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Ignition Of West Coast Firestorms
By ‘Blue Laser’ Is Hokum

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense


Before signing off before the onset of a turbulent 2018, I note in passing one of this past year’s more noxious items of fake news, which deserves to be doused with a hose-down of cold reality. That is the patently absurd theory of a “Blue Laser” weapon mounted on a U.S. military aircraft causing the catastrophic firestorms in California and Pacific Northwest. If only it had been so well-organized by the deep state, because the actual cause, of radioactive fallout mostly from the Fukushima reactor meltdowns floating in the atmosphere or lodged in the western forestland, is far tougher and more dangerous to handle than any time-traveling Skynet weaponry out of “Terminator Salvation”.
 One example of the sinister campaign of irrational fear-mongering via YouTube are video posts by the website sponsored by the Pentecostal Church of God in Salem, Oregon, along with posts at other noxious websites and blogs. The absurd claim from the cult is that firefighting aircraft are actually disguised military planes covertly deployed to set fire to homes with “directed energy weapons” (DEW). Of course, it makes zero sense that a cash-strapped Pentagon would torch its tax base in America’s richest states, but then what does common sense mean to crazed cultists?
 The video hysterics are obviously part of a psychological warfare campaign against shocked homeowners, depressed survivors who lost loved ones to the blaze, and mortgage holders whose insurance claims can nowhere near match the cost of rebuilding within proven wildfire zones.

 These online psy-ops are designed to spread disinformation, promote paranoia and induce mental illness, all to confuse and divert the public from taking legal action to redress the source of their insurmountable losses, which is of course the corrupt coalition of real-estate developers, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, the nuclear industry, and state and federal governments, which have all denied the catastrophic impact of radioactive releases from Fukushima and the grave threat to human survival and the environment, especially throughout North America.
 Then there are those online posts perversely displayed for the notoriety that comes from trolling innocent victims. Many of the bogus videos are from the same ilk of sociopath sadists who assert, in despicable defiance of the testimony and other evidence of a well-organized paramilitary attack on the Strip, that nobody was killed in a Las Vegas stunt staged by “crisis actors”. This sort of lunatic should tracked down for dispatch in a straitjacket to the nearest cuckoo’s nest.
 Down the Rabbit Hole
 The most notorious of the fake-news videos makes propagandist use of the date “911” to describe the West Coast fires. This attempt to equate the firestorms with the WTC sabotage is misleading and grossly inappropriate in relation to the threat from reactor meltdowns.

 For starters, the date is off by months. The first Level 5 blazes in California started on August 10, and cluster fires in British Columbia, Canada, began much earlier in the spring season. The devastating Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa broke out on October 8. September 11, 2017, was just another hot and frustrating day for the hardy firefighters, forest rangers and water-lifting pilots trying to halt the spreading walls of flame.
 The bogus “proof” of aerial-warfare arson presented was a brief smartphone video of a “blue laser” beam, supposedly fired down by a military plane out to incinerate homes and business on a dark night.
 One astute skeptic, however, destroyed this contrived argument by zooming in on the image and slowing down two telltale video frames to reveal that the supposed “laser beam” was actually the flash of a phone-camera for a selfie taken by one of the bystanders watching a fire. This discovery completely debunked the scare-mongers, showing them to be monstrous liars.
 Why, as raised in some comments, does the light from the camera flash appear as a straight line, which looks like it was beamed down from the sky? The answer comes from basic optics: The video was shot at nighttime, in a low-lighting situation, back-lit with flames, and therefore the auto exposure could not adjust for a quick burst of light intensity that immediately faded. A camera lens, unlike the iris of the human eye, is made of flat glass, and in a high-contrast situation like this renders the image as a vertical streak, surrounded by a dimmer white glow.
 What then accounts to its tinge of blue? Light from a flash bulb, which appears to the naked eye as being pure white, technically borders into the “cold” blue band of the visible spectrum. Here, the electronic lens detects fine differences in hues more accurately than the eye. The shade of blue from the flash is not within the same spectral range as a blue laser, which verges onto the violet end of the visible spectrum and even into the partly visible ultraviolet (UV) band, a different shade of blue altogether.
 Another reason for why it cannot possibly be a weaponized beam is that blue lasers are used in Blu-ray DVD scanners and hand-held projectors/pointers precisely because of the sharp precision in the cool range of the spectrum as opposed to blurrier red on the opposite hotter end of the color scale. Red lasers are used for focused-heat weapons, for example, to explode missiles or planes in flight as happened to TWA 800 in 1996.
 Red Eye
 The blue laser claim was definitively debunked, thanks to an observant skeptic. The next misrepresentation, a photo supposedly taken from a helicopter, claiming to show a disguised military plane firing a laser beam to trigger fires below. The beam, however, is red not blue. How does a red laser turn blue at ground level? A color switch is simply impossible, since a laser is not a chameleon.
 Another tech point here is that a weaponized red laser fires in millisecond bursts for a high-energy pulse, whereas the plane was shining the red beam continuously like a spotlight. What could be its purpose? The short answer is remote sensing or ground observation.
 An infrared laser can penetrate through clouds and fog, and the reflection from the ground will bounce back to the sensor aboard the plane to provide a surprisingly clear image of landscape features, which can then be computer-processed into roughly original colors or filtered to highlight various aspects such as bodies of water, forest coverage, types of buildings, vehicles on roads and so on.

