers it won't be replaced by an agency geared toward protecting the consumer.  The book is not about aspartame, more on the carcinogenic dyes, but Dr. Verrett was the toxicologist at the time of aspartame approval and told the Senate in 1987 that they were leading up to a whitewash. exhibits/speccoll/items/show/ 3899

Harvard did a study on humans finding the same findings as the Ramazzini Institute: sorry_they_told_you_aspartame_ is_bad.htm They said it was the longest and strongest.  Industry got to them so fast the next day they said they were sorry they published the study.  

If industry studies ever say aspartame is safe you can bet its from an industry shill.  Dr. Ralph Walton did the research on funding of studies for 60 Minutes showing 92%  of all independent scientific peer reviewed studies show problems, and if you eliminate 6 studies the FDA had something to do with 100% of independent studies show the aspartame problems.  http://www. content/uploads/2014/07/Dr- Walton-survey-of-aspartame- studies.pdf

Dr. Bill Deagle said because of aspartame ubiquitous contents in food and drugs makes it more dangerous than depleted uranium.  The most damning study ever done on aspartame is the Trocho Study by Dr. M. Alemany showing the formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol embalms living tissue and damages DNA.  Consider the formaldehyde seeping into the tissues and going straight to the blood stream. formaldehyde_from_aspartame. pdf It was so damning the aspartame industry tried to assassinate the character of Dr. Alemany. The most outstanding book ever written on methanol is "While Science Sleeps: A , Sweetener Kills" In the last chapter you can read how they blew up Dr. Woodrow Monte's home who wrote the book.  Remember aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Canderel, Benevia, E-951, Neotame, Spoonful, Advantame, etc.) is in thousands of drugs many times unlabeled.  Don't go to the hospital without this document so you won't leave through the morgue: aspartame_hospital_form.htm

Now read on for this scathing article on diet drinks.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097

Also and the Aspartame Toxicity Center, Poscast: channel/UCtTDVRvom__1I-Nfi_ lBjdA/featured fabulous/12454538/what- happens-body-drink-diet-coke/ SODA-PRESSING

This is what happens to your body within

just one hour of drinking diet fizzy drinks

·      Terri-Ann Williams, Digital Health & Fitness Reporter

·      20 Aug 2020, 15:25

·      Updated: 20 Aug 2020, 16:29

DRINKING diet and low calorie drinks can be a saviour for many people who are trying to shed the pounds.

But what really happens to your body when you drink them and should you incorporate it into your diet?

Studies have previously shown that drinking beverages like this with artificial sweeteners can increase your risk of gaining weight .

One study, published in the journal Current Atherosclerosis Reports, warned that they may be contributing to type 2 diabetes.

Low calorie sweeteners are used in place of sucrose, glucose and fructose and have an intense sweet flavour without the calories.

Artificially sweetened beverages (ASB) are also linked with increased risks of death and cardiovascular disease, and strokes and dementia among older people, but it is not clear why.

10 minutes

The Renegade Pharmacist states that after just ten minutes of drinking a low calorie drink, your taste buds are tricked and the enamel on your teeth is attacked.

The acid attacks your teeth and experts say that this helps chip away at the enamel on the surface.

As well as this, artificial sweeteners included in the drink such as aspartame trick your body into thinking it has just consumed sugar and needs to process it.

But one expert has slammed these claims and said that the assumption that diet drinks are bad is "born out of the nutrition industry's innate ability to ignore science and spread pseudoscientific pandemonium."

Graeme Tomlinson, also known as the Fitness Chef, said: "Zero calorie drinks are neither good or bad.

"Their value is dependent on it's moderate contribution to a nutrient dense, energy controlled diet.??"

20 minutes

The Renegade Pharmacist also claimed that within 20 minutes of consuming Diet Coke your body switches on it's "fat storage mode".

It highlights studies from The Nurses' Health Study, which states that people who drink it are at a higher risk of high blood pressure and type two diabetes.

Mr Tomlinson however said: "Diet Coke contains no sugar therefore there is no insulin response".

He also said that these drinks have a significantly lower calorie count in comparison to some smoothies.

40 minutes

Many people have previously reported that they have become addicted to Diet Coke .

The Renegade Pharmacist warns that the ingredients in the drink work the same way as cocaine does.

They claim that the combination of caffeine and aspartame leads to a similar short term high.

They claim that excitotoxins released could exhaust your brain and overstimulate it - if the drink is consumed on a regular basis.

Mr Tomlinson however claimed that the drink could be a "useful fat loss aid".

60 minutes

After an hour, experts say drinks such as Diet Coke can make you feel more hungry and thirsty than you were before.

They claim that these drinks actually dehydrate you and can leave you feeling irritable.

They also claim that the small amount of satisfaction you get from the initial drink could lead you to further crave sweet and sugary treats.

Mr Tomlinson added: "A dated study conducted on rats suggested a possible link to blood cancers, but link is not cause and rats are not humans.

"Nonetheless, in 2013 a meta analysis dispelled any carcinogenic effect in rodents. In 2015 a systematic review by (Mishra et al) concluded no link across 599,741 humans."

He also said that the claim that "diet drinks destroy gut health and cause disease" can be countered.

He said the fact that only extreme consumption of around 20 cans a day over time would lead to an impact on gut health.

The Sun has contacted a representative from the Coca Cola Company. fabulous/12454538/what- happens-body-drink-diet-coke/