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The Western World in the 21st Century

By Jim Kirwan


Hagia Sophia in Constantinople



The cavernous interior of Hagia Sophia reflects more than fourteen centuries of continuous use ­ first as a Christian church, then as a Moslem mosque, and finally as a secular museum... the original fourth century structure was completely gutted by fire in A.D. 532. Entirely rebuilt and extravagantly redecorated by Emperor Justinian the Great, Hagia Sophia reopened its massive bronze doors, a mere five years later. Gold mosaic work covered the dome and the vaults, and rare marbles from Thessaly, Egypt, and Lydia gleamed in the galleries. In time, both the Great Dome and its flanking arches were embellished with mesmerizing figural mosaics

Following the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman Turks stripped Hagia Sophia of its Christian ornaments. Installed a raised sultan's box in place of the pulpit, and affixed huge circular discs, emblazoned with Koranic verses to the pediments.” (This replaced the Catholic Cathedral in 1453 Turkey)

The figural mosaics were obliterated with whitewash in response to the Moslem prohibition of any representation of the human form ­ and it was not until the mid-nineteenth century, as the Ottoman Empire sank into its final decline, that a serious attempt was at last made, to restore the building's neglected interior to its original splendor.”

From Hagia Sophia, Newsweek Book Division Wonders of Man (c) 1972

Yesterday the Muslim community in Italy announced plans to build a mosque next to the leaning tower of Pisa ­ which virtually begs the global-question: What's next?

Italy isn't Islamic suburb: Pisa residents rally

France has been under attack from the Muslims since the beginning of the year, promising that they will soon take over life in all of France ­ Can anyone imagine what will happen to the Louvre, in Paris? Or what about the Sistine Chapel inside the Vatican? The Muslims have clearly declared war upon all images of human beings, everywhere in the world, along with any and all religious images anywhere on the planet?

The whole of Western society has been targeted, including the USA, in this, the third Jihad that was launched to obliterate any and all people that don't immediately convert to Allah, and to his blood cult of rape, death and the total destruction of all of Western Society. But there are a few major flaws in their barbaric plans to end the life of all the other people in the entire world.

Throughout the previous 2,000 years men and women of many colors, races and religions have made a great deal of progress, all of which the primitive-Muslim population is determined to obliterate.

The Muslim's are devoted to daily prayer five times a day and constant sex, ten to twenty times a day. The only other animals on the planet that are devoted to the same sexual practices, are monkeys, creatures that seemingly do little else beyond fornication: There are no other animals that routinely kill for fun or sport, or violate their own babies, as Muslim's have been doing since they held their first Jihad in the very distant past.

Modern-Muslims today in Afghanistan are addicted to sex with very young boys, along with eating on the dirt floors of their caves. Since modern day toilets are in very short supply, many have not become accustomed to indoor plumbing, and that's true far beyond Afghanistan. The same goes for water systems and electricity that is usually destroyed almost as soon as new facilities are created. Formal education is held, usually in the open, if it's held at all, and essential food is a constant concern. These are some of the people that have embraced the promises of Allah, as a way to dream about sex with virgins, boys and girls, in large numbers and very little else in a “paradise” that is long on promises and very short of any actual reality.

Life in Afghanistan might be an extreme example, but the same can now be said of the creatures in Great Britain, that is becoming more Muslim by the minute, not to mention the numerous nations of the EU that are each having to deal with these invaders, which they invited in, only to discover than they are now claiming ownership of the nations that offered them shelter, and are now taking homes and jobs, while they rape and brutalize the citizens of countries that are not theirs, by the thousands: While these combat age males run riot through the same lands that they invited themselves into ­ in order to displace the locals and the long term nations that the rootless Muslims have decided need to be abused, raped, insulted and then slaughtered—while the cowardly world just looks on in fear.

The irony of ironies is that the “things” they steal were all made and used by the same people they detest. Who did they think made electric lighting, the weapons they use, the refrigerators that keep food edible or the air-conditioning that makes the deserts survivable? Who created the aircraft, the vehicles they routinely steal, their computers, their headsets, the ammunition they suck-up, or virtually any other part of the society they can't wait to erase? Who created the printing presses that allows us all to communicate? The list goes on and on and on...

