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We’ve Figured it Out!

By Jim Kirwan

We’ve been in the eye of this storm now for way too long!

This can be summed up visually, in this short video

Back in the pre-dawn mists of modern history the upper echelon in the Pentagon perfected ‘The World Wide Web’. They ‘gave’ us this fantastic tool for use in the world, supposedly to communicate with each other via social media, and as a way to expand communication worldwide.

But the global-internet has many uses. Some used it for educational purposes, some for social connections, some for entertainment, some for porn and others used it for its originally intended purposes. The private corporate government uses it for Intelligence, the various Shadow Governments and international data collection.

Ultimately the internet became the global home for international spying on the entire planet, primarily for constantly changing national threats, weapons movements, and global possibilities as well as for future military potential—which is where U.S. Incorporated is today, in the uses it has put the web to - throughout the world.

When you watch that brief video above you can easily detect the military patterns which this war-torn world has gone through. Perhaps less visible are the continuing threats that have not been ended, but have only morphed into the most recent global-threats the world now faces.

The thrust of this article

Is about an UNTHINKABLE position,

Which is where we literally are right now.


I’ve been wrestling with this problem, intensely, over the last year an a half with over 530 articles, trying to unearth whatever I’ve continually missed in the last 18 months. I found something unusual today in an obscure novel that just seemed to catch fire, as I was looking at the images, to the right of the first story below that accompanies an RT article. There are ten stories below the link about US military weapons that await your review…

US Deploys 3 B-52 Stratofortess Strategic Bombers to UK

Here are 9 of the related stories:

Air Force begins installing modern computer system in B-52 bombers

US starts countrywide nuclear drill after similar war games in Russia

Blood and treasure’: US defense chief pushes global military engagement

US aircraft carrier extends stay in Mediterranean amidst Ukraine tensions

NATO starts air drills close to Ukraine's borders

US deploys fighter jets in Poland and Lithuania amid Ukrainian turmoil

Navy puts electronic attack jets on ‘unfunded’ list

?US in tenuous sabre rattling over Ukraine

Across Atlantic in an hour? Pentagon tests hypersonic X-51A WaveRider aircraft (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

This could clarify what UNITED STATES INCORPORATED is planning to use to have a ‘First Strike Nuclear Capability’ to preemptively attack the world. That’s what all the global-spying has been about, since 2001. It’s also what all the clouding of the battle lines between various mercenary factions’ around the world has always been about.

The ‘unthinkable’ part is that United States today is where Germany was before they attacked Poland in a false-flag that launched the Third Reich into WWII in 1939. Ukraine is being similarly positioned for a similar event in 2014, to set off a nuclear WWIII, by finding a way to enlarge the war in Ukraine into attacking Russia and possibly China…

Now that it’s clear what United States Incorporated has been about since before WWI, it becomes easier to see what it has planned to do in order to finish what they began in 1913, just over a hundred years ago last year. And the current CEO is just crazy enough to do it!

Couple the global police-state that was planned and trained by Israel, and then add to that why we have amassed such a huge military force worldwide, when there is no international threat of anything like a real war of any kind—as yet. UNITED STATES is behaving as if we are about to be plunged into Armageddon, at a moment’s notice when all that they have been contracted for is to mercilessly bomb civilians throughout the world in dozens of counties without any clear or present danger to America or to our “interests” anywhere in the world?

In fact the biggest threat that America faces comes directly from our inability to properly manage this country, our global finances, or any of the corporate programs that UNITED STATES INCORPORATED owns.

What IF all this war-talk is meant to start the next major nuclear world war and has nothing at all to do with limiting any of the bogus wars that the criminally created corporation has started anywhere on the planet—no doubt with more to come!

That’s what happens when real people leave what they thought was their government in the hands of traitors for over a hundred years.

You might have been able to ignore what has been happening until now, but no longer. This coming ‘war’ will include everyone in this country and since we no longer have a government here, there is very little we can do about anything until that is ­ the people of this place decide to fight!

Given the potential severity of the circumstances it might be intelligent to turn off the mainstream and CNN and take an hour or so a day to keep up with what is really going on, in whatever remains of the world today…

We Got the Memo” Maybe its time to go to the next level?


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