 Therefore, the red laser on any spotter plane is used to determine the forward speed and direction of forest fires, in spite of the visual obscurity caused by clouds, smoke and dust. (Burning trees and underbrush emit a lot of water as steam.) There’s a noticeable difference between a lethal weapon and a live-saving tool, especially if your family and home depends on it.
 Real-world Experience Counts
 How can I be so certain about these technical and scientific issues? This is not to brag, since experimentation did not result in wealth or fame for myself as co-director with colleague Cliff Parker of a media project researching the capabilities and potential of digital videocams at nighttime outdoors without the aid of artificial lighting. That project was called “Nachtvizion”, which produced the first 30-minute documentary shot solely with small digital handycams, during two years in the Himalayas and titled “Flight of the Karmapa” (released 2002).
 My cooperation with environmental scientists involved in remote sensing in the Altai mountains was also informative. Another source of knowledge was the research for my 2003 articles on how a powerful Israeli-designed laser operated by astronaut Ilan Ramon was used to generate water spouts off Cyprus (in tandem with the UK navy’s Royal Ark carrier) and for spying through dust storms on Saddam Hussein’s mobile Scud missile batteries.
 A summary of those articles appeared at in 2013 on the 10th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, the cause of which can be traced to a laser-gun anti-missile test done on re-entry off the California coast against a rising rocket over the White Sands test ground in New Mexico. The power supply, an americium-242 nuclear-isotope generator, overheated and blew apart the shuttle’s fuel tank and oxygen supply, breaking apart the spacecraft and killing all astronauts aboard. That lethal tech was the prototype for infrared surveillance technology and laser weaponry. (see: If laser weapons are ever deployed against the United States, these will be directed against military targets and not wasted on your backyard doghouse.
 Libel against National Security
 The perpetrators of the false laser claim owe a retraction with an apology to wildfire victims, firefighting pilots, and also the Joint Chiefs of Staff for wrongly accusing the U.S. armed forces and Forest Service, when the culprit in this horrific chain of events is TEPCO and the Japanese government of Shinzo Abe.It's not Smokey the Bear's fault.
 Next question: Why in many cases did isolated buildings, at long distance from raging forest fires, suddenly burst into flames and weree quickly reduced to ashes, while nearby trees and lawns in many cases, although not all, remained untouched by flames?
 Pale Fire
 My pair of articles at (September 9 and 17) analyzed the causal factors and potential consequences of the Fukushima radioactivity-carrying jet stream on the weather system over North America. One of those related disasters was the electromagnetic triggering of the Chiapas-Mexico City earthquake.
 Smoke and vapor from West Coast forest fires were pinpointed in those articles as a massive threat, lifting radioactivity into the skies, thereby magnifying the scale of lightning strikes, especially across California. That prediction has proven to be accurate to a tee. In large quantity, free-floating radioactive isotopes have the capability of generating lightning and triggering earthquakes along with many bizarre atmospheric effects.
 An Observant Skeptic
 In another YouTube post, a male eyewitness described in detail the start of a firestorm, accompanied by video clips shot on the same night in Santa Rosa. He spotted the incoming storm by the sudden gusting of strong winds, “blue sparks”, snowfall, and then a large glowing sphere of whitish light. The video clip clearly showed the wind-driven snow and a pulsating luminous sphere just above the horizon, whereas the blue sparks were too dim to be captured on video.
 These strange weather effects, when linked to Fukushima radioactivity, lose their ghostly mystique and become comprehensible. Since these phenomena and processes are quite unfamiliar to most people, especially newcomers as compared with my nearly seven years of research and writings on Fukushima mega-effects on geophysical systems, here is a step-by-step interpretation of what the witness saw.
 First, sudden wind: The storm arrived in darkness on a night absent of “normal” bright lightning bolts. The incendiary source that could not be detected by the human eye is “dark lightning”, an electromagnetic surge caused by protons and electrons rushing away from their broken bonds with a surge of energy. This flow of subatomic particles and electromagnetic waves was caused by nuclear collisions due to water condensation during a sudden fall of temperature in the atmosphere. The resulting downdraft of cold air in the jetstream resulted in pockets of strong wind at ground level.
 Next, “blue sparks”: The condensed moisture jammed together radioactive isotopes, causing collisions that ripped apart electrons and protons, which then shot out at high velocity. Passing through the water particles or mist, the fast-moving protons (moving straighter and therefore relatively faster than the bent paths of photons of light in a watery medium) emitted eerie bluish scintillation, known as the Chernenkov effect, as seen inside nuclear reactors and which appeared after the explosion of Reactor 3 at Fukushima on March 14, 2011.
 Then, turbulent snowfall: The massive absorption of heat from the surrounding atmosphere occurred when the mini-nuclear reactions released gamma and beta radiation along with microwaves. The sudden drop in temperature, due to high energy releases, caused the mist to further condense, freezing water droplets into snow crystals.
 Crescendo: Much of the electromagnetic energy, including microwaves bursts and radioactive isotopes, was attracted by the electrical power systems and metal inside built structures, causing short circuits and gas explosions that triggered intense fires inside houses and shops, with smoke rising in heat columns, which then caused an interior vacuum that  imploded the structures. Vehicles were also affected, most noticeably windshields, when the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) adhesive plastic bubbled, gasified and super-heated the glass sandwich to the melting point.
 Finally, an orb of luminescence floating above the near horizon: The glowing ball was created by beta rays escaping tritium (radioactive heavy water molecules in which the hydrogen atoms contain two added neutrons from nuclear bombardment). The beta radiation passing through the mist caused the faint silvery white glow, strangely beautiful although deadly.
 Residues: Trees and other vegetation, along with humans and other animals, lacked sufficient electrical current to compete with buildings in attracting streams of dark lightning, microwaves and miscellaneous radioactive particles, and so most bodies did not burst into flames. There is no trace of those that did, however, inside cars or houses
 Health Impact: Every person in the vicinity of dark lightning during the firestorms has been shot through with radioactivity in amounts equal to adsorption limits over a lifetime. In addition, months of inhalation of isotope-contaminated soot from the fires drastically increased the probability of lung cancer. Given the massive dosages, many of those with heart problems or cancer can expected to die sooner than later, while younger people will suffer serious cancers and immune-system collapse over shortened life-spans.  

