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Western Projections Have Failed
By Jim Kirwan

Across the World

Frustration ~ Satisfaction

If you just look back to last November in Ukraine when the legitimate government was overthrown by Nazi’s: It’s easy to see what was done and how badly it has all failed in just nine months.

In Ukraine with USI in Charge

The “revolution” which supposedly sponsored the revolt was clearly a false flag: Engineered, bankrolled and rammed through by USI & Israel as if Ukraine was a stable and powerful independent-nation when that was clearly not the case. Ukraine was a carcass on its last legs about to be devoured by the IMF with pretensions of importance that literally boggled the mind of rational observers.

The Oligarch; chosen by the US to replace the elected president was an obvious criminal with no pretensions when it came to the future of Ukraine. He had no economic sense, no military background and was not in possession of any talents except for corporate-theft which is what he got his “degree” in. After a very short stint it was clear that he had to go!

Yet this reshuffle ran counter to what the US had dictated, so the failure was brought back in (officially to assist his successor, Porky), who turned out to have even less talent in politics than the first disaster had. Together, the dynamic-duo under Porky’s direction tried to micro-manage the minutia of what had already become a failed state and star-crossed project ­ from the beginning.

Thereafter the horrific slaughter of the people of Eastern Ukraine began with a full throated roar of global proportions against Russia, and the people of the country that had rejected the new Fascists: Who had assumed total-control over Ukraine without Crimea.

Throughout that initial time frame Ukraine accused Russia of “invading Crimea, when something like 98% of Crimea had rejected Kiev at the ballot box in favor reuniting with Russia.

As far as Kiev was concerned Crimea had been invaded by Russia, who forced that vote at gunpoint—which clearly had not happened. But with the loss of Crimea, Ukraine then offered no interest at all for the EU or the IMF because of everything that was lost to them, when Crimea went its own way.

However Ukraine’s real interest to the US & Israel was that it sits on Russia’s doorstep and for that reason alone NATO, USI, Israel and the UN were all determined to force Ukraine into the claws of their privatized war machine—in order to launch their own nuclear first-strike against Russia—which was the point of this exercise all along.

The official death toll in Ukraine now exceeds 2200 people.

In Palestine, with Israel in Charge

In this Gaza slaughter that happened simultaneously with Ukraine’s promise to eradicate the entire eastern region of Ukraine, by sometime last week ­ which of course did not happen either:

Operation Protective Edge was hatched. That was an unprovoked Israeli attack on Gaza which began on June 8 and in theory ended a few days ago with another Cease Fire.

This latest war crime and genocide in Palestine was supposed to be concluded by an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, which has yet to be completed because the terms include “the total disarmament of the Palestinians”. That won’t happen because once the Palestinians become aware of that deal breaker, in the supposed “cease-fire”, the cease-fire will probably be broken.


The death toll in Gaza is identical with the death toll in Ukraine:

As the same stealth forces are fueling both Gaza & Ukraine ­ where these global-Outlaws are continuing to lose on all fronts!


In everything that’s happening Israel and USI continue to attempt to shift the blame for everything they’re doing to everyone else, no matter how far the supposedly culpable parties are from each of these targeted murders gone wild.

In Iran: The failures suffered by the United States and the Israeli regime are the main reason behind a new round of sanctions against the Islamic Republic, a senior Iranian lawmaker says.

The US and Israel are trying to make up for their failures by imposing new sanctions [on Tehran] as they see [IT] Iran is responsible for their fiasco in Gaza,” Chairman of Iran’s Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Sunday.

The remarks came two days after Washington imposed sanctions against over 25 Iranian individuals and companies, including shipping firms, oil companies, airlines and six banks…”

“…The usurping Zionist regime failed to achieve its objectives after 51 days of brutal attacks on the defenseless people of Gaza,” Boroujerdi said, adding, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, Tel Aviv’s defeat at the hands of the Palestinian resistance movement was a result of Tehran's support for the Palestinians”.

In Ukraine

As expected, the Ukrainian army reverses were attributed to the Russian army invasion, for which the only proof offered was that only Russian regulars could be defeating the Ukraine army. They forgot they were already on the record for admitting that the whole E. Ukraine offensive had been mishandled badly. But among the thousands of photos and videos of everything on the war, for some reason, none of them ever included the mysterious invisible Russian troops other than the tired and hungry nine paratroopers who wandered over the border…”

“…But the EU showed its hand late in the day with the incredible threat of holding Russia responsible for any further military gains by the republic defense forces. This is their plan to mask Kiev's failure of their military option to crush those who refused to live under the boot of a violent coup. The coup was supported and funded by the West at the expense of these poor Ukrainians, who already had a tough economic situation.”

kirwan: If “SANCTIONS” had anything to do with “solving anything” then the world should take the sanctions off Iran and Russia and put all of them on Israel and USI immediately—then there would be some concrete results instead of just a lot more ‘broken lives’ that did not need to happen in Iran, the EU, Russia or the USA!

If any nation really must be SANCTIONED then it’s that shitty little military state of Israel who ought to be crucified, burned and prosecuted to the global-limits of international law.

Best of all if we crippled Israel permanently then the world could get back to living on a planet where we all controlled our own money, our own thoughts our dreams and our own lives!


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