The Ancient Library of Alexandria was burned to the ground by the early 'Christians' that hated the pagan world as much as they feared the knowledge that could have set them free! Yet from the remnants of that ancient knowledge - human beings began to prosper regardless of their beliefs, except for the backward savages that call themselves Muslims: Defined by their belief in Sharia Law, and their right to ascribe to: “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War” so long as their deception serves their obscene 'Allah” whose only goal has always been sex, rape & death for everyone that refuses to ascribe to that twisted non-religion.

This world was a paradise when men & women first began to populate it with the first families and then with the tribes that were like children learning to walk, in a garden filled with mysteries and dangers: But that planet also contained everything that was needed for life and dreams, for those that cared enough to work at living in that new-world that we've been tearing apart since we first discovered that we could destroy, even more easily, than what was needed by anyone who chose to create.

The proof of the above can be seen in every takeover that's being done now in country after country. The inbred creatures that have an IQ somewhere between the 50's and the low 70's are not classified as being competent humans, they are barely even animals. This 'problem' is then amplified by the fact that most of those creatures cannot be trained to work on a simple assembly line: But even if they are 'capable' ­ in the twenty-first century workplace, there is no way that workers can stop five times a day to pray to a primitive and overblown sexual deviant ­ not that is, if they want to get paid for actually doing anything constructive.

But there's an even larger problem now. Since the invaders can't actually do the work, they have yet to realize that none of what they came to steal will be there for very long, because everything in every society, for the most part, must be “KEPT UP”. The roads and infrastructure must be maintained. That can't be done by sexual deviants that are obsessed with rape and theft. The numbers of their herd will need clothing in large volume, yet they don't know how to grow the fiber, or what to do with it to turn that crop into usable clothing. Where will the food come from to feed these dumb-creatures that are only accustomed to stealing?

Once the armies of children become the global-population the entire world will become nothing but one huge version of the Lord of the Flies, and between the population's global-collapse and the huge numbers of useless children that have only been taught how to rape and kill ­ the human-race will be racing to end the life of the planet even faster than the plan of the current-outlaws who are already on their way to obsolescence, even before they reach the end of their WAR against the entire Planet.

Look at the huge number of the mutilated and the dead that come every year from Medical malpractice and “medicine's that are designed to keep the population sick, and never to end any of the diseases they are now forced to seek treatment for. We glory in the 'medicines' and the vaccines that deepen our problems a thousand fold.

Our 'governmental systems' have all been contorted into monstrous control mechanisms that all now serve the totally out-of-control Police State that seeks total control over every word, every thought or every dream that does not come from the twisted global-fascism that has already enslaved the planet.

Too many have already surrendered to the no-longer-invisible machine that claims to own every life in every stage of its development.

Our focus has been pushed to accept the WAR that's coming, But that too has always been nothing but another set of lies. What's coming is a Street fight, for every human life, against every criminal enterprise, and in this only street fighters will succeed. I had a wonderful life until I passed eleven. After that I began my training for survival as a street-fighter: The basics of which have never gone away.

Those of us that have grown up in the basic knowledge about the lies of this pretend-world, have not been fooled ­ which is why it will only be the dauntless and the creative that will kick the asses of all these fools that are fighting tooth and nail to try and stay on top of this collapse. The street fighters of the world are bringing primitive blood and razor-wire into this war and they will not stop, until an end is made of this colossal collapse of the evil that has tried, yet again, to steal the world again.

This is part of what the Muslims are trying to prevent the world from knowing There is no comparison for the difference between their hideous world and the future that awaits those of us that never stop searching for a better tomorrow.

For those who have Netflix: This series explores our reach for the stars and beyond, something that the Muslim barbarians will never understand... Imagine a Muslim trying to understand or invent a telescope, or even trying to escape the Inquisition that was the Catholic-Church imposing its absolute rule and their early lock-down on human imagination and freedom of thought that only finally ended in 1968... ?


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