 After Fukushima, I often presented information on treating these sorts of health threats and can now only hope that Californians took notes on those proven treatment methods.Most of the people that I treated and temporary saved in Fukushima have since died, making me wonder about the value of such mercy work, when nearly all people show no appreciation or charity to others, never learning from their own brush with death.
 Miserable End for a Failed Species

 Now for the conclusion: Based on field observations of kill-offs, less than a handful of honest field researchers active since Fukushima, including myself and Dana Dunford in Canada, have sternly warned about the probability for a relentless series of disasters leading toward global extinction of life on Earth. Every government in the UN has either opposed or ignored the findings from our difficult and risky research. The overwhelming majority prefer sweet lies rather than hard facts, so choice is a major factor in survival, not just of individuals but of entire communities.
 While it is commendable that San Onofre and Diablo Canyon were scheduled for shutdown, Gov. Jerry Brown has wasted the state’s diminishing resources and staff hours on reducing carbon dioxide (a minor problem by comparison which will fix itself when we are all dead and gone) instead of developing strategies and immediate responses to the ongoing nuclear disaster and public health emergency and civil defense preparedness.
 Worse of all, the online trolls who concoct and spread unscientific disinformatio, are criminal accomplices to mass murder and should be dealt with as such. Since the start of the Fukushima crisis, I have stated that governments and community leaders, along with investors and regulators of the nuclear industry, are complicit in guilt and will have to face summary tribunals when the human species plummets into a terminal die-off.

 Even if it is by now due to inaction and lack of serious concern too late for salvation, justice should outlive us and be recorded as warning to whatever the next remotely intelligence species that might someday inherit a degraded planet or merely make a brief stopover to examine the wobble of a dead rock that was once the living Earth.
 Humankind has utterly failed as stewards of the natural world, and as can be seen in the western firestorms, are now reaping the whirlwind that their nuclear ovens have sown. When the Garden of Eden was lost, humans were expelled from paradise; now as Earth dies, there is no escape for our breed that was given everything and lost it all through brute stupidity, selfish greed and moral disgrace. The angels shed no tears but will only breathe a sigh of relief when utterly sinful humans have joined the dinosaurs, which by contrast did not deserve their fate.